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C1581 death without action

When Mu Weicheng woke up, he found what a childish thing he had just done. He hurriedly escaped from the water in panic and turned to a black SUV beside him.

Black shrouded the city. Towards midnight, LAN Yanxi's dinner was sent to Ling Mo Feng's office. Although it was very rich, LAN Yanxi didn't eat much. She found that since she fell in love, the nature of her food has converged a lot. What she used to eat was delicious. Now if she was in a bad mood, she would not taste anything delicious.

Lanyanxi is really sleepy. She doesn't have the habit of staying up late. Eleven is the limit she can bear. So, it's nearly twelve o'clock now. She has a comfortable position on the sofa and plans to squint for a while.

However, it's easy to get into deep sleep when sleeping at night. LAN Yanxi just wants to squint, but he sleeps for a long time. Lei can't wake up.

When Ling Mo Feng returned to the office, he saw that under the bright lights in the office, the woman was lying on the sofa, sleeping soundly.

This time, she was smart, and knew to take one of his coats as a quilt and cover her body.

Ling murfeng sighed, inexplicably distressed. She could have lived a stable life, but now she has to suffer all kinds of grievances. He really blames himself.

"Yan Xi, wake up. We're home." Ling had to crouch down and push her.

LAN Yanxi narrowed her eyes and saw the man's magnified handsome face. She sat up in fright.

"What's the matter? What's the matter? Are there any bad people? " Lanyanxi was frightened by the previous adoration. Even in her dream, she dreamed of the gunshot that day. That's why she woke up so frightened. Ling Mo Feng quickly reached out to soothe her back: "it's OK, my work is over, go home."

"Oh!" LAN Yanxi hears that it's OK. Then he is relieved and looks at Ling Mo Feng sleepily: "let's go. Let's go back."

Ling Mo Feng's other hand was hurt, so he couldn't carry her downstairs. He could only reach for one of her little hands and ask her heartily, "tired?"

LAN Yanxi nodded shyly, "just want to sleep."

"I can sleep in the car, too." Ling Mo Feng said with a chuckle.

Two people held hands and walked through the corridor. Although it was very late at this time, there were still many employees working. It was amazing to see such a warm and loving picture.

Lingmo Feng and his fiancee finally openly held hands, not to avoid outsiders, just like two lovers in love, whispering and laughing, sweet and honey.

Many single women envy it. It must be very nice to fall in love with Mr. vice president. It's so excellent. Close the door and enjoy your love. God, just thinking about it will be unbearable.

LAN Yanxi is still very shy, which is clearly what she has been looking forward to. She holds hands with Ling Moheng in a frank manner and bears all people's eyes.

It turns out that good things really happen one by one, which makes people have expectations.

All the way to the door, lanyanxi found that his palms were all sweaty. Looking back at the men's hands, they were warm and dry.

LAN Yan feels a little humiliated. He's sweating all over. He's really hopeless.

Sitting in the car, Ling immediately hugged her to his arms. Then, he whispered, "go to sleep."

LAN Yanxi finds that she can't sleep. The picture of holding hands just now is so exciting that she is still excited.

"Yang He is acting in front of me again today. I'm afraid there will be another scandal tomorrow." LAN Yanxi wants to go, but he still needs to discuss this matter with him.

Ling Mo Feng Jun's face sank and his tone was a little annoyed: "the rumor maker is really annoying. The general office is a rigorous work area. If she likes to disturb the atmosphere so much, I will let her develop elsewhere."

"You're going to quit her. I'm afraid she'll talk again. It's not a good way." LAN Yanxi sighed.

Ling Mo Feng lightly mocked: "don't quit her, give her a bright promotion and dark demotion of the position, let her leave here, to work elsewhere."

LAN Yanxi froze for a moment, then smiled: "this is a good way, not to provoke gossip, but also to transfer her, just If you want to promote her, does she think you are interested in her

"I'll make it clear to her that if anything happens again, I'll ask her to leave." Ling doesn't really want to waste precious time in front of an unimportant person. Yang He is far away from dealing with him. If it wasn't for this attack, Ling would never have met her in his life.

"Well, that's a good idea. I agree." LAN Yanxi immediately laughed and was happy.

Ling Mo Feng saw her smile and couldn't help but attach himself to her. He kissed her at the corner of her raised mouth: "you can't show weakness to anyone, otherwise, what can you do if you are bullied?"

"You will decide for me. I'm not afraid." LAN Yanxi said with a little complacency.

Ling Mo Feng saw that she was so dependent on herself, and it was hard to avoid being moved. This feeling of being needed was really good.

"Of course, I will make the decision for you, but there are some things you have to deal with yourself, such as Yang He. If you just tolerate her, she will have more money. If you meet this kind of person in the future, you should not be soft and polite. Sometimes, violence is a way to deal with it. You can learn from it."

"I know. I'll learn more ways in the future. I can't always be bullied like this. It's too boring for me to live." LAN Yanxi nodded and learned modestly.

Ling Mo Feng likes her hard spoken and soft hearted appearance. She is kind-hearted and timeless.

Back to Ling's home, they took a bath and then lay in bed. In the morning, at about six o'clock, Ling Mo Feng's mobile phone suddenly rang.

LAN Yanxi was also awakened. When he opened his eyes, he saw that the man sat up with his hands on his hands and took his cell phone to answer.

"Is there such a thing?" The man's voice suddenly sank, and his eyes suddenly became clear: "Yang He is a hostage? How could that be? "

"I see. You should deal with it first, hold the other side steady and see what conditions they want to offer. I'll come right away." Ling Mo Feng's voice line is more urgent, and then he hangs up his mobile phone.

LAN Yanxi was still confused. Hearing Yang He's name, she sat up in surprise.

"What happened to Yang he?" LAN Yanxi asked in a hurry.

Ling Mo Feng's face was solemn, his brow twisted, and he whispered, "someone sent a video to the general office. The kidnapper was Yang He, who asked to meet me. Otherwise, Yang he would die."

"What? Who is it? How could they find Yang he? " LAN Yanxi's pretty face is white. He hears that Ling Mo Feng wants to meet him, or he will kill Yang He. The reason is worth pondering.

Ling Mo Feng's expression was also deep. He thought for a moment and replied, "maybe the other side has heard something untrue. These two days, there are many rumors about Yang He and me. They must think that I care about this woman, so they tied her up to negotiate with me."

"Ha ha!" At the moment, LAN Yanxi can only utter these two words. If it is true, Yang He is the rhythm of his own death.

Ling Mo Feng saw her cool laugh, and he smiled helplessly: "if it's really because of this, Yang He has become the target of lawbreakers, it's really her own death."

"Are you really going to meet those people? No, you can't. It's too dangerous. " LAN Yanxi really wants to be selfish once at the moment. She is not willing to let Ling Mo Feng take risks for Yang He. That woman is self inflicted. Why let Ling Mo Feng talk to her? In case the other party is ready to kill him?

"I will think about it well and not take risks easily. Don't worry. Although Yang He is not worthy of sympathy, the other side said that if I don't show up, they will spread the news out. At that time, I'm afraid that the consequences will be worse and it will be bad for me." Ling Mo Feng reached out and patted her face to calm her mood.

"Then I'll go with you." LAN Yanxi won't let her man die for another woman. She must follow her all the way around. If she can see Yang He, she really wants to scold her. She will not die. Now she is a hostage, is she happy?