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C1918 brother sister dialogue

With a small body in his arms, Ji Xiaohan feels as if he is a stranger, vaguely remembering how excited he was to hold a pair of children when he was young.

Tang youyou also came over and saw xiaoyuchen waving to her with a grin, and she could not help bending her lips and smiling.

"Yu Chen, did your mommy tell you that you are very busy with your work these days. How many days do you live with your grandparents?"

Tang youyou asked his grandson gently.

"Well, Mommy told me to listen to my grandparents."

Xiaoyuchen nodded seriously.

"That's lovely."

Ji Xiaohan kisses his grandson's face, and they take him and leave.

Xia Xinnian had just returned home, and she wanted to go to work with all her heart. For example, because of the emergence of jimucheng, her original simple life was disrupted, and her inspiration seemed to be dispersed by him.

The work relying on inspiration itself is extremely harsh. Sometimes the inspiration bursts out, sometimes it looks like the river is withered away, so I can't get a satisfactory work.

But the date of the design competition is approaching. Xia Xinnian can't fail to hand over her works. Suddenly, she thinks that she has many spare design drawings. They are works that she designed with the inspiration of early autumn when she was working abroad. They are mainly golden yellow, with the combination of noble, elegant and simple style as the main body. She feels that this series is very special and can be used Take part in the competition.

Xia Xinnian finds out those manuscripts and decides to make a more detailed change.

He Jiaxuan should die for her completely. I hope he won't pester himself again. Otherwise, he really wants to be a shrew and scold him on his way.

After working in jimucheng, he was only interested in Xia Xinnian. He felt that he was trapped too fast. Before, he always told his sister that talking about love is a waste of time. He would never waste his precious time on such things.

But now, he is embarrassed to mention it to his younger sister because of the quick and painful slap.

But, he does not mention, does not mean Ji Tingyan does not mention.

Ji Tingyan heard that he was going to get married, so she took the time to make a video call to him.

She is intentional. She just wants to see what the big brother's expression is in the video. Can she say that he doesn't need love.

When Ji Mucheng heard the cell phone ringing, he glanced sideways and saw his sister Ji Tingyan's head beating. He couldn't help but reach out to touch her forehead, but he didn't dare not to leave it.

"Tingyan, why do you suddenly want to call me?"

Jimucheng points to open the video, a handsome face is facing the screen, on his screen, a woman in a blue skirt, a long black and soft hair hanging on her chest, a face similar to that of Tang youyou. It is jitingyan, the eldest miss of Jijia family, who has exquisite features, gentle eyebrows and eyes, perfectly inherits the advantages of her mother.

"How about brother and sister-in-law?

Let me have a look. "

As soon as Ji Tingyan's mouth is raised, there are two small pear nests, which are amazing and beautiful.

Jimucheng gave a dry smile: "I knew that you didn't call because you wanted to care about me, just curious about what your sister-in-law looked like."

"I've met my little nephew. It's very similar to your childhood. It's true that he was born."

Ji Tingyan picked a eyebrow and couldn't help but be happy for her brother. Ji's family finally has a future. I'm sure her parents will worry less.

"Of course, it's natural. It has been verified."

Jimucheng immediately affirmed.

"Brother, how are you feeling with your sister-in-law?

You're not going to be together because of the kids, are you? "

Ji Tingyan asks him with concern.

"Why do you ask?

Do you doubt that I forced people to marry me?

Am I so unattractive? "

Jimucheng was dissatisfied and didn't like to be questioned.

"It's not that there's no such possibility. My parents used to play for us for a long time. It's normal for you and your sister-in-law to be forced together for the sake of children."

Ji Tingyan said with a smile.

"Don't worry, I'm not the same. I'll never get married without true love."

Jimucheng is very firm.

"Well, I'm sure you've met true love. I'll go back to China in half a month. Then, I'll officially meet my sister-in-law."

"Well, how are you doing abroad? How is your work?"

Jimucheng still cares about her sister.

"It's good work, it's fun."

Ji Tingyan replied with a smile.

"If you are not happy, remember to return home early, you can go to the company to share some work for me."

Whispered jimucheng.

"I don't want to. I won't work in the company. Brother, from small to large, I really have no idea about money now. My only pursuit now is to do what I like."

Ji Tingyan wryly laughs. She knows that she has no business talent. Moreover, she has never thought of standing in the company. For a family like them, if they want a peaceful home, they must be less involved in the management power. Ji Tingyan has never thought of being a strong woman.

"No matter what you do, I will support you, but if you want to make a boyfriend, you must tell me that I will check for you, and I will not allow anyone to hurt you."

As a brother, jimucheng really loves his two younger sisters.

"Don't worry, I won't be bullied."

Ji Tingyan said confidently.

"I know you won't be bullied, but I'm afraid your heart will be hurt."

Jimucheng is also a man, so he knows what men are thinking.

"Elder brother, can't you talk so early? You said you didn't want to find a girlfriend before. I didn't expect you would get married in less than a year. Then I still won't talk big. If I meet the right man, I can't stand it."

Ji Tingyan joked.

"I'll search for the best men around me for you and make sure you find the perfect one."

Jimucheng comforts her from the heart.

"No, those are too familiar to handle."

Ji Tingyan didn't dare to think of marrying someone she knew. She didn't have a sense of divine intimacy.

Jimucheng was angry and smiled by her words: "You Jin hold point, you are a woman."

"Don't tell you. I'll hang up first and talk to you back home."

Ji Tingyan said, then hung up.

Jimucheng immediately dialed another phone, and he asked in a deep voice, "hasn't the eldest lady contacted anyone recently?"

"It's all work contacts, no special men."

The answer came from the other end of the phone.

"I see. Keep her safe."

After jimucheng's explanation, he hung up.

It's already afternoon. Jimucheng has a look at the time. Tonight, he has to make a good arrangement.

When his son is not around, it's a romantic moment for him and Xia Xinnian. He will never miss it.

Xia Xinnian is puzzled by the inspiration recently. When she receives a call from jimucheng saying that she wants to have dinner together, she readily agrees.