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Gao Yue has been working in Jishi group for three days, her communication skills are good, and she soon entered the working state, showing a high degree of enthusiasm for the job.

Every morning at the morning meeting, Gao Yue can see Ji Xiaohan as she wishes. This is the most expected time of her day. Therefore, she comes to work every day, dressed meticulously, and her clothes are not heavy.

The same thing happened this morning. Gao Yue sat in the conference room, the pen in her hand turning gently. Suddenly, the door of the conference room opened, and the young man came in. Lu Qing was still behind Ji Xiaohan.

Ji Xiaohan sat down on the absolute throne and looked around the people. Then he said to Lu Qing, "you can start!"

According to the Convention, each department began to report the progress of the daily project to Ji Xiaohan in turn. Gao Yue's department is newly established, and there is no special important report at present. She is sitting in the position, looking at Ji Xiaohan with amorous feelings and style, and taking care of her ear hair from time to time. It is said that men have no resistance to women's hair lifting.

Although Ji Xiaohan has arranged Gao Yue into the company, he has not shown excessive enthusiasm for her. He is business oriented, and the frost on his face will only melt in front of his beloved woman forever.

Gao Yue looks at the man's serious expression when talking about work. He is inexplicably moved. Sure enough, no matter what he does, the person he likes will only make people more moved.

After the meeting, Gao Yue seizes the opportunity, immediately catches up with Ji Xiaohan with a smile and says, "Mr. Ji, I haven't got a chance to thank you. I don't know if I'm free recently. I want to invite you to have a meal. By the way, I want to mention some of my opinions on the company."

Of course, Ji Xiaohan understood her hard work, so he stopped and looked at Gao Yue with his head. "Tomorrow night, I'll be free. I'll let Lu Qing arrange it. Then, I'll take your advice with me. We'll talk while we eat!"

"OK, thank you, Mr. Ji!" Gao Yue didn't expect to be so successful this time, which attracted Ji Xiaohan. Moreover, he got a chance to have a meal alone with him.

Sure enough, success is for those who are prepared. She has been planning for a long time and has made some small achievements.

Private direct elevator, Lu Qing did not understand the question: "young master, why so quickly agreed to eat alone with her?"

"Didn't you see her as if you couldn't wait to tell me something?" Season owl sneers.

"Gao Yue is so conceited. I heard that once she entered the company, she fell in love with many men. Every day, someone sent her flowers in the office." Lu Qing is not used to this kind of publicity.

"I don't want to know what kind of person she is, but I have to let her spit out what she knows first!" Ji Xiaohan knows that some women love to show off, because the man's admiration for her is the source of her confidence. Fortunately, he is a quiet and low-key woman.

"Do you want to talk about the dinner with her tomorrow evening Lu Qing is more and more fond of the couple's interesting stories mixed with Ji Xiaohan, because he really wants to see where the bottom line of the young master's doting on his wife is.

"Go home at night and talk to her. If you don't tell her, it will end well?" Season owl cold thin lips to draw up a touch of self mockery.

Lu Qing listened to the unexpected answer and immediately chuckled.

In the dark bar, two beautiful girls approached the middle-aged man sitting in front of the bar, holding a glass of wine in his hand, Jiao didi said: "Sir, alone? Just in time, my sister and I are also two people. Can we sit down and have a drink together? "

Zhang Lu looks up and sees two young and beautiful girls, even some pure ones. He immediately comes to his senses. He quickly rings his fingers and asks the barman to bring some cocktails.

"The two beauties don't seem to be regular here!" Zhang Lu is a regular here, so she asked smilingly when she saw these two girls are strange.

"We have just come to this city, and we are looking for a place for water consumption, so we have come here." One of the girls said with a smile.

"Are you sisters?"

"It's not natural, but we have a very good relationship."

Zhang Lu is flirting with these two girls, and suddenly feels much better.

"What's your surname, sir? Since we are destined to know each other here, it's better to make a friend. More friends have more ways out. We are looking for a job." The girl asked boldly.

Zhang Lu immediately took out his business card: "here, this is my contact number. Keep in touch!"

The two girls glanced at each other, took their business cards and continued to persuade Zhang Lu to drink.

Zhang Lu is a little drunk. He wants to take these two girls home to play, but the two girls don't seem to be drunk. After holding him in the car, they leave.

Zhang Lu was alert and sober. He started the car and scolded him angrily. The two girls must have cheated him to drink. He invited so much wine and didn't go home with him. He was full of resentment.

Zhang Lu's home, not far from the hotel, is more than 20 minutes away. He thinks he's not drunk, so he has the courage to drive home by himself.

He is now unemployed and frustrated. The old president fired him, and at the same time, he gave him a lot of money and industry. Now Zhang Lu just wants to die in a dream.

Zhang Lu lives without fear. The old president can't do anything about him. He has done so many shameful things for him, and he has to take care of him.

Just as Zhang Lu thinks he's right, suddenly, a taxi runs across from his right side at the road section by the sea. Zhang Lu's whole body is stiff, and he immediately wants to step on the brake. However, he finds that when he steps on the brake to the end, the car doesn't slow down. On the contrary, because of a little slope, the car moves faster.

"What's the matter? What's up? Stop Stop it! " Zhang Lu's wine woke up completely with fear. He stepped on it severely and cried out in panic. But it didn't help.

His car first hit the fence post, and then it flipped over and fell into the sea.

"Ah..." The voice of despair and panic came out of the car, recording the last time of Zhang Lu's life.

Half an hour later, the old president received a call.

"Zhang Lu has dealt with it. Mr. President can sleep at ease tonight."

The old president nodded with satisfaction, "well done, I'll give you a treat."

Zhang Lu's accident in the middle of the night and his death in the sea were reported the next morning. The road section was stopped, many police officers were walking around, and large cranes were deployed to salvage the accident in the sea.

Lingmo Feng got Zhang Lu's falling into the sea. He just gave a sneer. In fact, he found Zhang Lu. On the day of Zhang Lu's resignation, he asked someone to talk to Zhang Lu. Unfortunately, Zhang Lu was a soft bone. He knew that the general manager had abandoned him, but he refused to betray him. He always thought that the old president would reuse him again.

Ling Mo Feng's means are not extreme. Since Zhang Lu refuses to return to his use, he is not obliged to remind him to pay attention to safety. Therefore, his death today is inevitable, which is also a kind of retribution for his many evils.

Chu lie frowned and asked, "since Zhang Lu is dead, who will the general manager look for next?"

"There are a lot of people who can do things under his hand. At the beginning, he used Zhang Lu as an official. Zhang Lu was able to speak and speak, but he could not do anything with one mouth. I believe that he will find a more reliable person after this lesson. You can watch for me. Who he has met frequently recently, we must keep an eye on him all the time." Ling Mo Feng's fingers are tapping on the desk. His face is young and beautiful, but it's stained with the cold frost. The war without gunpowder is the most terrible. "Yes, I'll keep my eyes on it all the time." Chu lie nodded in response.

Zhang Lu is dead, but it is treated as an accident. No one will remember such a person.

Gao Yue sits in the office and feels her fingers are stiff. She looks at the black car in the video and imagines that she and Zhang Lu were talking about things in the car not long ago. At the moment, she only feels a layer of chicken skin.