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C723 happy outing

Today is a weekend. It's a rare leisure time. Ji Xiaohan promised his baby daughter that he would spare time to play with her. So, in the early morning, Ji Xiaohan went to the company first, and it's already 12 o'clock to finish the work. Tang youyou and his two children are waiting for him to come back. Just after 12 o'clock, Ji Xiaohan will come back. This time, his car has also become a huge business car, followed by several black cross-country vehicles, all of which are his bodyguards. Ji Xiaohan has been more strict with his travel recently.

"Daddy..." Seeing Ji Xiaohan coming down from the business car, Tang xiaonai jumped up happily.

The two little guys didn't want to play games and toys anymore. They sat in the living room and waited patiently for Dad to take them out to play.

Ji Xiaohan bends down, embraces his daughter and looks at Tang youyou with a smile: "is everything ready? Let's go now. "

"It's all packed!" Tang youyou replied softly.

The toys of the two little guys were also packed with a big bag, because Ji Xiaohan said he would spend the night in the holiday village.

When the old lady came downstairs and saw Ji Xiaohan holding Tang xiaonai, she said, "you should take good care of the children and don't let them get hurt or sick."

"Grandma, don't worry. We will take care of them." Ji Xiaohan answers quickly, knowing that grandma is worried about him taking the children out of the country.

The old lady said nothing but smiled and said to the two children, "go upstairs and say hello to my great grandfather."

The two little guys immediately followed the old lady up the elevator to the third floor.

The old man lies on the bed to rest, sees two children to come in, very happily touched their head, then is also some kind of admonition.

After getting on the bus, this business car has been transformed. It's very luxurious and convenient for a family of three to travel a long distance. It seems that Ji Xiaohan has so much money. He can easily buy anything.

Two little guys are very happy to lie in front of the window, looking at the gradually distant Jijia manor, shining big eyes, are beginning to look forward to this happy trip.

"Mu shiye and Pei Anxin will bring their children here. We will meet at the high-speed intersection!" Ji Xiaohan suddenly thought of something, so he said.

Tang youyou is also very happy to hear that he has company to play with.

"Is it orange little sister? Will she go too? " Tang xiaonai is still very fond of that baby sister. I feel that she is so cute and funny.

"Yes, she will. Will you play with her?" Tang youyou asked his daughter with a smile.

"Yes, I will share my toys with her." Tang xiaonai said very generously.

"How generous of you!" Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan both laughed.

When I got to the high-speed intersection, I saw an off-road vehicle waiting there. I knew that Ji Xiaohan would take a bunch of bodyguards every day when he went out, so I didn't take any at night.

Several cars converged, and Mu shiye's car entered the motorcade by itself. A line of several cars entered the expressway and rushed towards the holiday village.

The two little guys were very excited in the car. They didn't stop for a moment. They wanted to listen to stories and sing songs. They were dizzy and tinnitus when they were engaged in jixiaohan and Tang youyou. It was only then that they found that these two little kids, who were half the age, were really noisy.

From its is Tang xiaonai, a pair of novel big eyes look out, see what to ask again.

Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan are very patient to answer for her. Tang xiaonai likes the feeling of being valued by her parents, so her questions will only be more, not less.

It's more than three o'clock in the afternoon when we arrived at the holiday village. When we got to the destination, Tang xiaonai and Tang Xiaorui had enough quarrels. One of them was huddled in his father's arms, one was leaning against his mother's side, and the little head began to nod. Soon, they fell asleep.

"Let them sleep for a while and wait until they get out of the car to be more energetic." Said Tang youyou in a low voice.

Ji Xiaohan reaches for the blanket prepared by her side and wraps her daughter in her arms, making her sleep more warm and comfortable.

Tang youyou also carried his son to his arms and covered him with a blanket. Although the car was windowed, it was still cold in winter.

"There is also a natural hot spring there. We can take the children to have a dip tonight!" Season owl cold thin Chen arouses a smile.

"Is it? Good! I'm going to have a hot spring, too. " Tang youyou looks at the past happily.

The children fell asleep quietly, and the atmosphere in the car was calm again. The two people were dealing with the two small ones just now, and they didn't have time to take care of each other's feelings and emotions. At this moment, looking at each other, they saw a trace of expectation in each other's eyes.

"When the children are asleep, let's have a good soak." Season owl cold lowered the voice, attached to her ear said.

Tang youyou didn't know why. His face turned red when he heard this.

"That's not good!" It's said that they took the children out to play. How could the two adults still want to play?

"What's not so good, don't you want to try?" Season owl cold but feel nothing, although the children want to accompany play, but this woman also in the home so many days, also want to let her have a good play.

Tang youyou said she didn't want to, but she also wanted to, so she didn't just smile.

Season owl cold sees her to smile like this, knew the answer, thin lips in her ear side lightly kissed. Tang Youhou didn't dodge, but turned around and kissed his handsome face with pink lips.

Finally, two people's lips, touch together, but also dare not kiss deeply, just stick to rub a bit and leave satisfied.

In the other car!

The atmosphere was also good, except that Pei Anxin took two long work calls.

Mu shiye's ears are vertical. What he hears is the voice of a man calling her. He is very alert and listens to every word Pei Anxin says.

When Pei Anxin hung up the phone, Mu shiye immediately asked with a black face: "how can your company recruit all men? You're not the only one. "

Pei Anxin leisurely replied, "do you have any comments?"

Mu shiye nodded at once: "of course, you are so beautiful. Those male colleagues must stare at you every day at work." "Who are you so boring?" Pei Anxin's way of getting along with Mu shiye has also changed. In the past, Pei Anxin would be afraid of his family's identity and dare not be too presumptuous to him. But now, Pei Anxin found that love is equal. Like her, she used to take this man too seriously, but she was injured completely. Now, she doesn't take him as a God, only takes him as a person. She doesn't seem to love him So hard.