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C1619 he promised her he would

In addition to LAN Yanxi, almost everyone in the blue family objected to the decision made by LAN Laozi. For a while, the atmosphere in the ward was very stiff.

LAN Yanxi saw tears in Grandpa's eyes. Her heart ached. She turned to see those people. I don't know why they forced grandpa like this. They used to swear that they would take care of Grandpa and respect his old man. Now? It's a really loud slap on the face.

"I know you are against it, but I don't need to listen to you." The old man sighed and raised his hand to the lawyer beside him: "here, I'll sign."

"Dad, you can't do that." Lambert immediately came over and wanted to steal the will. The lawyer told him to take a quick step and hide the will.

"Lambert." The blue old man roared angrily, and the Blue Cypress froze with fear.

"You all go out. I'll discuss the next process with them." The old man, with a pale face, reached out to the door to drive all these people out.

Even if Lambert is bold, he is afraid at the moment. He gritted his teeth angrily: "if you donate, let those who are favored by you feed you and die for you. I see how grateful they will be to you."

"It's, Dad, you really hurt our hearts. Aren't we your children?" LAN Chen was also desperate.

The old blue man was almost out of breath because of their words. Blue Yanxi hurriedly smoothed his back for him and comforted grandpa in a low voice: "Grandpa, I will take care of you."

"Lan Bai gave LAN Yanxi a resentful look.

Mr. LAN is a stubborn man. His decision will not be changed. So he donated 70% of the company's equity to charity. It will take a long time to go through all these procedures. The management of the company has also been transferred to professional managers. Although Mr. LAN Bai and Mr. LAN Chen are still working in the company, they do not have such great power When making decisions, they are just shareholders of the company, and they can no longer fish in troubled waters like before. Their ability is also linked with their salary.

After this incident, the condition of the old blue man has become more and more stable. He does not hide things in his heart. He is broad-minded and fat, and his condition will be much better.

When the blue family experienced a turning point, Ling Mo Feng also faced a huge change in his life.

Standing under the national flag, he made an oath and became the youngest president of the country.

LAN Yanxi is sitting in the hospital room, looking at the man he loves. He is full of energy and spirits in the sun. Her heart beats very fast, which is excited and happy.

The old blue man was also smiling and proud of his grandson-in-law.

On the day of his election, Ling received blessings and congratulations from the leaders of various affairs.

That night, Ling Mo Feng was busy and went to a dinner party. When he arrived, it was almost nine o'clock in the evening. Dinner turned into tea and snacks, but he was still happy to come.

Ji Xiaohan gave him a warm hug. Ling Mo Fengjun was embarrassed and pushed him away gently: "Xiaohan, I don't want to talk about the hardships. I really want to say a word of thanks to you. Without your support, I can't go to today. I hope our friendship is as deep as the sea and as green as a tree."

"As Mr. President, I'm so sarcastic. I don't know if your little girlfriend will be tired of listening." Season owl cold smilingly teases him.

Ling Mo Feng is speechless for a moment, but Jun's face is still full of shame and red: "what I'm saying is true. Although it's not appropriate for two big men to say this kind of words, I'm afraid you don't know if I don't say it."

"How could I not know? Some words, do not have to say. " Season owl cold astringes the smile that ponders, also be a face to look at Ling Mo Feng sincerely.

"Well, I'll have two drinks with you today." Ling Mo Feng is filled with emotion. After years of forbearance and practice, he seems to have reached a stage. However, the following road will not be smooth. This is not the end, but another beginning. Ling Mo Feng has never relaxed. But at this moment, he really wants to let himself drink a few cups to compensate for the feeling of slight intoxication.

"Well, I've got the champagne ready to celebrate for you. Open one bottle by one." Ji Xiaohan immediately reaches for a bottle and hands it to him.

Ling Mo Feng took over. For the first time, two young men, like teenagers, celebrated their profound friendship and resolutely walked down the road.

At eleven o'clock in the evening, LAN Yanxi was holding a bunch of flowers and wearing a sexy red dress. She was waiting for Ling Mo Feng to come back. Although the whole world was sending him blessings, she had not spoken to him personally.

The night was dim, and LAN Yanxi waited quietly. Suddenly, she saw a light shining on the wall beside her. She was happy and walked out quickly.

Outside the door, Ling Mo Feng's motorcade stopped orderly and orderly, the door opened, Ling Mo Feng stooped out, and his tall body swayed slightly.

Chu lie stood beside him, trying to reach out to help him, Ling Mo Feng raised his hand to him: "you go back to rest, it's hard today."

Chu lie watched him enter the living room, and saw LAN Yanxi walk out quickly. Chu lie immediately made a gesture and took a group of people away.

Tonight, I think what you want to hear most is Miss Lan's blessing.

"Yan Xi?" Ling thought it was so late that she should be waiting for him in bed, but unexpectedly, she was wearing a happy red dress, holding a bunch of flowers, smiling brightly and coming towards him with shame.

"For you." LAN Yanxi hands him the flowers. Her pretty face is red and her beautiful eyes are low. She dare not look at the men's eyes.

Ling Mo Feng reached for it and sniffed it gently. His thin lips were smiling. He said in silence, "it's really fragrant."

Lanyan Xijiao smiled and was about to say something. Suddenly, she felt that the man's arm was extended. Next second, her waist was tightly held. The thin lips of the man were looking for her lips eagerly.

Lanyanxi didn't expect Lingmo Feng to be so wild and fiery. She was slightly shocked and her lips were taken away by the man.

"Did you drink?" Deep kiss is over, LAN Yanxi's brain hasn't returned to oxygen, but she feels that the man is drunk, and her eyes are drunk.

"Well, drink a little, don't worry, I'm not drunk." The man loosened her waist and turned to find a bottle to raise the flowers she sent.

Ling Mo Feng found a glass bottle nearby. He took it to the kitchen and filled half of the water. He put in the flowers she sent and walked out with them.

LAN Yanxi looked at his silly behavior and couldn't help laughing out: "do you want to raise it?"

"Of course, this is the first time you have sent me flowers." Ling Mo Feng replied very seriously.

"But even if you bottle it, her flowering will pass at once." LAN Yanxi's mood is moving. The man's move makes her feel warm.

"Then I'll lengthen his flowering period too. I'll open my eyes to see it tomorrow." Ling Mo Feng said and walked upstairs with his arms in his arms. LAN Yanxi was almost speechless to him.

He followed him all the way up the stairs and put the vase of flowers beside the bedside table.

Ling Mo Feng turns around and sees LAN Yanxi standing there with his hands on his back. His heart is hot and suddenly he finds that people are more delicate than flowers.

"Come here!" Ling Mo Feng is really drunk, because this woman is so beautiful that he is intoxicated.

LAN Yanxi came to him with a light step. The man's long fingers patted him gently on his strong thigh: "come here to sit."

LAN Yanxi, with a hot face, walked obediently and sat on one side of his leg. The two people were very close. He could smell the fragrance of her body, like the fragrance of roses. Did she hold the flowers for a long time? Just waiting for him to come back?

"Yan Xi." He mumbled her name, leaning his head against her slender shoulders.

Lanyanxi knows that he must be very tired today. He never stops from morning to night.

She gave a little hum, reached out and hugged him.

"I succeeded. I promised you I would." A man is like a dreamer, and he is asking for credit like a child.

Blue Yan Xi attached his head to kiss between his forehead, the corner of his mouth went up, smiled and nodded: "yes, you did it, I always believe you."

The thin lips of men lift up silently. The happiness and sweetness of this moment no longer need words to describe.