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"I haven't fallen for any other women yet. It's still too early to bring this up." Ji Xiao Han still felt like he wanted to speak to comfort his son who was mentally injured.

Tang Xiao Rui raised his head, his bright and big eyes wandered around his father's body: "Daddy's figure is so good, not giving Mummy any benefits to other women, just thinking about it makes me feel that it's a pity for Mummy."

"Daddy will keep his word!" Tang Xiao Rui said while staring at him very seriously.

This feeling was too wonderful, as if it was the continuation of his life.

Ji Xiao Han stood up, put on a robe, and opened the door.

There was one more thing he needed to do.

The twilight gradually became denser. By the time he finished the task at hand, it was already past 11 PM!

Ji Xiao Han left the study room and suddenly felt hungry.

He was eating with his grandma today. The table was filled with women, so he really didn't have any appetite.

Since it was so late at night, Uncle Yuan and the servants should have already gone to sleep. Ji Xiao Han turned on a few small lights, and then walked down the stairs with his tall figure.

Ji Xiao Han etched the structure of his own home in his heart. Even if he had to grope his way down the stairs in the dark, he would be able to accurately find the location of the kitchen.

As he was stepping down the last flight of stairs, he heard a strange noise coming from the direction of the kitchen, as if something had dropped to the floor.

The man's sharp brows slightly raised. It was already so late, who was still in the kitchen?

His long legs were already moving towards that direction.

When he reached the entrance of the kitchen, suddenly, a petite figure walked out of the kitchen, the thing in her hands struck the center of Ji Xiao Han's clothes, her hands trembled, and the bottle of liquid poured onto the man's robe.

"Damnit …" What are you doing? " Ji Xiao Han, who had just finished showering, inexplicably felt a wave of coldness pour down from his chest, as if his heart was about to go cold.

No matter who it was, they would be angry after suffering, let alone the arrogant and vigilant Young Master Ji.

Tang You You was shocked at first, but when she heard the man's low voice of reprimand, her beautiful eyebrows knitted together tightly.

"Why are you here?" Tang You You asked in an extremely strange tone, his voice still indifferent.

Ji Xiao Han sneered: "This is my kitchen. I came down to get some food, do I need your permission?"

Tang You You choked.

There was nothing to say.

He planned to circle around him and leave.

"What is this?" Ji Xiao Han lowered his head to take a whiff, and suddenly realised that what was inside his bosom was not water or drink, but rather... Wine.

Just as Tang You You was about to leave, she heard that the man seemed to be curious about the thing in her hands.

"It's so late, and you're still drinking this?" Ji Xiao Han was shocked at first, but soon followed up with a stern question.

Tang You You held a bottle of beer in her hand. Just as she opened it and took a sip, she was suddenly wasted half a bottle by this man.

"Can't you drink it?" Tang You You curled her lips: "When I work at night, I like to drink wine to seek inspiration."

Ji Xiao Han was stunned by this woman's words. Was it even fair for her to drink cold beer at night?

"Are you a good drinker?" Ji Xiao Han asked coldly.

"Just average!" Tang You You replied smoothly.

"Aren't you going to say anything if you get my robe wet?" Ji Xiao Han's chin slightly rose, even in the dim light, his gaze was still as sharp as a torch, as proud as an emperor, waiting for her apology.

"Say what? That you went downstairs and acted like a ghost, not making the slightest sound at all, and almost scared me to the point of going crazy? " Tang You You replied with the same proud and slow tone.

"You stole my wine and wet my pajamas. Don't you even apologize?" Ji Xiao Han felt that this woman was too stubborn, she refused to admit defeat. With her personality, she would definitely suffer in the workplace.

"You stole my child, so I didn't settle this debt with you." Tang You You was stunned at first, but soon after, her answer became even more arrogant than his.

Ji Xiao Han, "..."

Tang You You raised her head and drank a mouthful of wine, before slowly swallowing it down. In the pitch-black living room, she once again fell into a state of deathly silence.

The two of them did not speak, but they could feel that the other was not in a friendly mood.

"Tang You You, drinking such a cold thing at night is bad for your body. Don't you know?" After a few seconds of silence, Ji Xiao Han opened her mouth to urge her to throw away the wine in her hands.

"None of your business." Tang You You was a little annoyed in her heart, but she didn't want to accept his concern.

Ji Xiao Han was thoroughly displeased now, his brows knitted together: "Indeed it's not my fault, I'm trying to persuade you on behalf of the children. If the children find out that you're a drunkard …"

"It's not as serious as you say, right? I'm just drinking a bit and looking for inspiration to draw. How can that be considered alcoholic?" Tang You You was simply about to die from his words, she did not know when she got into this habit.

In the past, when she was abroad, she would drink a glass of red wine and draw late at night, when the children were asleep.

However, living in this palace like luxurious house, she didn't have the slightest bit of inspiration and ran out.

But she had to hand over her work, or she would really become the laughing stock of the company.

So she decided to go downstairs and get some wine. She walked around the entire first floor and didn't find any red wine.

In the end, she could only ask for a small beer to satisfy her craving. Who knew that she would be caught by this man?

"But what you drank was cold …"

"I can only find the cold." Tang You You raised his head to take another gulp, then turned and walked up the stairs.

Ji Xiao Han looked at her delicate figure and for some reason, felt a little upset.