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Lanyanxi reached out and took the small box out of his pocket. He opened it. Inside it was a folded square sign with a French seal on it. Lanyanxi couldn't help chuckling, sticking it to his chest, and the smile came from his eyes.

I didn't expect Ling Mo Feng would believe this. It's interesting. Today's meal, she also learned more about him. It turns out that in addition to his meticulous work, he is rigorous and serious. In life, he is such an interesting man.

LAN Yanxi sighed contentedly. How can she leave when she treats her man like this? No matter life or death, I will only be with him in this life.

Gao Yue's whereabouts became a mystery. Mei sister angrily smashed something, biting and swearing: "it's Ji Xiaohan. This Gao Yue is playing betrayal with me. Damn woman, I should have expected her to be dishonest. Unexpectedly, she betrayed. Ji Xiaohan hid her. My identity must have been shaken out by this bitch, which led to Ling Mo Feng's door-to-door persecution Oh, these series of things were caused by my negligence. "

"Now that Ling Mo Feng knows that you are working for Mr. President, he will not let you go. Do you have any plans?" A subordinate next to him is worried about his own safety.

"What are you afraid of? I won't take this job if I'm afraid of death. Ling Mo Feng dare not do anything to me. He's a famous gentleman. He doesn't play sinister tricks. However, he's not so easy to catch my evidence! " Mei doesn't know that Gao Yue has secretly recorded her voice. She just feels that Gao Yue may become a personal card in the future, which is also a huge hidden danger. She has to send someone to find her again. As long as she is found, she will surely die.

"Sister Mei, Ling Mo Feng has devoted all his time to practical work. There are a lot of tricks behind the president's back, but it seems that Ling Mo Feng's foundation has not been touched. His popularity is so high that he almost exceeds that of the president. I'm afraid that he will be elected. If he becomes the next president, then our situation..." The man was afraid to go on.

"Ling Mo Feng is very proud of himself. Of course, he really has no negative news to hold on to. That's my biggest headache. Mr. President is sure to fight back. We don't have to worry about it. At present, the most important thing is to find Gao Yue and deal with her. And to take Yang ChuChu's life to threaten Luo Jin to quit In this election, as for Ji Xiaohan, don't give me a chance, otherwise, save Gao Yue's account, and I will settle with him. " Mei's eyes were filled with anger and hatred.

Last time Ling Mo Feng came to visit without any reason and asked the old president to question her for a long time. At that time, Mei Jie's frightened soul was almost out of her body. She said that it was not easy to regain the old president's responsibility. Therefore, Mei Jie hated Ling Mo Feng very much. Just a visit made her miserable. The depth of the city really made people gnash their teeth.

"Sister Mei, I don't know if that woman of Liu's family can do it!"

Sister Mei snorted coldly: "Liu Lan and Yang ChuChu have a holiday, even if they don't have my help, they will have to settle it sooner or later. Now, I just let Liu Lan see a little light of hope, and make her more motivated to deal with Yang ChuChu. I can't say what her ability is. If she really has the ability, she won't let a mother and daughter get separated. But The fool has the advantage of the fool. Let's see the result. "

LAN Xianxian is in a hurry recently. Mei Jie asks her to get the evidence that Lan Yanxi admits that she doesn't like Ling Mo Feng. For a while, she doesn't know how to fight with LAN Yanxi again.

Lanyanxi is also smart now. Knowing that she will come, she just hides from her. Lanxianxian is very upset. She really wants to run to her and scold her. She takes a tape recorder secretly and records what lanyanxi said, so there is evidence for Meijie.

Mei Jie said that the land, blue fiber has also secretly understood, the market value is about 200 million, blue fiber heart sneer, Mei Jie a politician, do not know where she came so much money, even dare to buy this land?

However, it's not blue microfiber's concern. She's concerned about whether Mei Jie can bridge the gap between him and Ling Mo Feng. But Mei Jie doesn't seem to be joking. She wants the land so much. She must be very interested in her affairs. She's waiting to see.

When blue fiber couldn't find a good way, suddenly, she heard her father's voice on the phone outside the door.

Vaguely, I heard about the monthly dividend of lanyanxi's mother. Her face brightened. Didn't this chance come?

Blue fiber waited until his father hung up the phone, walked out quickly, and asked curiously: "Dad, we still have to give blue Yanxi mother money every month? Why is she? "

"No way, your grandfather has stipulated that she can take two thousandths of the profits from the company every month. Although it's only over one million yuan, she signed an agreement when she left. No way, I'm afraid she will make trouble. That's not good!" Lambert didn't want to give it, but it was written in black and white. If he didn't give it, the old man would not be happy.

"Hum, it's really a vampire. Even if she doesn't contribute to the company, she will give birth to a daughter and scrape away so much money every month. It's really when our money comes from the strong wind. She can take it away so easily. No way, Dad, we won't give her money this time. What can their mother and daughter do?" The more blue fibril wants to get angry, the more unfair he feels. Maybe it's because of his resentment towards blue Yanxi that he behaves more intensely.

"As a businessman, we still have to be honest, but I won't give her a dividend based on two thousandths of the profits. I give her two or three hundred thousand symbolically. She doesn't dare to say anything, but she certainly won't allow it." Lambert immediately clapped his daughter on the shoulder and gave her an education lesson with a smile.

"Two or three hundred thousand is not money? I think she must have saved it. Later, she used it as a dowry for lanyanxi. The more she thought about it, the more angry she was. Their mother and daughter didn't make any contribution, so she scored the family's money. My grandfather was too partial to her. " Blue fibril is still said by wheezing.

"Their mother and daughter didn't contribute, but my elder brother's contribution to the company was not small. Don't worry about it. I'll cut off their mother and daughter's financial path when Dad gets the management power of the company. If they want to take money, they have to do something." Lambert is still comforting her daughter.

Blue, slender and black, a look that can't be relieved.

"Well, slim, dad asked you uncle Liu to have dinner tomorrow night. You'll look better tomorrow. Go and have a look!" Lambert said with a gentle smile.

"Uncle Liu? Dad, are you going to blind date me? His son is as fat as a pig. How could you introduce this kind of goods to me? Am I your own? I won't go! " Blue fiber is fine. What's dad's calculation? She guessed it at once. Her face is darker with anger.

"Slim. After men lose weight, they are all potential stocks. They are not fat. Don't pick one from the other..."

"I'm going to choose. I just don't like fat ones. Dad, don't blind date me. I won't go to see any of them." Blue slim's heart is sad and dead. After Ling Mo Feng occupied her mind, she felt that she could not see any man and would not fall in love with others.

"Slim, you are so headstrong. Dad is also for you. Of course, you are my own. I also choose the best family for you. What are you dissatisfied with? Do you really think Ling Mo Feng will marry you? Wake up, don't daydream. He dares to marry, and I dare not marry you! " Lambert is also more true, angrily rebuked her.

"I don't care, I don't want to marry!" Blue fiber immediately cried, not sad.

LAN Bai was half dead. Looking at his daughter who ran upstairs, he was in a bad mood. He beat his fist on the table and said angrily, "Ling Mo Feng, what did you do to my daughter?"

Blue fiber ran upstairs, tears also kept falling down, in my mind to compare the two men, Ling Mo Feng is just like the bright moon in the sky, and that uncle Liu's son, even if the mud on the ground is not as good, there is no comparability.