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It seems that the man is really tired. Not long after lying down, he fell asleep, but Ling wennuan couldn't sleep. But she didn't want to wake him up, so she froze and looked at the man carefully by the light from the window.

In fact, she has not seen him so quietly for a long time. His facial features have faded away from the original childishness, the outline has become more profound and shapeless, his eyebrows and eyes are clean, his skin color is healthy wheat color, his chin is firm, his temperament is masculine, and he is no longer the big boy who wears a ball suit on the court and has a shy face in her memory.

Recalling that period of youth, Ling warm subconsciously held his arm tighter.

In other people's eyes, she and Mu Weicheng only knew each other since childhood, but in fact, she and Mu Weicheng didn't just know each other so simply. They had a very sweet time, only when they were young and didn't know the feeling, they took it for granted.

Ling wennuan, 13, once went to school to find his elder brother, but he got lost. He played a basketball match with his friends in a university. It seemed that the competition between the two universities was very serious. The atmosphere was tense. There were many students in the two schools.

Ling wennuan is carrying a small schoolbag and wearing a pleated skirt school uniform. She is very excited to cheer her brother on.

When she ran to the University, she found that the campus of the University was too spacious. There were many teaching buildings and corridors. Her mind was dizzy. She asked several people and turned many corners. She didn't find the venue where her brother wanted to compete. She was anxious to cry.

At that time, it was getting dark again. There were a lot of people in the school. Ling wennuan called his brother, but he didn't listen. She could only call Mu Weicheng at last.

Mu Weicheng was injured in his arm at that time. He was there to cheer up, so he was able to answer Ling Nuan's call.

When he heard Ling warm and crying on the phone, he ran out to find her.

Because both of them are not familiar with the University, Ling wennuan reported that it was difficult for mu Weicheng to find the position. They were circling around in the school, and their heads were going to faint.

Just as Ling wennuan was preparing to let the driver come to pick him up, someone called her name behind her.

Under the warm yellow street lamp, she saw a long and happy figure, just came to meet her admirer.

"Lingnuan, you are stupid. The basketball court is over there. You came to the other end. Your brother said you are stupid. You are stupid."

When Mu Weicheng found that her legs were sore, he scolded her and came over with sweat all over his face.

Ling wennuan was worried and scared at that time. She was fragile at first. When she heard that he didn't comfort herself, she scolded her for being stupid. Her grievance broke out completely, and she cried with a loud voice.

Mu Wei Cheng looks at her in surprise. It's hard to believe that she can cry so loudly.

"Don't cry. Stop. Stop."

Mu Weicheng immediately bustled around her, his voice with a little pleading and command.

But Ling wennuan is a child. She is frightened and so tired. She can only complain her grievance by crying.

There were people running around to see the excitement. He was the only admirer of the big boy. His face was red. He had to threaten her: "if you want to cry again, I won't take you to your brother."

As soon as Ling warms up, he stops crying and blinks at him: "you don't take me to my brother, I want my brother to break up with you."

"Threatening me?

How old are you? How dare you threaten me? "

Mu Weicheng, who was also childish at that time, immediately came up and reached for her head. She had not even reached his shoulder. She was small and bullied.

"Don't touch my head."

Ling wennuan is very angry, suddenly grabs his arm and takes a bite on the back of his hand.

Mu Weicheng cried out in pain on the spot. He looked down and saw a row of fine teeth marks.


Mu Weicheng is also angry. He turns around and leaves.

Ling warm stay in place, helpless and stubborn, he left, she did not follow his footsteps, just like a stake like standing.

Mu Weicheng thought that she would follow, but when he turned around, he found that she was still there, motionless. He was angry and angry, so he had to go back and asked her with a displeased face, "do you want to find your eldest brother?

Follow me if you want. "

"My leg hurts."

Ling wennuan didn't lie. Her heels were all worn by leather shoes. She didn't want to go at all.

"If you want me to recite you, just say it. Don't make excuses."

Mu's eyes are still on her heels.

Ling wennuan immediately took off his shoes and showed him his red heels: "I didn't cheat you, it really hurt."

Mu Weicheng sighs, and has to bend down. Ling wennuan immediately climbs up and holds his shoes in his hands.

That afternoon, Ling warm memory is still deep, because Mu Weicheng all the way in scolding her, scolding what, she forgot, but that day's sense of security, but has been following her to this day.

Ling warms up with a sigh of relief and closes his eyes. Unconsciously, he falls asleep.

Blue house! In the last smashing incident, there has been a result. Lambert and lanchen, as the back messengers, have compensated for all the medical expenses, as well as the losses, up to a million.

There were no high-income people in the past. For them, more than one million people were cutting meat. They were heartbroken.

"Second brother, it's been a month since this incident happened. LAN Yanxi's dead girl should relax her vigilance."

In using his brain, lanchen still felt that he needed his second brother to figure out a way. He was always the executor, not the leader.

Blue Cypress black face, staring at the door gradually withered leaves, hate the grinding teeth root.

"Yes, the time is right. Lanyanxi's vigilance towards us must be relaxed. We can't wait any longer. We really don't have any chance."

Lambert looked at his younger brother, and his eyes were full of calculation.

In fact, in the end, Lambert was afraid of Lambert, because he still had the evidence that he had framed big brother.

In fact, lanbai has secretly run to lanchen's house and found nothing, which can only prove that lanchen doesn't trust him and hides the evidence in a place he doesn't know.

Lambert is absolutely not allowed to turn over the old account, because in that way, he may spend the next half of his life in prison. How sad is that? How can he be reconciled to the fact that he can only die in prison when he has a beautiful life?

"The second brother, what should we do?"

Lanchen can't wait to make trouble to lanyanxi.

"You ask her to meet first. If she wants to talk, we will talk. If she doesn't want to, you tie her up. When I come here, we will talk with Ling Mo Feng."

Said Lambert at once.


Second brother, how can you let me tie her up? "

When LAN Chen thought of helping himself, he felt reluctant again.

"If you come out, she can relax her vigilance. You don't know how stiff I was with her because of the slim things. If she heard me, maybe she would not come here."

Lambert's reason is very substantial, and lanyanxi really has great opinions on him.

LAN Chen frowned: "she may have a problem with me. If I ask her out, she won't come."

"Don't say that we are for the company first. You can say that you have grandpa's relics to give to her. She will definitely come here."

Lambert immediately came up with a plan.

"Dad has nothing left?"

"This history is an excuse. Leave it alone. You just need to ask her out."

Lambert was angry. The second brother was alert.

"It's no use asking her out. Ling Mo Feng arranges bodyguards for her every day. We still have no chance to start."

LAN Chen feels frustrated, and feels that he won't win.

"Don't worry, as long as you can make an appointment with LAN Yanxi to Dad's old house and her bodyguard, I will find a solution."

Lambert is ready to take blood, so he can't care so much.

"Let LAN Yanxi go to Dad's old villa?"

LAN Chen was stunned.

"Of course, do you think we have a chance outside?"

Lambert sneers.

"Let me try. How are you going to get rid of her bodyguards?"

LAN Chen asked curiously.

"I'll find someone to take care of them. Don't worry."

Lambert didn't want to tell him what to do.

LAN Chen could only believe him, nodded: "well, I'll call her tomorrow and let her come out to talk."