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C783 wasting feelings

Tang youyou's words suddenly made the atmosphere stiff again. Tang Youkang knew Ji Shangqing's good feeling for Tang youyou. If she didn't get Ji Shangqing's dissatisfaction just now, then this sentence must have offended him.

"Miss Tang, you and my eldest brother are not married yet. It's not polite for me to call you sister-in-law now!" Ji Shangqing can still smile. His heart is really powerful.

Tang youyou didn't expect that the man's face would be so thick. She took a sip of her lips and had to say nothing more.

Ji Shangqing saw that she had a worried expression, which was not only her light lips, but also a different aesthetic feeling. Ji Shangqing only felt a dry throat, inexplicably thirsty, took a side of the teacup and drank a few slowly.

Tang youyou really wants to leave. However, Tang Youkang just talked about his ex-wife's regretful and sad appearance, which makes Tang youyou inexplicably sad. If he leaves, what can he do if Ji Shangqing is embarrassed?

Anyway, it's also for eating. It's the same everywhere.

In this way, Tang youyou took the menu directly, called the waiter and ordered two dishes at will.

Ji Shangqing took the menu she handed over and added several more dishes. Moreover, Tang youyou and Tang Youkang's expression changed when he heard the name of the dish he read, because he ordered all the most expensive dishes in the restaurant.

While waiting for serving, Tang youyou stopped chatting with them and took out his mobile phone to play.

Ji Shangqing also did not speak, a pair of eyes, through the tea cup, looking at the opposite woman.

A light blue business dress, which is matched with a white shirt, the buttons are meticulous, with a woman's most pure conservative temperament, a long hair, thick and dark, hanging on her chest and waist, set off a delicate white clear face, different colors.

Ji Shangqing changes his posture and looks at her secretly. He doesn't know which tendon in his heart is wrong. He always feels that Tang youyou is especially in his eyes. Is he born so cheap? The more things and women he can't get, the more persistent he is.

Ji Shangqing sneers at his abnormal hobby at the bottom of his heart.

Tang Youkang is sitting next to him.

Although he is eager to find a topic to talk about, Ji Shangqing is not impatient at all, but has a quiet tea, so he has to say nothing.

As a bystander, Tang Youkang found that Ji Shangqing really didn't like Tang youyou in general. Looking at his eyes, he obviously loved each other.

Tang Youkang sighed in the bottom of his heart. Why are girls and their daughters so annoying?

Maybe the pure character of a woman can really impress a man.

The more Tang Youkang finds out that his ex-wife is all over him. He is kind, gentle and quiet.

After a while, the delicious food was brought up. Tang youyou still didn't put down his mobile phone, so he took chopsticks, ate them and looked at them. She was very busy.

"Long, may I have a drink to young master Ji?" Tang Youkang couldn't see it anymore, so he begged her softly.

Tang youyou has been pretending to be a gesture all the time. She also knows that it's impolite to eat with people and look at mobile phones, but she really doesn't want to talk with Ji Shangqing, even if there is eye contact.

"Oh!" Tang youyou put down his mobile phone and took a cup of tea beside him: "I go down and go to work. I'll replace the bar with tea. Thank you for your help to my adoptive father."

"Miss Tang, you are so polite. To be honest, I didn't expect him to be your adoptive father!" Ji Shangqing's ability to tell lies is really brilliant. Tang Youkang is here.

Tang youyou chuckled and looked up to drink the tea.

Seeing this, Tang Youkang said with a smile: "eat vegetables, eat vegetables!"

The following atmosphere is still very dull. Tang youyou is eating and Ji Shangqing doesn't talk much. Tang Youkang looks at the picture and cannot help feeling that if Ji Shangqing marries Tang Youyou, it will definitely be good for him.

Think back to Ji Xiaohan, the man who exudes Wang's domineering spirit. Tang Youkang is sitting next to him, even though he's already thrilled. How could he have such a calm mind at the moment.

However, Tang Youkang thinks more about it. He doesn't have such a chance to see Ji Xiaohan.

Hurriedly eat a bowl of rice, Tang youyou put down his chopsticks: "I am full, you eat slowly, go first!"

"Ah, long!" Tang youkangli shouted at her.

Ji Shangqing laughed: "let her go, she has to go to work!"

Ji Shangqing said something. Tang Youkang didn't say anything. He only cared about her being careful on the way.

Tang Xiuyou frowns and leaves in a complicated mood.

In fact, Tang Youkang's change, Tang youYou can't feel it, because she was a girl, every day he was looking forward to a few words of care for himself.

However, every time, she failed. When she went out to school, Tang Youkang had a calm face and no concern.

Even if she was bullied at school, she would be scolded when she came home.

Those shadows in childhood make Tang youyou feel extremely sad at this moment.

After seeing Tang youyou leave, Tang Youkang apologizes to Ji Shangqing: "I'm sorry, young master Ji. Youyou is such a character. She doesn't care when she is angry!"

"It's OK, I like her character!" Ji Shangqing said lightly, but there was no smile on his face.

Tang Youkang is speechless for a while!

"You did a good job today. I hope you can do more next time!" Ji Shangqing also put down his chopsticks, took a tissue, and graciously wiped his thin lips: "I want to see her again!"

"Young master Ji, I've always wanted to ask you that you will marry Ji Xiaohan sooner or later. I don't think it's worth your time and affection to waste on her!" Tang Youkang also reminds him of his kindness.

However, he did not know that this touched the bottom line of Ji Shangqing. His face was suddenly gloomy and ugly, and his tone was a little more angry: "what do you say? Waste your feelings? "

Tang Youkang didn't know what he said was wrong, which made his face white.

"Do you think it's a waste that I give her all my heart and soul?" Ji Shangqing's sarcasm made his face more terrible.

"No, no, no, master Ji, you misunderstood me. I didn't mean that!" Tang Youkang was really scared and explained in a hurry.

"Don't talk about it in the future. Ji Shangqing only does what I think is worth it!" Ji Shangqing finished, he left Tang Youkang with a pale face, took his coat and left.

Tang Youkang wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. In the winter, he was scared to sweat. "Is this man ill?" Tang Youkang scolded him angrily. He knew that he could not do it. He was really sick. He was not light.