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C1606 let go

The night is deep, the window is deep and heavy, but the atmosphere inside the window is strong and fiery. On the wide bed, there are double shadows.

More than an hour later, Ji Xiaohan got up contentedly, took the woman in his arms and went into the bathroom. The light was dim and warm. They stood and took a shower together.

When Tang youyou stood beside the man barefoot, she felt that she was too petite. The man was tall, and she stood in his arms, very weak.

The man's fingers gently rubbed on her back. The white and delicate foam made her look more delicious. A touch of heat rose in the man's body. He approached slowly, and Tang youyou stepped back. The beautiful eyes flashed over the panic and pleading: "season owl cold, please control."

Looking at her reflection, Ji Xiaohan couldn't help but chuckle in a low voice. Her fingers were stained with foam and her face was damaged: "don't worry, I'm full."

Tang youyou didn't believe what he said. He said it before, but what happened?

Ji Xiaohan knew that she was really tired, so she had to hold down her inner desire and take a bath, and the two of them had a safe dream together.

In the morning, Ji Xiaohan rarely sleeps in. Although the biological clock made him wake up at 6:30, he saw the woman in his arms was still asleep. He closed his eyes again and woke up again, but he was woken up by two little guys.

"Daddy, shame face..." Ji xiaonai's voice makes Ji Xiaohan wake up like a nightmare. The first time he wakes up is to pull the quilt to cover himself and Tang youyou. When he opens his eyes, he sees his daughter's two small hands supporting her chin and a pair of bright big eyes blinking at his silly music.

"Xiaonai, why are you in?" Ji Xiaohan checks himself and Tang youyou. Fortunately, they are all covered with quilts.

"Daddy, do you sleep without clothes?" The little guy immediately held out a finger and lifted it on daddy's strong arm: "Wow, daddy's skin is so hard, like a stone."

"Xiaonai, you go out first. Daddy gets up. Listen, daddy will take you out to play." Season owl cold gentle coax her.

"Give you a minute. I'll be back later." The little guy put up a finger and seriously threatened the season owl cold.

Season owl is cold and speechless. In a minute, I'm really stingy.

However, after his daughter closed the door, Ji Xiaohan ran to the dressing room as soon as possible, changed his clothes first, and then came out. The little guy looked at him with a small head as expected: "Daddy, are you ok? My brother and I are so bored. Would you and Mommy get up soon?"

Ji Xiaohan immediately nods and agrees, "OK, I'll tell your mommy to wake up, you and your brother to go downstairs and wait, soon."

The little guy tooted his mouth, and some of them turned around and left unwillingly.

Ji Xiaohan hurriedly goes to the bathroom and comes out after washing. He wakes up the sleepy Tang youyou by kissing him. Tang youyou's brain explodes and quickly opens his eyes. He sees the man kissing her lips.

"Oh, go away!" Tang youyou instinctively pushed him away.

Ji Xiaohan looked at her wrongly: "last night I called my husband gently. Now I eat gunpowder?"

"We didn't brush our teeth?" Tang youyou looks at him speechless: "can you talk about hygiene?"

Ji Xiaohan was directly amused by her, and her sexy thin lips made him smile elegantly: "I don't mind, what are you afraid of?"

"I mind." Tang youyou says angrily, finish saying, she is about to be lifted out of bed, but found that she didn't even wear a pajama, and she is ashamed and embarrassed. She pleads in a low voice: "help me to get the pajamas."

"No, do your own things. You teach the children." The man stood by with a bad smile on his face.

"You..." Tang youyou's abhorrence to Ji Xiaohan can't be expressed in words. This man usually looks calm and mature, but when they are alone, his evil heart can't be concealed, and he will only bully her and change the way of bullying.

When Ji Xiaohan saw that she was angry and blushed, he turned around and took a nightgown for her and put it in front of her, coaxing her like a fawning: "it's my fault. Put it on quickly. The children are waiting downstairs. I'll go to the mall to arrange it and let the children have a good time."

"Well!" Tang youyou is just angry at the mouth, but sweet in the heart. Every time Ji Xiaohan makes her angry, she will bow down and apologize. She says she doesn't want to forgive him every time, but every time he coaxes her, she feels soft.

Ji Xiaohan takes his mobile phone and calls Lu Qing, asking him to arrange a shopping mall, including a children's clothing chain store, to help him find someone to do security work.

When Tang youyou went downstairs, she wore a set of casual skirts and long hair hanging down her waist. The whole person looked fresh and sweet, with plain makeup, and even decorated her natural beauty.

Two little guys are carrying a small backpack and wearing handsome and lovely casual clothes. Ji xiaonai is wearing a set of bright yellow skirt. Just now, Ji Xiaohan tied her a small braid at will. It's cute and makes people want to kiss her.

Tang youyou knows that the children are impatient. He goes out with Ji Xiaohan and the children.

Arriving at the mall, it's more than 11 o'clock, with a lot of traffic. In order to let the two kids experience the fun of shopping, Ji Xiaohan takes them to the children's area.

"Daddy, wait for us here with mommy. We'll go shopping." Ji xiaonai is very excited, a pair of big eyes novel stare at the colorful toys inside.

"Let's not follow?" Season owl cold quiet Mou moment open big, unexpectedly little guy unexpectedly decides to go shopping by himself, Tang youyou also one face is startled.

"Xiaorui, xiaonai, it's too dangerous for you to go by yourself. Please accompany me." Tang youyou immediately proposed.

"No, I'm going to go with my brother. He said he would protect me. We won't lose it." Ji xiaonai now has something she insists on. She is no longer the little princess who just lies in the arms of her parents and cries.

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou have a look at each other. They advocate that the little guy can complete the things he likes independently. However, this is a shopping mall. They are not sure.

"What's the matter with their teachers? Why do they assign such homework?" Ji Xiao's face flashed a little.

Tang youyou sighed: "in fact, the teacher is right to do so. In foreign countries, many children go to school by themselves. We protect them so well that they are afraid to let them do things by themselves, so you will feel worried."

Ji Xiao's face was startled, and then Tang youyou seemed to say something reasonable.

"It's that we don't give up, but the children are old enough to be independent." When Ji Xiaohan thought about it, he felt a twinkling of heartache, a kind of unspeakable pain. Maybe this is the process that all parents will face or are going through. He doesn't admit that the children grow up, but also hopes that they can rely on themselves as they were when they were young and feel carefree in their own protection circle.

"Let them go. Anyway, all the exits in the shop are guarded by the people you sent. The little guy will be OK." Tang youyou is also very sad. He can't accept the fact that the children grow up suddenly. "Good!" Ji Xiaohan can only nod his head and promise, then he goes to the children nearby: "xiaonai, Xiaorui, give you half an hour to shop freely, this is a card, you can take it to check out and buy whatever you like."

"Thank you daddy, brother. Let's go." Ji xiaonai immediately took the card, put it in his small backpack pocket, grabbed his brother's hand and ran forward happily.

Ji Xiaorui is also very excited. Finally, she and her sister are free shopping.

Looking at the missing figure of the children running without returning their heads, Ji Xiaohan's heart seemed to be punched twice by something stuffy, and Jun's face was full of sense of loss.

His children, one day, will grow up and fly out of his sight.

"What? Or worry? " Tang youyou comes over and smiles when he looks at the front.

"Yo Yo, you wait here. I'll see how the children shop." Ji Xiaohan said, he didn't know where to take a mask out. Next, a bodyguard handed him a cap. He put it on his head directly. The whole man was armed.

"You..." Tang youyou is speechless to him. He was ready for it.