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"Alright, since you insist that I don't do anything, then let's continue with the current situation." Ji Xiao Han inexplicably felt that what his son said made a lot of sense.

However, it was a bit strange. As a man, he actually needed the guidance of a little guy. It was truly a bit embarrassing.

Ji Xiao Han was startled for a moment, then shrugged his shoulders: "That's true, okay, I will not speak of it in the future, you little fellow, who allowed you to speak to your father like that?"

Tang Xiao Rui tactfully ran up the stairs, his short legs moving extremely fast, and he was gone in a moment.

"What do you want to tell me?" Ji Xiao Han realized that he had a little anticipation.

Tang You You's face was cold and indifferent, but her voice carried a trace of annoyance, "Your brother Ji Yue Ze came to the company to look for me today at noon."

"Why is he looking for you?" Ji Xiao Han's handsome face instantly changed, his eyebrows knitted together tightly.

Tang You You laughed sarcastically: "He wants my two children to sign a contract with their company and wants them to be his starlets."

"What?" The corner of Ji Xiao Han's mouth twitched. This little brother of his is too ridiculous, he actually wanted his child to become a star and rebel against him.

Tang You You knew that Ji Xiao Han would definitely be shocked too, but she still maintained his indifferent expression and said: "I did not agree at that time, but I did not expect that my rejection would anger him, he immediately called for our superior and directly dismissed me."

Ji Xiao Han's expression stiffened once again, his gloomy eyes stared at his daughter's frivolous face: "He said goodbye to you and you're back?"

"Then what? I can't possibly have a big quarrel with him in the company. When that happens, wouldn't everyone know that I have two children? I wouldn't want it. Everyone would think that I'm still single and unmarried. " Tang You You curled her lips, looking annoyed.

After Ji Xiao Han heard her words, he immediately let out a cold laugh, "Are you afraid that those colleagues will lose interest in you after knowing that you have children? So you're going to choose one of your colleagues to be your boyfriend? "

When Tang You You heard his sour ridicule, she immediately became angry: "That's right, I just don't want others to know that I have children now. Do you know how many people rolled their eyes at me after I gave birth to the baby? I don't want to live that life now. "

The Listen to her said in an aggrieved voice. Immediately, Ji Xiao Han had the impulse to give himself a slap.

Indeed, he had said too much. She had sacrificed a lot of freedom and happiness for her child, and he should not have mocked her with her pain.

"Don't worry, I'll fix my little brother early tomorrow morning. I guarantee that he won't cause you trouble in the future." Ji Xiao Han immediately promised her as if to comfort her.

After hearing what he said, the anger on Tang You You's face lessened a bit, but he still felt stuffy. "I still want to go back to work."

"Of course, you can go back tomorrow. I guarantee that no one will dare to do anything to you in the future." Ji Xiao Han was already depending on her.

Tang You You turned around and glanced at him, then stood up: "Then thank you!"

Ji Xiao Han watched as the lady walked straight towards the stairs, he did not manage to recover his senses for a moment, did he hear wrongly, this woman actually said thank you to him.

After waiting for so long, she finally said thank you.

His mood seemed to have become brighter all of a sudden.

It was around 2 in the morning!

Tang You You heard her daughter tossing and turning around as if she was not at ease in her sleep. She reached out with her hands, wanting to grab her daughter in her arms and sleep.

As soon as she touched her little body, she discovered that it was extremely hot. Based on her many years of experience, she could tell that the little guy was having a fever.

Tang You You quickly turned on the light and checked his daughter's face. As expected, her face was red.

Tang You You was completely awake, she anxiously got off the bed, opened the door and opened the next room.

In the darkness.

She stretched out her hand to push Ji Xiao Han's arm, but the moment she touched it, her hand was fiercely grabbed by the man.

Soon after, the pain in his arm lessened, and in the darkness, a man's hoarse voice could be heard, "What is it?"

"Do you have a thermometer at home? Xiao Nai seems to have a fever. " Tang You You was still pressing down on the spot where she was pinching the pain on her wrist. In that moment, she felt as if her bones were going to be crushed by this man.

When Ji Xiao Han heard that his daughter was sick, he immediately sat up on the bed. Looking through the light that was coming in from the Walk Outside and seeing that his daughter was still pressed on her wrist, he realized that he had subconsciously pushed her to the ground and hurt her.

"Sorry, is it still painful?" Ji Xiao Han suddenly asked her in a low voice.

Tang You You glared at him resentfully as he walked towards the Walk Outside.

What was this man doing? He merely reached out to push him, yet he already looked like he was about to kill someone.

Ji Xiao Han followed her and walked out quickly, grabbing onto her wrist, and saw that when he pinched her wrist, a red circle was almost formed: "In a while, apply some medicine, I didn't do it on purpose."

Tang You You quickly withdrew her hand from his big palm. "No need, let's look at our daughter first, you go look for a thermometer."

Ji Xiao Han's deep gaze stayed on her face for a second before he turned around and went to find the medicine box at home.

Not long later, Ji Xiao Han walked over with a thermometer, giving the little guy a dose. It was actually almost 39 degrees Celsius.

"Why would I suddenly have a fever?" Looking at his daughter's small body boiling hot, her face red, and her breathing heavy, Ji Xiao Han felt an inexplicable anxiety and worry.

"Maybe she's cold, or maybe she's eating something that's on fire. We have to take her to the hospital immediately." Tang You You was also very anxious. In the past, she would always prepare antipyretic drugs at home, but now, with a different environment, she did not prepare any medicines.