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C1183 life in exchange

As soon as Bai Yiyan reached the stairway, Yang Siyu ran up from downstairs and stopped her: "Xiaoyan, you are pregnant now, don't run around."

Bai Yiyan's face turned white. Then she suddenly thought that she was pregnant. She was a little depressed: "my little aunt was kidnapped. I don't know how to save her." "

I understand that you want to save people, but now you can't save her in a hurry. You need to believe that Ji Yueze won't stand by. Behind you is the whole Ji family. What are you afraid of!" Yang Siyu came to her side and urged her. Bai

Yiyan listened to her words. Indeed, she seemed unable to do anything. "

sit downstairs and wait. Ji Yueze will be here soon!" Yang Siyu claps her arm comfortingly. Bai

Yiyan steps down the stairs step by step. Recently, because of her pregnancy, she lost a lot of weight. It's painful to watch her.

Leng Fei also came in from the outside. Seeing Bai Yiyan and Yang Siyu, she was relieved. "

can I make a call?" Bai Yiyan couldn't sit down at all. She still wanted to know about her aunt's being tied up.

At present, Pei Hong is the only one who can solve her confusion. His aunt is his wife. Maybe the kidnapper has contact with him.

Yang Siyu shrugs his shoulders: "it's nothing to make a phone call, and Ji Yueze doesn't have a special explanation. Who are you going to call?"

"Call my aunt's husband and want to hear about him!" Bai Yiyan is not so ruthless. She can't calm down now. My aunt has nurturing kindness to her. Seeing the picture of her tied to the chair, it's like stabbing her heart with a knife. It's very painful. "

then ask!" Yang Siyu gives her her cell phone. Bai Yiyan remembers Pei Hong's phone number and dials his number quickly. Pei

Hong answers the phone and hears that it's Bai Yiyan. However, he angrily scolds her: "do you still have the face to call me? Your mother has been tied up. Where are you? "

"Did the bandits call you? Did they say they would release the money? What can't they do to Auntie? " Bai Yiyan doesn't care about Peihong's reprimand to her, but asks in a hurry.

"Oh, by the way, she's not your mother. She's your little aunt. You can ignore her, right?" Pei Hong is still jeering at her. "

don't say that. If I don't care about her, why should I call you? Please tell me how things are going. I'm really worried! " Bai Yiyan is about to cry.

"Who knows what's going on? The robbers haven't called me yet. Maybe they have something to do with your mother and daughter. Didn't you almost get tied up the first two times? You are all safe. Your little aunt is not so lucky. Now she has alerted the police. Giving money is not necessarily useful. The bandits may really tear up tickets. I pity my two sons are so young. Bai Yiyan. If this matter has something to do with your mother and daughter, I will never let you go! " Pei Hong is also at the moment helpless. He is so angry that he pushes all the responsibility on Bai Yiyan. Bai

when Yiyan heard that the bandits didn't contact Pei Hong, her heart sank into the valley in an instant, frightened and frightened. Pei

Hong didn't say anything more to her. He hung up angrily. White

Yiyan's fingers were all white when she held the mobile phone, and her body began to quiver. For example,

If aunt Guo is ripped off, she will blame herself for life, but now, she really doesn't know what to do. Pei

Hong hung up the phone, and Pei Ying, who was sitting next to her, immediately gritted her teeth and said: "Dad, she still has a little conscience. She knows to call to ask about the situation. However, I doubt that this matter is related to her mother and daughter. Maybe Bai Yiyan is the one who was tied up this time. Bai Yi's life is just not good. She's so good that she can disappear directly. She only pity me What can I do if my two younger brothers don't have a mother to look after them? "

Pei Hong is still a bit of a couple to Bai Wanqing. Especially after he had two sons, Pei Hong decided to live with her. Now, he didn't expect this kind of thing to happen. He is also a man of six gods.

"The kidnappers asked for money, but they didn't contact me. I can give them the money, just ask my son's mother to come back safely." Pei Hong is not a mean person either. He can still take out five million yuan, but he has been waiting for the kidnapper's call, but he has not come. "

the police have all come to the house. Dad, do you think the kidnappers will be angry and kill Bai Yi?" Pei Ying doesn't like Bai Wanqing, but for the sake of her two younger brothers being small, she still hopes that she won't die. Otherwise, the responsibility to take care of her two younger brothers will fall on her. She doesn't want to take this responsibility, which will affect her to find a husband in the future. When Pei's father and daughter were anxious, a strange call rang. "

dad, please take it, maybe it's the kidnapper." Pei Ying said in a hurry.

Pei Hong, with a black face, quickly answered the phone. "

take Bai Yiyan's life for your wife's life. You are limited to hand over Bai Yiyan within one day. You are not allowed to tell the police, otherwise..." The other side said, directly hung up the phone.

Although the cruel words did not finish, but just listen, it is scary. "

dad, did the kidnappers call us? What did they say?" Pei Ying asked in a hurry.

Pei Hong's hands were stiff and his face was pale.

"Dad, what's wrong with you? Tell me now! " Pei Ying saw his father's expression was solemn and more anxious. Pei's eyes twinkled and he said in a low hurry, "the other side asked us to find Bai Yiyan and exchange it with your aunt Bai." "

sure enough, I said that Bai Yiyan had something to do with it. This bitch has a bad life. She also has a lot to do with others. Dad, please call her and tell her that if you want Bai to live, she'd better stand up and take the responsibility." When Pei Ying heard this, she immediately hated Bai Yiyan. "

are you a fool? Will she die for nothing? " Pei Hong sneers. "

doesn't she always feel that she is kind and considerate? Tell her what she thinks. If she doesn't want to come, she will be greedy and afraid of death. In the future, she will not pretend to be pure in front of me. " Pei Ying feels that Bai Yiyan, if she knew the news, might be stupid enough to come out and exchange.

"No, we can't gamble. In this way, I'll call her first to come out and meet her. Then she can't escape if she wants to." Pei Hong now hopes that his wife will come back alive. He doesn't want his two sons to be pitiful without their mother. However, he really doesn't care about Bai Yiyan's safety. Anyway, she is the one who caused the trouble. She is also the one he wants to catch. That's even her life.