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When he heard that she had such a lovely name, he couldn't help but look at her face. This woman has beautiful eyebrows and eyes.

The more the SUV goes forward, the more the road is full of waves. Many times, the whole vehicle is lifted and dropped. Ji Tingyan is uneasy from the beginning to the last fear. She finds that her bearing capacity is still not good, but the man next to her is indifferent.

Ji Tingyan really can't control her low voice again and again, and with her breath breathing. Originally, tie Ting was in the mood of watching her play. But when the woman's breathing became faster and faster, he suddenly felt that the carriage was a little hot. He grabbed the palm of the armrest and sweated.

"Why are you here?" Tie Ting finally can't bear to ask her, knowing that this is a mountainous area, she is still determined to come over, looking for abuse?

"I Do you believe that I came to travel? " Ji Tingyan's expression is a little embarrassed. Her long hair is scattered, her pretty face is pale, and her face is suffering.

Tie Ting really doesn't believe it. She looks like a rich lady. How dare she come to travel in such a wild mountain? There must be something else.

"Are the two bodyguards you hired sitting in the back?" Tie Ting asked with a frown.

"Yes!" Ji Tingyan can only be honest now.

"You are from a good family. Why do you want to visit here?" Tie Ting couldn't help laughing at her.

Ji Tingyan's snow-white face, and a touch of touching purples, showing her heart.

"I I want to see the great rivers and mountains in China... "

"I can be sure now that you're here and it's about me, isn't it?" Tie Ting is not stupid. Although this woman tried to get rid of it before, he still caught clues. Because this woman dare not look into her eyes, she also likes blushing.

Some people's blushing is a reflection of their lack of heart.

Ji Tingyan was silent, but the top wave of the car made her gasp for breath. She felt even more ashamed. She wanted to go home.

"Don't you want to tell me the truth?" Tie Ting saw that she turned away her face and ignored his expression. He wanted to know the answer more.

Ji Tingyan's self-esteem seems to have been trampled on by him. She suddenly feels that she is not ashamed to tell the truth. Anyway, the unmarried men and women are adults. It's normal to talk about feelings.

"Well, I admit that I really came here because of you. To tell you the truth, you are my ideal boyfriend type. Of course, I don't have to be you, I just feel bored, and my family's urging marriage is so urgent, so I want to come here to try my luck. I didn't expect that I was so lucky. I met you in the hotel. At that time, I I still hope, but when you pay for me and let me go, to be honest, I suddenly dislike you. I will never find a arrogant man to be my boyfriend. " Ji Tingyan said her tangled thoughts in one breath. When she finished the last sentence, she breathed a lot faster.

Tie Ting eyes color from deep to heavy, with a trace of oppression, staring at a woman easily up the corner of the mouth, how, suddenly give up him, let her feel happy?

"So you've had a good time with me?" Tie Ting's voice became a lot lower.

Ji Tingyan's expression is slightly sluggish. She turns her head and looks at him: "there used to be, but now there isn't."

"Oh!" Tie Ting nodded lightly.

Ji Tingyan can't understand the meaning of this sentence. She can't help frowning. She made it clear just now. This man should be able to understand it.

"Wang Cheng's voice suddenly came from the walkie talkie:" boss, I have ten minutes to go to the repair shop. How do they arrange Miss Ji? "

"Go straight back to the company. His car is seriously damaged and needs to be repaired by a more professional person." Tie Ting picks up the walkie talkie and tells Wang Cheng.

Ji Tingyan looks surprised. What's the situation? Is this man going to take them all back to his company? "Mr. tie, thank you for your help. I won't go to your company. Let's put down the maintenance shop in front of us. The shop where I rent a car will send someone to pick us up." Ji Tingyan doesn't want to bother him any more. She wants to get off the bus in a hurry.

"Aren't you afraid to get off at such a place? Don't mention that there are many poisonous snakes and beasts in the mountain. It's this desolate area. Your three women are already very dangerous. Your two bodyguards are good. But if someone really wants to hurt you, can you prevent those vicious means? " Tie Ting's Yin side reminds her.

After listening, Ji Tingyan's hair stood straight and her back was cold.

"Is it so dangerous? But I heard It's all peacetime. It's not so terrible. " Ji Tingyan looks at him suspiciously, suspecting that he is panicking.

"Even if you don't believe it, it's more than an hour away from our company. My grandma called me not long ago and said that you might contact me and let me take good care of you. Do you believe in strangers or me?" Tie Ting raises eyebrow to ask.

"Your grandmother Know that I will come to you? " Ji Tingyan has a feeling that she wants to faint. How can people all over the world know that she wants to take the initiative to find Bonnie?

Tie Ting Mou bottom flashed the light of abdomen black, gave her a affirmative look.

Ji Tingyan wants to cry without tears. She just wants to find a boyfriend in a low-key way. Why does that happen?

"Go to your company first. Please help us repair the car. I'll pay for the repair." Ji Tingyan finally decides that it's safer to follow feting. After all, there's grandma Zhang's guarantee, and feting is certainly not disorderly.

Ji Tingyan thought naively, but she didn't know what was on the man's mind.

When passing by the repair shop, Ji Tingyan has a look. There is no one else but a small shop around. There are some cars parked at the door. Some big men are basking in the sun. It really gives people a feeling of insecurity.

Cheng Yue pulled Li Jingwen's clothes excitedly: "God, we can go to Tianfu group to have a look. I wanted to come before."

Li Jingwen's mood is inexhaustible. Of course, she also yearns for it, because that's where she always wants to go. There's a man in her heart.

However, she is very uneasy, afraid that her tie Ting has been confused by Ji Tingyan.

Ji Tingyan, no matter her appearance or birth, is beyond her reach in her life. She has only one heart. She feels that no one in the world loves tie Ting more than her. She will be loyal to him all her life. Can Ji Tingyan do it?

The next journey is smooth again. It's like someone built this broad avenue on a special trip. There are mountains and dangerous mountains on both sides. Cars are flying by, which gives people a sense of distant and ethereal.

Ji Tingyan couldn't help turning to look at the man and asked him, "why do you set the company in such a place?"

"I like it here, no strings." Tie Ting's light answer.