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C1709 Ling Mo Feng is angry

LAN Yanxi left after having lunch at her mother's house. At the table, she also looked at Li Qinghai carefully. She felt that she was quite accurate in looking at people. The man was not artificial, honest and modest, and there was no hypocrisy in looking at her mother. She felt that her mother really found true love this time.

Ling Mo Feng made a phone call to lanyanxi at noon, because he knew from the mouth of the guard that lanyanxi had gone out. He was very worried, so he asked her whereabouts.

LAN Yanxi sits in the car and suddenly sees that the driver's eldest brother answers a phone call. LAN Yanxi hears two words from the hospital and looks stunned.

After the driver hung up the phone, he immediately opened his mouth and said, "Miss LAN, there was an instruction on it just now. Let me take you to the first general hospital. Mr. LAN will go there and have you examined."

LAN Yanxi smiled and nodded, "OK, please."

I didn't expect that Ling would take the time to accompany her to do an examination, which made her happy.

When he arrived at the hospital, lanyanxi got off the bus and saw a row of black cars parked beside him. It was Ling Mo Feng's motorcade. When he saw her get off the bus, the man came down from his car. It seemed that he had just worked in the car. When he got off the bus, he put his pen in his suit pocket gracefully. Then he stepped towards her, with a smile in his eyes Meaning.

There are many people coming and going, and they are very surprised to see Mr. President here.

Ling Mo Feng came over and took her hand. He couldn't help frowning: "how can your hand be so cold?"

LAN Yanxi replied with a chuckle: "women are made of water. They are cool in nature. Unlike your men, they are hot and warm in the palm every day."

"Can you explain that?"

The man has a strange look on his face.


LAN Yanxi is proud.

Ling Mo Feng felt that this woman's brain was full of misinterpretations. However, he said that he could not speak of her, so he could only listen to her carefully.

Lanyanxi's obstetric experts are very authoritative and must be kept confidential.

Ling Mo Feng waited outside the door anxiously, eager to know the result.

At the moment, LAN Yanxi, lying in bed, was also very nervous. When she felt the instrument pressing her belly to check the condition of the child, her hands were squeezed into fists.

All of a sudden, she seemed to hear the sound of a sharp drum beating. Then, the expert doctor beside touched his forehead with a cold sweat and said happily, "I found it. The little guy used to hide on the left side."

When LAN Yanxi heard her happy voice, she was relieved and asked, "doctor, what's the situation now?

Is the child OK? "

"Don't worry, the baby has a strong heartbeat, which is a good situation."

Experts are afraid that they will check out bad results. How can they explain to Mr. President? Just now, seeing his wife so nervous, they know that this child is expected by all and must be healthy.

LAN Yanxi breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it was a good result.

When she sat up and walked out, Ling was already asking the doctor about the result.

When the heart rate of the child is strong, the man shows a child like happy smile, which is the kind of happiness from the heart.

LAN Yanxi Snickers twice. He has never seen Ling Mo Feng so immature.

After the examination, Ling Mo Feng left the hospital with LAN Yanxi. On the way back, LAN Yanxi sat beside him, leaned on his shoulder, and played with his mobile phone: "Ling Mo Feng, I'm serious about discussing something with you. You can't perfunctory me."

When a man's nerves are tense, usually LAN Yanxi talks in such a serious way. It must be important and serious.

"What's that look like?

If there's anything, you can just say it. "

The man smiles softly, the language takes dotes on.

"No, I have to discuss it with you. In case I mean, if I had a daughter, would your family have a preference for boys over girls? "

LAN Yanxi immediately sat up straight, a pair of crystal eyes staring at the man's expression, not blinking.

Ling thought it was a great event. Suddenly he heard that she was asking about the child's gender. He was a little embarrassed.

"No, my parents and grandpa are very open-minded people. Whether you have a daughter or a son, they are all the blood of our Ling family. They will like it."

Ling Mo Feng comforts her tenderly.

"What if the second child is also a daughter?"

LAN Yanxi is really not confident.

"Then we'll bring them up."

Ling Mo Feng didn't think about it. He replied directly.

"If we don't die to have a third child, it's our daughter..." "Yan Xi, what's the matter with you today?

Why do you say that?

You're putting pressure on yourself, you know?

What you have to do now is not to think about anything, let it be, as long as it's our children, I will love them with my heart, regardless of men and women. "

Ling Mo Feng found that Lan Yanxi was a bit of a diamond, maybe she was pregnant, and her mood was fragile, so she would ask these words.

"I'm sorry, I I just want to give you a successor. All three generations of you are working hard for the great cause of our country. If I can't have another successor, I will be very remorseful. "

Blue Yan Xi flat mouth, voice some choking, the more want to be perfect, just afraid that the more imperfect, life so.

Ling Mo Feng was surprised to see that she cried. Later, he quickly reached out to hold her gently and put a thin lip on her forehead to soothe her in a low voice: "well, there is no son, there is also a son-in-law, three sons-in-law. There is always one who is willing to take my class and contribute to our family business."

LAN Yanxi is stunned. This man actually gives such an answer, which is really comforting.

"That's what you said."

LAN Yanxi finally couldn't help laughing.

Ling Mo Feng nodded, "yes, I said. If you don't feel relieved, you can record it. When I really want to repent in the future, you will hit me in the face with this sentence and hit me hard."

LAN Yanxi immediately glared at him angrily: "I don't want to. If I don't give you a son, I will let you and other women..." "Lan Yanxi, what do you say?"

The man suddenly angrily pushed her away from his arms and held her slender shoulder tightly in his hands: "you say it again."

"I I didn't say anything, I didn't! "

LAN Yan hopes to see his face so ugly, frighten her to pretend to be stupid quickly.

"Don't be in a bad mood unless you don't want to live with me."

Ling Mo Feng was really angry. He was angry with her. He didn't care about herself. He even dared to make fun of him.

"Of course I'll live with you."

Blue face urgent explanation.

"Then don't think about it. I don't care. I don't care if you have a son. Understand?"

Ling Mo Feng is biting his teeth and teeth angrily at the moment. This woman really has the ability. She can always make him angry until his liver aches and lungs ache, and his whole body aches.

LAN Yanxi smiled and comforted him: "don't worry, I'm just talking nonsense. I'm not willing to let you have anything with other women. I really don't want to give up."

"Don't say that again, or I'll be angry if you say it once."

Ling Mo Feng clenched his teeth to warn her.

LAN Yanxi shrunk his neck in fright, nodded obediently, looked at his expression carefully with his eyes like a wrong child: "no, I promise."

"I can't help you."

Ling Mo Feng is very angry, but he can't beat her or scold her. He can't even say a word.

LAN Yanxi hurried to get close to him, holding his arms in his hands and pressing his face: "well, it's my fault. I'm too bored. Don't be angry. If you get angry, you'll be ill."

"Punish you for having two more children."

Ling Mo Feng deliberately scares her.

"Two more?

You want me to have five?

When I'm a pig. "

Blue words stood up and stared at him angrily.

"Who made me angry?"

Lingmo Feng's evil spirit raised his lips.

"I don't agree. There are three at most. This is my limit. I have to live my own life. I don't want to revolve around diapers all day long."

LAN Yanxi just ignored him, two bracelets in front of his chest, a resolute expression on his face.

Seeing that she was angry and lovely, Ling Mo Feng had to comfort her: "don't worry, we won't have so many children. Two children are enough."

"That's what you said, two."

LAN Yanxi was just coaxed to be happy and grinned.

"Well, I said."

Ling Mo Feng nodded.

"Well, if we have a daughter and ask her to book a baby with sister youyou's son, then we have to find some good son-in-law."

LAN Yanxi was angry and worried.

If Ling Mo Feng drinks water at the moment, he must be choked by her words. He looks at the greedy little wife: "no, my daughter, can't let others turn away easily."