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C1353 no dinner for her alone

In the early morning, the thick fog is hazy, and the sunlight in the morning, through the fog, is dotted with the huge and magnificent office building. Lanyanxi and Chengyuan have already run through the morning forging, and in the winter, they are also sweating.

"Yan Xi, hurry back to take a bath, you are easy to catch cold!" Cheng Yuan told her in a low voice.

"Good!" LAN Yanxi did not dare to be brave any more. They went towards the hotel.

Qiao Zhuo suddenly turned out of a corridor and met them face to face. Qiao Zhuo immediately raised his hand and said, "Yanxi, Chengyuan, good morning!"

LAN Yanxi wants to look up and say hello, but Cheng Yuan gently reaches for her hand and stops her.

LAN Yanxi laughs and Cheng Yuan stares at Qiao Zhuo with warning: "put your mind away. Don't think I didn't see you. You have been staring at us in the corridor for a long time."

Qiao Zhuo's heart was shocked. He thought he was hiding well just now. Unexpectedly, Cheng Yuan found him. He was embarrassed and ashamed.

Lanyanxi frowned, and JOJO's behavior was too much indeed.

"Cheng Yuan, can you stop being aggressive? I didn't stare at you. Yes, I like to say hope. I'm sure you can see it. Did I violate the law when I looked at the person I like?" Qiao Zhuo wanted to be gentle, but Cheng Yuan's words were like a stab, stabbing him in the most uncomfortable place, and he immediately became angry and retorted.

"No violation of the law, I just feel that your behavior is not very positive. If you really like talking, you have to ask her whether she likes you or not. If she doesn't like it, you should restrain this feeling. Don't be diligent every day, which makes people feel that you are in a bad mood!" Cheng Yuan's face was cold, and her words were like knives. Qiao Zhuo's face turned red.

JOJO stared at lanyanxi with an injured expression in her eyes.

"Yan Xi, I know I don't deserve you, but I really like you. I will try my best to make you like me!" JOJO finished, turned and left.

LAN Yanxi was shocked and wanted to stop him immediately. Qiao Zhuo was so angry that he went far away.

Cheng Yuan looks at Qiao Zhuoyuan's figure, and then turns to apologize to LAN Yanxi: "Yanxi, I'm sorry. What I said just now is too much, but I really don't want to let other men near you. You are going to be the first lady of our country in the future. If there is a bad scandal between you and your colleagues, it will not only hurt the vice president's heart, but also damage your reputation At present, JOJO doesn't know which faction he is standing on. We should be more careful about his proximity. "

LAN Yanxi thought it over carefully with her eyebrows twisted. She felt that there was no mistake in Cheng Yuan's way. She didn't like to get tangled up with other men either. As a colleague who came to study together, it was hard to hear. Ling Mo Feng would be angry.

"Cheng Yuan, don't apologize. I have to thank you. I'm a man of face and suffering. In fact, I wanted to tell Qiao Zhuo what I said just now. I want him to leave when he's in trouble, but I just can't stand to hurt others. But the emotional thing is always breaking. That's the biggest harm to others. I believe Qiao Zhuo should know my attitude. I hope he can Don't do that again. " LAN Yanxi doesn't blame Cheng Yuan, but thanks for her help.

Cheng Yuan just smiled. She didn't forget the words that Chu adjutant told her seriously before going abroad, not only to protect lanyanxi's safety, but also to eliminate all the men who want to be close to her, because vice president's mood will be affected by this.

Lanyanxi used to like to play dumb. Many men suggested to her that she ignored the past.

Fortunately, those men have a strong sense of self-esteem. In the process of her long neglect, she gave up pursuing and expressing love.

Now Qiao Zhuo is a persistent person LAN Yanxi met. What he said just now makes her feel a little depressed. What is trying to make her like him? Love this kind of thing, the effort can have the result?

"Cheng Yuan, love is so complicated sometimes!" Blue Yan Xi sighs.

"But sometimes it's very simple. It depends on what kind of people you meet, like you and the vice president, it's very simple. It's so simple that only you two love each other." Cheng Yuan said with a smile.

"That's right. There is no outsider between us. It's really simple!" Blue words smile at once.

At noon, lanyanxi secretly ran to the bathroom to watch the news. When did Ling Mo Feng's plane arrive, where he had been, who he met, and what he said were all reported on the news. Lanyanxi refused to put down his mobile phone, stared at the tall figure under the far lens, and smiled a flower on his face.

Here he is!

He's really here!

LAN Yanxi is very excited and full of expectation.

She didn't know how Ling would come to see her. I wish he would take her to a place where there was no one else. She wanted to get along with him alone.

Want his embrace, even if nothing to do, just want to rely on his arms, empty their thoughts.

But in the afternoon, lanyanxi heard a very surprised and speechless news.

Ling Mo Feng even asked all the staff of this time to have dinner in the evening.

Are you sure?

She's not invited to eat alone?

LAN Yanxi wants to cry and faint in the toilet.

Cheng Yuan patted her on the shoulder, attached it to her ear and asked quietly, "Yan Xi, do you think the adjutant Chu will come to dinner together?"

"Sure, he and Ling are inseparable. Wait, you can see him in the evening!" LAN Yanxi also smiled and answered her in a low voice. All of a sudden, people in love will become naive, but this kind of behavior is also lovely.

At 6:00 p.m., LAN Yanxi and Cheng Yuan went back to their room to take a bath and change a set of professional uniforms, because it was Mr. vice president that they wanted to see. Everyone was in high spirits and looking forward to it.

Cheng Yuan is wearing a military uniform and a hat. She is tall and straight. If it wasn't for her beautiful Danfeng eyes that she told us that she was a girl, we would surely feel that this is such a beautiful little officer.

Lanyanxi tied her long hair into a ponytail, put it neatly in the back of her head, and showed her whole face. They all said that to show her forehead is to test whether a woman is beautiful or not. Lanyanxi is definitely the most beautiful type of woman. Her forehead is round and full, and her hair line is very beautiful. The whole person's temperament has been improved in a short time.

"Well dressed, not used to it!" LAN Yanxi looks at Cheng Yuan, and Cheng Yuan looks at her. Both of them stare at her with big eyes and look depressed.

"Let's go. What we want to see is Mr. vice president. Of course, we should pay attention to image!" Cheng Yuan laughs. She really feels funny. Seeing LAN Yanxi's helplessness, she thinks the lovers are really interesting.

A group of people, dressed neatly but nervous, arrived at the restaurant in a special car.

It's held in an important palace in this country. The White Roman columns are towering, and there are sentries everywhere. It's not for eating, but for meetings. The atmosphere is endless.

Other people are very serious, serious, only lanyanxi sometimes holding his cheek, sometimes looking out of the window at the scenery, trying to see the familiar figure, can make her disappointed, Ling Mo Feng's identity, is absolutely impossible to stand on the side of the road wandering, where he may be busy with national affairs at this time.

Why are the same people? What she thinks is three meals a day. What other people think is national affairs? This gap, too, is a collapse.

At the door of a beautiful box, a staff guide them to go in and sit down.

A large round table with enough room for 20 people is full of flowers and some of the country's special drinks.

Everyone methodically found a place to sit down. Lanyanxi was the least active person, so when she finally walked in, she found that she had chosen the best position and was next to Ling Mo Feng.

Four positions have been vacated, which should be the seats of Ling Mo Feng and others.

LAN Yanxi was surprised, but some people beside him were secretly glad. Fortunately, he was not the closest to the vice president. Otherwise, he was asked something about his work, just afraid that no one could answer beautifully.