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The car drove into the VIP parking lot of Ji Yue Ze's company building, Tang You You followed and took the special stairs, arriving at Ji Yue Ze's office.

When he stepped into his office, Tang You You realized that this guy really knew how to enjoy life. He practically made his own office seem like a paradise, with a height of eight meters, and half of the bottom floor was an open air terrace, the plants on top of it were expensive and exquisite, the tea rooms were casual, the side of the door was a small gymnasium, and on the balcony there was a dark blue swimming pool, it was beautiful and beautiful, making people who looked at it feel like they wanted to have a nap here to relax their mood.

Upstairs, Ji Xiao Han did not knock, and directly pushed the door open to enter.

"Go down and wait! I'll go talk to him first. " Ji Xiao Han said in a low voice.

Tang You You nodded, she turned and walked down, and chose a very soft sofa to sit on, beside, there were bright and beautiful flowers, the fragrance was extremely enchanting.

Ji Xiao Han immediately pushed open the door and walked in. Inside the clothe and hat room, his body shining brightly, Ji Yue Ze did not expect his big brother to suddenly walk in, causing his handsome face to stiffen. He quickly grabbed a shirt and put it on: "Big brother, can you respect my privacy a little?"

"I'm your big brother!"

"Even if you're my big brother, you shouldn't just look at my perfect figure, right? Do you know how much my figure is worth?"

Ji Xiao Han curled his lips disapprovingly: "I don't know, and I don't want to know."

"Last time I did an advertisement, the other party was willing to pay me 50 million, and only asked me to unbutton one more button. I refused."

Ji Xiao Han looked at his brother strangely. "Are you stupid? "You're really tenacious."

"Of course, I'm not selling it. I have my own principles and style." Ji Yue Ze laughed with incomparable pride.

As a businessman, Ji Xiao Han was always sensitive to money. He felt that his brother was not a man who abided by rules, but an idiot.

Ji Yue Ze purposely circled around to show off in front of him: "Did you see that, the result of my recent training, 8 pieces of abs, is real."

Ji Xiao Han was speechless facing his narcissistic brother, and said indifferently: Do you want me to take off my clothes and compare to you?

Ji Yue Ze was startled and quickly waved his hand, saying, "It's better if you don't take it off. If you let others see it, I would think that we brothers are planning to do something."

"Don't disgust me!" Ji Xiao Han felt that his cold and aloof personality was almost warped by his younger brother.

After Ji Yue Ze put on his trousers, he picked out his tie and wristband seriously and tidied up his full short hair.

It was because he was holding a press conference in a while that he was dressed so formally.

He preferred casual clothes.

However, he was born with a clothes rack. Even if he wore just a piece of cloth, it was enough to make a woman scream.

"Is she downstairs?" Ji Yue Ze asked casually.

"En!" Ji Xiao Han flipped through his various magazines at the side and replied indifferently.

"Why did you bring her? Is she coming with me to the press conference? " Ji Yue Ze frowned.

Ji Xiao Han looked at him with raised eyebrows: "No, I'm just looking for an excuse to stay with her for a while."

"Big Brother, you … "You're really in love with her?" A complex look flashed past Ji Yue Ze's eyes, and then, he pretended to be sloppy as he asked.

"Yes sir!"

"Because she's the mother of your child."

"That's not the only reason!" Ji Xiao Han casually threw away the magazine in her hands and stood up with her hands in his pockets. Looking through the window, he saw Tang You You sitting on the sofa, bored out of his mind.

He didn't know why, but he felt that his daughter's expression was very similar to hers sometimes.

Therefore, this was the reason why he couldn't stop loving his daughter. It was because there were too many of her shadows on his daughter.

Ji Yue Ze walked behind his brother while buttoning up his suit, and also looked out from this angle.

Looking at the woman in black business attire on the sofa downstairs, she revealed a disdainful expression, "Big brother, you really should find her a professional style. Wearing such rustic clothes everyday, how could she be worthy of a noble CEO like you?"

"Doesn't she look good this way?" On the contrary, he felt that Tang You You was wearing such a simple and experienced set of work, it was even able to show the simplicity of her personality.

"It's really dirty, alright? Which woman is still wearing her clothes now? Moreover, every time I see her, it seems like she is wearing the same uniform. Can't she change into a different color? "No matter what, he's a fashion designer, he doesn't even know how to match his own clothes. It's such a disgrace to a designer." There was an unaccustomed tone to Ji Yue Ze's words.

Ji Xiao Han's thin lips slightly hooked up, and lightly said. "No, I just love her for being so simple. It's very clean."

"Bro, your emotions are really moving too quickly." Ji Yue Ze patted his shoulder, and started to despise him.

Ji Xiao Han sighed lightly: "I also feel that it's too fast, so fast that it feels like I'm in a dream."

"Then do you need to test her? I can help. " Ji Yue Ze immediately displayed great interest.

Ji Xiao Han turned around, and his eyes that were as cold as ice cut into him: "If you dare to try, I won't forgive you."

Ji Yue Ze shrugged. "I was just joking! Why are you being so serious? "

"Later, you have to call her sister-in-law, understand?" After Ji Xiao Han said this, he opened the door and went out first.

The expression in Ji Yue Ze's eyes stiffened!


Can you not scream?