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C1440 Breaking Thoughts

Lan Family, Lan Xianxian locked himself in the room for a long time and did not come out. When Lan Bai was dark, she returned from the company, and Lan mother immediately went forward and cried, "Your daughter was given by Lan Yanxi's little bitch today. Hit, you hurried up to ask what happened. "

"What?" Lan Bai's face changed suddenly, and he was very angry. "Lan Yanxi is too arrogant, dare to hit his cousin?"

"You only know now, I see that she was raised by your father, who was unknowingly high, and dare to hit people, it is abominable!" Lan mother was so angry that she provokes her own baby daughter, and she has to accept her Anger.

Lan Bai hurried upstairs and knocked on her daughter's bedroom door: "Xianxian, it's me, Dad!" Lan

The most sticky of Xianxian at home is Lan Bai, because Lan Bai has hurt her and spoiled her since childhood. blue

Xianxian opened the door of the room, his hands covering his nose were loosened, and his eyes were still red: "Dad, Lan Yanxi hit me!"

what happened? "Lan Bai looked angrily at her daughter's nose, and asked angrily.

Lan Xianxian naturally did not dare to say that she had said anything against her. She only said that Lan Yan wanted to bully others, and she didn't wait to see her working in the office. So she talked differently and finally fought.

"This is too overbearing, why doesn't she let you go to the office to work?" Lan Bai still doesn't know her daughter's thoughts at the moment. She only knows that her daughter wants to enter the office, but he has a relationship with him. Relationship, got her in, but did not expect that Lan Yanxi would hit his daughter because of this matter.

"She may be afraid that I will take Ling Mofeng away, be careful!" Lan Xianxian gritted his teeth resentfully. "

what did you say? "Lan Bai didn't hear clearly, but when she heard Ling Mofeng's name, her face suddenly became serious."

Dad, I ... I don't know why she just doesn't like me! "Lan Qianxian quickly pretends to be wronged.

Lan Bai looked at her daughter's dodging eyes and immediately asked her calmly: "Xianxian, you honestly tell me why you have to work in the office?"

I just want to exercise some experience ... ""

This is not the truth, you must tell me the truth! "Lan Bai thinks that this matter can't be joked. This daughter was brought up by him. Even if he took a detour, he must not let his daughter go on a path that cannot be turned back."

Dad, why are you asking me so seriously! Lan Qianxian came up with a good trick again, and asked tearfully.

"Are you ... for Ling Mofeng?" Lan Bai was still clever. Even if his daughter didn't say it, he still guessed. "

I ... I didn't, for whom ... "Lan Xianxian was terrified and denied it. Lan

Bai took an angry shot of the desktop next to him: "Fantastic, slim, Ling Mofeng is a dangerous man, you can't get involved with him!" "

Dad, why, where is he in danger? "Lan Qianxian asked with a puzzled expression, very dissatisfied with his father's words."

In short, you can't get in touch with him, you quit your job tomorrow! When Lan Bai saw her daughter anxious expression, she was more affirming her suspicion, and only felt cold behind her back.

"Dad, can't you miss your daughter? Isn't Ling Mofeng bad? He looks good and has excellent abilities, and, maybe he is the next President. If I were his girlfriend, the future would be What a glorious lady ... ""

Snapped! "Lan Bai didn't wait for her daughter to finish speaking, and slapped her dreams with a slap. Lan

Xianxian covered his hit face, looked at his father dullly, tears even more fierce. "

Dad, you hit me? From childhood to age, you were not willing to scold me, why did you hit me? Lan Xianxian couldn't believe it, and he was extremely wronged.

"I beat you for your good, lest you don't know the danger ahead, let alone Ling Mofeng whether he likes you, even if he likes you, I don't think it is a good thing. Politics is cruel. Your daughter ’s house Yes, don't pull in. "Lan Bai reprimanded calmly. "

Dad, why do n’t you understand these words? I like Ling Mofeng, and he likes me, where does this have anything to do with politics? Why can Lan Yanxi marry him? Am I not qualified to like him? "Lan Xianxian's sorrow became more and more painful, and she felt that she was also the daughter of the Lan family. This fate was too unfair.

"Xianxian, don't you want to know how you got to work in the office?" Lan Bai had to admit everything to her daughter.

"Isn't that the relationship you're looking for? Dad, you are also a man with a face and face. Isn't it just a matter of finding a relationship?" Lan Xianxian still looked blank.

"Then do you know who I'm looking for?" Lan Bai's face remained ugly. "

How can I know, my father has such a wide network, and many people I know, which one do I know? "Lan Qianxian still covered her face in a grievance."

It was the people under Mr. President who contacted me, and I offered them the conditions to let you work in the office. The other party responded immediately. Do you know the stakes now? "Lember laughed twice.

Lan Qianxian shuddered, almost standing still, even if she was stupid, she understood.

"Dad, you mean ... you're standing in Mr. President's team now?" Lan Qianxian's voice was shaking. "

What can I do, Mr. President has come to me, and he has given me excellent conditions. As long as he wins the election, our blue family will be able to create more glory. Where can this great benefit go? "Lember snorted very lightly.

"However, Grandpa has asked you and your uncle before. You must not go to the team. Even if you want to stand, you should be on the side of Ling Mofeng." Lan Xianxian's face was pale and scared.

"Standing Ling Mofeng? Are you stupid? I don't want to do such a stupid thing as letting the blue family out. Daughter, you must remember to stay away from Ling Mofeng and don't get in touch with him." Lan Bai reached out and patted Ruo Muji's daughter, trying hard to persuade him. "

But, Dad, I'm afraid it's too late, I ... I really like him a bit. "Lan Qianxian covered her face sadly, very uncomfortable.

"Like him? How long have you been like this? How could you like him?" Lan Bai was almost furious. Where was Ling Mofeng, and his daughter was so silent that he was fascinated by it and was fascinated. The trick.

"I don't know. At the first sight of him, I felt that he was the man I wanted to marry in the future. Dad, what should I do? I really like him!" Lan Xianxian looked at his father anxiously.

"If you like it, you have to give up. You are my daughter. What kind of man do you want to marry in the future, I will help you choose, but Ling Mofeng will not do it. He is now our enemy. We are fighting a battle, not his death. It's our bad luck, so you wake up quickly! "Lan Bai said angrily, and left the door. blue

Xianxian stood stunned for a while, then felt her legs soft and slumped on the sofa next to her. "

How could this be? Why is this happening? I don't want this result! "Lan Xianxian put his hands on his knees, and weeping, so sad.

After Lan Yanxi left her mother's place, she went to the supermarket, bought a large package of things, and returned to Ling Mofeng's home. she was

Today, she is also sullen and can calm her mood. It may be the pile of snacks she loves right now.

Lan Yanxi was actually a foodie from an early age. Others eat and eat, and her body will gain weight, but she has a good constitution, eats a lot, and is still slim. The reason for this is still unknown to her. blue

Yanxi turned on the big TV directly, picked a piece of comedy movie that she always wanted to watch, while leaning on the sofa, eating snacks, and walking forward with the plot, she relaxed a lot. day

When it was dark, an aunt came over to give her dinner, but Lan Yanxi was full. She was grateful for taking the dinner away. She hugged her pillow and leaned halfway on the sofa. Her eyelids sank, and she decided to squint for a while. Ling

When Mo Feng's car stopped at the door, he didn't wake up Lan Yanxi who was asleep. male

The man Shenbu walked up the steps, the whole building, only the living room was lit, he wondered, this little woman was clearly in the living room, why didn't he go out to meet him?

The sense of fall made the man slightly disappointed, but when he stepped into the living room, he immediately found the reason. original

It wasn't that she didn't come out to meet him, but that she fell asleep at all. Ling

As soon as Mo Feng came in, he saw a large bag of snacks stacked on his coffee table. Some of them were opened and eaten half, some were empty, and others were left with a large bag. male

The expression on his face was in shock.