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Ji Xiaohan's success in bidding for more than three billion yuan has caused a huge wave in the industry. It also proves how strong Ji Xiaohan's strength is. Those commentators have started to write various theme magazines and a new round of speculation. They are calculating how much money Ji Xiaohan has made in these years in a low-key and silent way.

Ji's family and the old lady don't care about the business for a long time, but this matter is very noisy. Of course, the old lady will know about it. So that night, when Ji Xiaohan came back for dinner, she mentioned it at the dinner table. "

Xiao Han, since taking over the company, you have always been safe in your work. This time, how can you make such a rash decision? Three billion yuan, which is a sky high price. I heard that the price of that land is only ten billion yuan." The old lady couldn't help talking about him. She felt that his decision this time had lost water. Ji

Xiao Han knows that someone has deliberately broadcasted these news. Don't guess. It must be Ji Lin who is proud at the moment. He spread the news and let everyone know that Ji Xiao Han has suffered a loss and has nowhere to call for justice. Moreover, if the old lady tells the old man about this, the old man will die of anger. I feel that he is the successor Is there something wrong with your mind.

"Grandma, this matter is very complicated. I have a reason to buy that piece of land, so please don't worry about me. I definitely didn't make this decision on impulse!" Ji Xiaohan quickly explained with a smile, and comforted the old man by the way.

"Tell me, then, what's your reason for the three billion yuan increase?" Asked the old lady at once. Next to Tang youyou and LAN Yue, they are also curious to see Ji Xiaohan, because they want to know the reason for this.

"The commercial value of the land has been revealed," said Jixiao with a cold face. "Once the southeast bridge is completed and connected with two prosperous cities, the land price there will be multiplied. Moreover, I am confident that I can raise the price of the land. By then, the three billion yuan will surely be earned back, so don't worry about me anymore, OK?" Although there are some general reasons for this, all the people on the scene can only accept it. Without professional vision, there is no way to find out where there is gold shining. Since Ji Xiaohan feels that there is money to make, it must be of investment value.

"Daddy, do you all learn from your great grandfather in business?" Ji Xiaorui is holding one side of his head with his little hands and blinking his big eyes.

"Yes, it was taught by my great grandfather. He taught me a lot of useful things. Then I will teach you all!" Said Ji Xiaohan with a smile. "

What about Nai?" Ji Xiaorui doesn't want to learn such boring things by himself. He immediately talks about Ji xiaonai.

Ji xiaonai is biting the meat in her bowl with his head down. Hearing his brother pull himself, he immediately shakes his head to protest: "I don't want to, I don't want to learn, I want to eat meat."

Everyone was amused by Nai's lovely expression.

"Xiaonai, don't worry. No one forces you to study. Hurry up and have more food!" LAN Yue immediately reached out and patted the little guy on the shoulder to comfort her. The old lady also smiled: "Xiaorui is more fond of learning than xiaonai, but both of them are still young. When they grow up, they can talk about it."

This meal ended happily in Ji xiaonai's coquetry.

LAN Yue takes two little guys to finish the homework assigned by the school. Ji Xiaohan goes to his study, and Tang youyou goes in with him.

She put a cup of tea on Ji Xiaohan's table, her hands around her chest, and looked at the man who worked hard. "

What's the matter?" Ji Xiaohan put down the document in his hand and looked at her with a smile.

"Nothing. I think you look good when you are serious." Tang youyou didn't praise people before. Now, with Ji Xiaohan, he is more and more able to say nice things.

"Then you don't want to talk to me now..." Season owl cold spread out his hand, the evil spirit of laughing. Don

a blush flashed over your pretty white face, and murmured, "then you'd better work, and I have something else to do." Don

after a long time, he turned around and left. Behind him came the man's low and complacent laughter, as if he had taken advantage of her. Don

there was a throb in her heart. Why did she just hear the laughter of Ji Xiaohan?

Tang youyou went back to the room and bit her finger. The emotion in her heart made her unable to calm down to do things. Therefore, she had to take a bath to recover herself.

After taking a bath and drying his long hair, Tang youyou sat on the sofa and turned on the computer. After a search, he found that there were many people on the Internet discussing the bidding of Ji Xiaohan.

About her husband's career, Tang youyou looked at every item carefully. Suddenly, she saw a famous person who often appeared in the news. It seems that this time, she was always taken out to discuss with Ji Xiaohan. That person was Ling mofeng, the 29 year old vice president. "

Ling Mo Feng?" Tang youyou murmurs about this name. Why do the people above say that he has no relationship with Ji Xiaohan on the surface, but behind the scenes, it is possible for two people to contact the top to cover the next presidential election? Don

youyoumei has big eyes and limited brain. She really can't figure out the relationship between the two people. She always feels that business and politics are too complicated to see through. At this time, the bedroom door opened, and Ji Xiaohan came in with a suit jacket. Just like a male model walking on the catwalk, he walked lazily and casually. Tang youyou raised his eyes and saw his charming appearance with a tremor at the top of his heart. "

What are you looking at?" See her holding a computer, nest on the sofa, long hair in front of her chest, the light on the computer screen, reflecting her white delicate features, season owl cold looked, also inexplicably moved.

"No Nothing, just look around! " It's like a kid caught eating candy. Tang youyou dare not let Ji Xiaohan know that he secretly read his news on the Internet. "

look around?" The cold and sharp eyes of the season owl flickered, and then he threw the suit coat on the bed at will and walked towards her with long legs: "how casual?" Tang youyou saw that he was close, and his breath was sluggish. Then he heard his informal inquiry. In the low voice line, there was a smile of unknown meaning. "

you're free!" Of course, Tang youyou heard the meaning of his words, and immediately gave him a white look. "

Yes, I admit that in front of you, I am a casual man!" Season owl cold lazy to her side of a sit, deliberately squeezed her.