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"The children are now …"

"It's all in Ji Family, godmother. After Ji Xiao Han found out that the children were his, he forcefully brought the children over to stay in his home, and I strongly opposed it at that time. After that, seeing that he really treated the children very well and that the two little fellows were becoming more and more dependent on him, I compromised. Tang You You had to admit that nothing was good for Ji Xiao Han, it was just good for the children.

Tang You You was startled, but after that, she started to mock herself: "Mother, I don't have any plans with him, he is him, I am me, we only had two children, and since the beginning was not because of love or marriage, then it is naturally impossible for it to be related to these two matters. Although I am currently living in his house, and he will provide me with good living conditions, but I have never thought of having anything with him, he can't possibly have his eyes on me either."

Just thinking about it made her flustered. Ji Xiao Han's charisma was just too strong, it was as if she could infiltrate into every cell of a woman's body.

If his self-control was low, he would inevitably be attracted by his every word and action. He was in itself a huge halo, adding his wealth and his sturdy and tall body, Tang You You really did not dare imagine, in the future when he was with such a man filled with charisma, would he be able to hold his heart in his chest and not be moved by his beauty.

"You Long, did you hear what I said? What are you daydreaming for? " Liu Xi realized that after hearing what she had to say, Tang You You had fallen into a state of stupor, as if he was thinking of something.

"Ah …" "Mother, what did you say again?" Tang You You was awakened, her expression a little confused.

Seeing her like that, Liu Xi immediately became worried: "You long, are you interested in Ji Xiao Han already? I knew that you young girls wouldn't be able to resist his charm. I even warned you not to be tempted by him, but now it seems like you didn't listen to my warnings. "

Tang You You laughed bitterly, "Mother, can you really differentiate between liking and not liking things like love? Do you think that there would be any other feelings between men and women, such as friendship … Or a little beyond the bounds of friendship. "

If he doesn't like you, he won't waste a second on you, much less money. Of course, for a rich man like Ji Xiao Han, no matter how much money he gives you, he won't be able to prove that he loves you, because he can use his money to knock you out and kick you far, far away, and if he can, you won't even be able to see his face in this lifetime. Do you understand? He's such a dangerous man. If you don't love him, then you won't have any worries, but if you keep him in your heart, then he won't want to see you in the future, or maybe he won't let you see him. You will break down. " Liu Xi gave her advice with great experience.

Tang You You was confused by what she heard, but she was still able to understand its essence.

His godmother was right, Ji Xiao Han giving her money could not prove anything, because he had money.

"Godmother, then tell me, for a man with an identity like Ji Xiao Han, if he fell in love with a woman, how would he perform?" Tang You You asked curiously, but she did not have any other ideas. She only felt that her godmother seemed to understand her, and needed to carefully ask for guidance.

Liu Xi frowned and thought about it carefully before giving his answer, "For a man with Ji Xiao Han's status, what he values the most is time, not money. If he could find some time to accompany you, then he would definitely be a little interested in you."

"Time?" Tang You You was a little confused by the meaning of this word. In terms of time, everyone had it, and it was even very fair. 24 hours a day, they could use it as they wished.

"You don't understand. How much money do you earn in an hour? Have you calculated it before?"

Tang You You rolled his eyes as he shook his head, "I don't even know how much money I get every month. Mother, why are you asking this?"

"Alright, let's not talk about you, let's talk about me. I can earn more than 500 in an hour, that's more than enough, but do you know how much Ji Xiao Han can earn in an hour?" Liu Xi asked with an exaggerated look of surprise.

Tang You You shook his head: "How would I know, I asked him again."