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Luo Group!

This was the first time Luo Jin Yu blanked out at a meeting of the Group's upper echelons …

"Luozheng …" Someone beside him whispered.

However, it was as if he hadn't come back to his senses. His eyes were fixed on the table. He seemed to be deep in thought, completely lost in thought.

Luo He Ning, who was sitting beside him, quickly reached out to push him: "Brother, what are you thinking about?"

Only then did Luo Jin Yu regain his senses, and facing the dozens of anxious faces, his expression shivered.

Damn it, he was thinking about that kiss last night …

After the end of the meeting, Luo He Ning followed him into the CEO's office, smiling while teasing: "Brother, what were you thinking about just now? Everyone is waiting for your answer, but you seem to be lost in your own thoughts.

"It has nothing to do with you!" Luo Jin Yu also felt that it was extremely embarrassing, if he let his brother know that he kissed his own cousin yesterday, he would probably become a big joke.

"I know it has nothing to do with me, and I don't have the ability to make big brother stare blankly for me. But, I'm guessing it might have something to do with women, am I right?" Luo He Ning asked with a smile on his face. Of course, he had his own selfish motives for wanting to know who the woman who had made his brother lose his mind was.

Luo Jin Yu looked at him with slight boredom: "Are you that free? If you even have to take care of my matters, then it seems that the task I have assigned to you is not heavy enough. "

"No, no, no, big brother, I don't have any extra time to do anything else!" Hearing that, Luo He Ning quickly turned and ran.

Luo Jin Yu brought out the coffee cup beside him. It was empty, he pressed down the button on the landline and instructed his assistant to make a cup of coffee for him.

His assistant, An Ni, came in with a cup of fragrant coffee.

She was also very sensitive to the fact that her boss seemed to be in a rather bad mood recently.

Could it be because of that Yang Chu Chu?

An Ni walked in front of him flirtatiously and smiled: "Boss, your coffee is ready!"

"Put it down!" Luo Jin Yu said indifferently.

"Boss, have you considered about the spokesperson thing you discussed with Miss Yang Chu Chu yesterday?"

Luo Jin Yu answered without even thinking, "Cancel!"

An Ni's expression instantly brightened. She knew that a newbie like Yang Chu Chu would definitely not be the boss's type.

Thus, when An Ni went out, the first thing she did was to call Yang Chu Chu.

He spoke out arrogantly: "Miss Yang, I am very sorry. My boss said that he wanted to cancel the collaboration with you as a spokesperson."

Hearing this answer, Yang Chu Chu's beautiful little face turned slightly pale, she bit her lips: "I know! "Thank you!"

"Miss Yang, do you like my boss?" An Ni felt that it was unfair to let Yang Chu Chu go, and she intentionally provoked her.

Yang Chu Chu did not want to answer her and directly hung up.

Of course she liked it, but it was a pity that she messed up everything yesterday.

An Ni looked at the phone that was hung up, and smirked.

From the looks of it, Yang Chu Chu knew her own limits.

The next morning!

When Tang You You led her daughter downstairs, she saw that the old lady and the old man were already teasing Tang Xiao Rui.

Tang Xiao Nai immediately ran over, raised her head and greeted him with a smile as if she was looking at a spoiled child, "Dad, great-grandfather, great-grandmother, good morning!"

"My little princess is up!" The old lady instantly greeted her happily and carried her to her seat.

Ji Xiao Han raised his head, and with a smile on his face, he said to Tang You You: "Come over and sit down."

Tang You You walked over, and after thinking about it, she called for the old man and the old lady.

The old man had heard the old lady's story about Tang You You last night and had some opinions about him.

However, just now, Ji Xiao Han had already taken out the video of Tang Xue Rou's confession and explained it to the two elders, causing them to believe that Tang You You had truly been wrongly accused.

"Wandering, it's best to avoid offending me in the future. It's very easy for me to stab you in the back." The old man suddenly said.

Tang You You was startled, following that, she nodded her head in gratitude: "I will be more careful next time! Thank you, grandpa, for your concern! "

The old lady didn't say anything, just teasing the two little fellows to eat.

After the little guy finished his meal, the two old men had nothing better to do and followed them back to class.

Ji Xiao Han reached out and held her fingers: "I've already explained it to my grandparents just now, they also believe that you were wronged, so don't mind it anymore, okay?"

"Thank you!" Tang You You looked at him gratefully, and laughed bitterly: "But I am born with a blemish, I am afraid your grandmother will feel that I am not worthy of you!"

However, Ji Xiao Han smiled and said: "I'm allowing you to climb higher. We already have children, what else is impossible?"

Tang You You found that Ji Xiao Han was really good at comforting people, she could only nod his head: "I know, I really hope that my birth parents can live a better life, that way, I can become the right person for you, your grandmother will not pick on me anymore."

"Well, maybe you are the daughter of a certain family! "You can look forward to it. Today, I will help you investigate the background of your parents!" Ji Xiao Han stood up and caressed her face while smiling: "I'm going to work, be careful driving!"

"Un, I know!" Tang You You slowly finished her porridge, took her bag, and left as well.

In the afternoon, Lu Qing delivered a report of the investigation report to Ji Xiao Han.

"Young Master, I have already done my best to find out the identity of this person regarding Miss Tang's background. I don't know if he is related to Miss Tang." As Lu Qing said that, he opened the folder and placed a list in his hands.

Ji Xiao Han's beautiful eyes swept across them, suddenly, his eyes froze, and then he squinted: "Are you sure it's this person?"

Lu Qing was shocked by Ji Xiao Han's cold expression and nodded his head, trembling: "Yes, that's the name of the person who used to live at this address, it's an old mister named Xia Zhongyi!"

Ji Xiao Han's strong body trembled, his entire body had an indescribable coldness.

"This is impossible …" He tore the information in his hand and threw it into the trash can. "It can't be him. Go investigate again!"

Lu Qing was stupefied by his actions. He blinked his eyes: "Young Master, why do you seem to be very angry? Could it be that you know this person called Xia Zhongyi? "

"I don't know him!" Ji Xiao Han's face was still as ugly as iron.

With Lu Qing's understanding of Ji Xiao Han, even though he was livid and said that he did not know Ji Xiao Han, how could he have that kind of expression towards someone he did not know?