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C715 treasure when you lose

Tang Youkang proudly took the 20 million card and went back to his home. There were numbers on the back of the card. It was the password. Although Tang Youkang was drunk just now, he asked the driver to take him to the bank. He trembled and lost the password. He found that there were really 20 million in the card.

He's not dreaming!

So Tang Youkang went back to the Tang family and saw him go out and get drunk. Sister Meng Li had a lot of opinions. "It's useless for you to talk about you. Didn't you go out and talk about cooperation? How to drink this virtue back? Has the matter of cooperation been settled? It's not another excuse to talk to some of your friends for drinking and bragging, right Meng Xiujuan reaches out to point at him, which is a angry scolding.

"Meng Xiujuan, shut up!" All of a sudden, Tang Youkang, who had never dared to answer back, immediately clapped the armrest of the sofa and stood up. He pointed Meng Xiujuan to his hand and clapped it away: "do you want to shout again, believe it or not, I want you to get out?"

"Ah!" Meng Xiujuan thought that he was going to get drunk and get more angry immediately. She put her hands in her waist and would go to find something to smash him: "drink some wine, and if you dare to drink too much, you dare to tell me what to do. See if I don't smash your old thing."

Seeing that Meng Xiujuan is going to find something to repair himself, Tang Youkang is still afraid. He immediately takes the card out of his arms and throws it on the table: "I have money, you don't want to touch me again."

Meng Xiujuan heard that he had money. She immediately turned around and looked at him. She saw the card he threw on the table.

"Where's the bank card from?" Meng Xiujuan immediately asked in surprise.

You know, she is in charge of all the bank cards at home now. Tang Youkang has the cheek to ask her for wine money and tobacco money every day.

Tang Youkang tore off the back password, so he had no fear and sneered: "this is the salary from others. He hired me to be the senior manager of their company. Hum, Meng Xiujuan, how can I be a man? If you dare to point fingers at me again, be careful that I am really separated from you."

"You won't cheat me again, will you?" Meng Xiujuan hasn't had such a good thing for a long time. She can't believe it.

Tang Youkang sneers: "what do I lie to you for? I'm fed up with your control. From now on, you should dare to control me for another day. I'll tell you to get out. " In the past, Meng Xiujuan took the initiative to hook up Tang Youkang's money because she was interested in him. Therefore, to say that love basically belongs to the state of being rich and destined, and being tired of having no money. Tang Youkang has been mixed up to this day, and Meng Xiujuan naturally can't see him from the bottom of her heart, but two people have a daughter who needs to be treated by

and divorce is not realistic, so they have to quarrel every day.

"How much is this card?" As soon as Meng Xiujuan heard the money, she stopped throwing it and asked urgently.

"More than you think!" When Tang Youkang saw that she was submissive to her again, he said proudly.

"How much is that, the treatment fee for my daughter next month, do you have it?" Meng Xiujuan immediately asked again, looking eager.

"Enough to cure our daughter!" Tang Youkang said confidently. "Really?" Meng Xiujuan listened to this, and immediately walked over excitedly, holding Tang Youkang's face and kissed him: "honey, I knew you could definitely rise again. You didn't disappoint me. I was not good before, and I was also in a hurry because of my daughter's illness. Do you want to take care of me? I promise that I will take good care of you in the future and listen to you for everything. "

Tang Youkang knew that only when he was rich could he have the courage. Looking at Meng Xiujuan's suddenly changed face, he didn't know whether to cry or to laugh.

He suddenly understood one thing: Meng Xiujuan's loved one is never him, but his value and interests. She is a greedy woman.

Inexplicable pain in his heart, Tang Youkang recalled his ex-wife, the gentle woman like water. She is not greedy. When he was very poor, she fell in love with him, fought with him, fought all the way, and was left out. She never complained. After so much suffering, she had a hard time, but she couldn't stand the temptation of the outside world, so she began to dislike her. Every day, she was compared with the outside women, scolded her for her soil, scolded her for her lack of amorous feelings, scolded her for not knowing how to welcome them Please him.

Now, the woman in front of him suddenly made Tang Youkang want to push away and vomit.

"Go away, stay away from me!" As if to live to understand, Tang Youkang can't even cry, he suddenly miss his ex-wife, if she is still alive, if she is still single, he will find her, he will tell her how much he regrets abandoning her, how much he hopes to return to the past.

Meng Xiujuan saw him push away, with a surprised expression on her face. She was also a smart woman. She found that Tang Youkang's eyes had changed. The indifference in her bones made her uneasy. "Husband, are you still angry with me? Don't be so stingy. I'll buy you your favorite dish in the morning, and make sure you're happy with all the tricks. " Meng Xiujuan was also Tang Youkang, the man who used to be good at cajoling, so she immediately flattered him.

"Go away!" Tang Youkang's heart is broken and painful at the moment. He doesn't pay any attention to Meng Xiujuan's flattery at all. He staggers upstairs.

"Honey, can I take this card for you?" Meng Xiujuan asked, holding the card nervously.

Tang Youkang suddenly felt that how about money? This family is not the one he wants any more.

See Tang Youkang all ignore oneself, Meng Xiujuan's anxious face all wrinkly: "husband, I pour you a glass of water."

"Don't bother me!" Tang Youkang went upstairs and threw down a roar.

Meng Xiujuan shakes with fear, but she still doesn't know what happened to this man. If she has money, will her temper grow?

"Old man!" Meng Xiujuan still angrily scolded.

After Ji Yueze finished his work, he asked his assistant to send him and Bai Yiyan some hot drinks.

"How's it going?" Ji Yueze is standing beside her with coffee, looking at her words.

A little better than before.

"Put your pen first and have a cup of fruit tea!" Ji Yueze said.

Bai Yiyan, who has written so much that her hands are sour, listens to her. She quickly puts her pen down and gratefully drinks tea.

"Ji Yueze, your writing is so beautiful!" Bai Yiyan can't help admiring from the bottom of her heart.

"It was my grandfather who taught well since he was a child!" Ji Yueze said a little smugly, and then felt that there was nothing to be smug about: "my elder brother's words are much better than mine."

Hearing this, Bai Yiyan immediately laughed: "I haven't read your elder brother's words, but I think you've written very well. If I could write a good hand, that would be good." "You practice slowly, it will look good!" Ji Yueze seemed to encourage her.