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C1884 wants her to know him

Xia shuran immediately put out his hand to cover his ears, with a frightened expression: "I haven't seen you for several years, but I didn't expect you to become a shrew. The voice of your voice scared me to death. Xia Xinnian, seeing you like this, I suddenly felt that I was worried about something superfluous. Jiaxuan is so excellent and excellent. He will definitely not eat you as a comeback. You are really not qualified to be my rival 。”

Xia Xinnian's face is blue. Unexpectedly, she has not seen her for several years. Xia shuran is getting more and more aggressive and mean.

"If you really have confidence, you won't come to me for trouble in three days or two. Aren't you worried that he Jiaxuan will fall in love with me again?

Xia shuran, it's better to watch your husband and let him not be so fraternal than to threaten me! "

Xia Xinnian sneers back and looks cold and proud.

Xia shuran heard the word "fraternity", as if she had been slapped by someone, and her face was red with shame: "you don't talk nonsense here. Jiaxuan only loves me as a woman in his heart. How can he fraternize?

You don't have to dream about spring and autumn here. Even if he really wants to find other women, you won't be able to make it. "

"Is it?

That's best. I hate people coming to disgust me! "

Xia Xinnian doesn't want to hum.

Xia shuran didn't find pleasure here, but he was sneered at by Xia Xinnian. He was even more annoyed. When he left, he gave up the warning: "Xia Xinnian, you'd better not offend me safely, otherwise, I will make you regret later."

After the warning, Xia shuran flung the door of her office and left.

Xia Xinnian's face flashed a sneer, saying that they offended her five years ago.

Now, the villain is the first to file a complaint. It's very deceiving.

At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Xia Xinnian is going to ask Liu Chengtian for a holiday because she promised to pick up her son at school.

Liu Chengtian readily agreed to her, and then incidentally asked her to talk about cooperation with jimucheng.

Xia Xinnian vaguely coped with a few sentences, and didn't really promise to come down. Now she and jimucheng are in a situation of water and fire, which is really not suitable to talk about cooperation.

She also has self-esteem and pride. If she begged that man, she could not do it.

At four o'clock, Xia Xinnian has decided to go downstairs. At this time, her mobile phone rings.

She took a look at the caller ID and her eyebrows tightened in an instant.

Why does jimucheng call her at this time?

"I'm downstairs. Come down and pick up your son!"

Men can not refuse the tone, with a strong style.

Xia was stunned and said, "why do you want to go together?

I'll go alone! "

"Oh, how are you going?

Take a taxi? "

The man raised his lips and laughed with ridicule.

Xia Xinnian suddenly remembered that he came to work in his driver's car today. Her car was still parked in his garage.

"What happened to the taxi?

I used to take a taxi with my son. Don't lose face. "

Xia Xinnian didn't reply to him.

"No, my son's safety is very important. I absolutely don't agree to let you pick him up like this."

The man's tone sank, and his voice was firm and resolute.

Xia Xinnian said regretfully, "well, go pick up your son, and I won't go."

"I believe my son would love to see you go with him!"

Seeing her not to go, jimucheng's tone became angry again.

Xia Xinnian's expression is stiff. Indeed, when she sent her son to school today, she promised that she would pick him up in the afternoon.

It's annoying. It seems that he's holding it.

"Then I'll come down!"

No more reason to refuse, Xia Xinnian quickly went downstairs.

At the gate, a black car occupied the center of the hall.

Seemingly low-key, but worth tens of millions of luxury cars, let people not be ignored.

Xia Xinnian went to the side of the car and looked around. She saw that there was no colleague in the company. She quickly got into the car.

Sitting in the car, jimucheng can see clearly her expression just like a thief. When he saw her sitting in the car, his face was black and blue, and his voice mocked: "why?

Get in my car and you'll be ashamed? "

Xia Xinnian ignored his angry expression and said lightly, "I just don't want others to see me gossiping."

"Do you have a good reputation?"

Jimucheng sneers.

Xia Xinnian knew that he was deliberately stabbing her. She didn't want to quarrel with him, so she regarded him as the air.

The taste of being ignored is more painful than fighting.

"Xia Xinnian, I really doubt if you have any personality problems. I'm my son's biological father, so I didn't see you speak to me on your own initiative."

Seeing that she wants to pretend to be mute, jimucheng refuses to let her, deliberately seeking topics to talk with her.

"You have a problem with your character."

Sure enough, Xia Xinnian was not stimulated. She was doubted like this. Of course, she was very angry.

"If you have a normal personality, should you take the initiative to get to know me?

Don't you want to know what your son's father is like? "

Jimucheng saw that aroused her enthusiasm, immediately arrogant pointed to himself, said that he needed her attention.

Xia Xinnian and meimou stare back and forth at him coldly: "I don't want to know what kind of person you are, and I don't want to live with you for a long time. Why waste time to understand you?"

The attack of this sentence is no doubt equivalent to a slap on jimucheng's handsome face. As expected, his face suddenly became gloomy and ugly.

The big hand clenched in an instant. If he didn't see that she was a weak woman, he really wanted to blow it.

Xia Xinnian seems to have had the courage to know others, but at this moment, she obviously feels the cold anger of the man around her. Her body can't help shivering for a while, and she shouldn't talk to him. She can't stand the stimulation again. Instinctively she will say some more stabbing words, which can't blame her.

"Which man are you going to live with for a long time?

Is Yan Jun cold? "

The man grinds his teeth and says a name she knows well.

Xia Xinnian shivers. Mei Mou looks at his eyes incredulously: "you How do you know his name?

Are you investigating me again? "

When Ji Mucheng saw the man named Yan who was so nervous, his face sank and he sneered: "if I don't investigate you, will you tell me who he is?

International famous violinist and model, I've seen his photos. They look really good. They really seem to be idols who can cheat you. Unfortunately, I won't allow my son to call his father. "


Xia Xinnian is really impressed by this man. Something out of nothing seems to him to be a very determined thing. She and Yan Junhan are just friends.

However, she didn't bother to explain so much to him, as if it was unnecessary, lest it seemed as if she was guilty.