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Warm bed two words, let blue words Xi surprised big eyes, then, she angrily turn around.

Lingmo Feng found that the joke was big, and the tall body blocked her way.

LAN Yanxi glared at him angrily, biting his lips and said: "you want to find a woman who warms the bed, you go out to find it. Aren't you rich? I won't do what you can find if you spend money. "

Lingmo Feng is really angry at her. He apologizes for what he said: "Lan Yanxi, I'm joking with you. Are you serious?"

"How could you be so joking!" LAN Yanxi actually heard that he was teasing himself, so she was even more angry. She begged him so sincerely that he would be better and play with her as a monkey again and again.

"I take back my rudeness. In fact, if you want to move in, of course, I have no problem. After all, it's not bad for you to stay by my side!" Ling Mo Feng is afraid of her refusal at the moment.

LAN Yanxi lowered his head, didn't know what he was thinking, and didn't answer his words. Ling

Mo Fengjun's face flashed a quick color, and his tone was sincere: "I promise you, there will be no chaos!" Blue

Yan Xi raised his head slowly and looked at him with a pair of bright eyes: "you can't play that kind of joke with me in the future!"

Ling Mo Feng nodded and said to himself, "I just want to tease you!"

"It turns out that Mr. vice president is also fond of teasing people. He thought you were as rigid and boring as you were on TV." LAN Yanxi finally saw the other side of Ling Mo Feng, but he felt more humanized.

Ling Mo Feng's handsome face is startled. Indeed, why does he feel that his mind has become younger when he is with this woman? Bai

Yiyan is in the hospital. After being scared, she even shed a little blood. But she scared a group of people in jiyueze. She was so scared that she thought the baby was not safe. No.

Yes, the doctor has checked her again. The child is OK, but he may need to stay in the hospital to see how it is.

Bai Yiyan can only live here. At five o'clock in the afternoon, Ji Xiaohan also comes. Lu Qing brings a lot of gifts and meets Liu Xiaoxing outside the door. Both of them are angry.

Ji Xiao's cold and quiet eyes glanced at Lu Qing around him. It's rare that he has such a fluctuating mood. As a boss, he still cares for his subordinates, so he asked: "Lu Qing, what's wrong with you? Do you know that girl? " "

I bumped into her this afternoon and she broke my glasses." Lu Qing said angrily.

Season owl cold smiled: "seldom see you have this kind of mood to the girl, better, you talk with each other well later, maybe have a play."

"Young master, you even make fun of me?" Lu Qing's innocent expression. Season

Xiao Han stops and pats him on the shoulder: "young man, do you believe in fate? Maybe you and her fate have been arranged. " "

young master, if you want to say that again, I will not help you with this gift!" Lu Qing seldom gets angry once. Season had to shrug: "OK, I'm joking. If you really want to find a girlfriend, I'll introduce you." "

now I just want to help the young master to do things, clear the obstacles, don't want to do anything else!" Lu Qing looks loyal.

Ji Xiaohan sighed softly: "it's my blessing to have such a powerful subordinate like you!"

"Don't say that, young master, I will be moved!" Lu Qing selects eyebrows with a smile. Two

individuals came to the outside of the ward, knocked on the door, and Ji Yueze came out.

"Brother, why are you here?" Ji Yueze is naturally happy to see his eldest brother. "

I'm not sure about you. How is she? Is the child OK? " Ji Xiaohan is still at ease. It's said that women can't be frightened when they are pregnant. Today, Bai Yiyan almost gets a bullet, which is big enough. "

the doctor asked to stay in the hospital for observation, saying that it is necessary to have a baby!" On Ji Yueze's handsome face, there is a touch of worry. "

if the child is OK, just listen to the doctor and take good care of her." Looking at his brother's worried expression, Ji Xiaohan is inexplicably relieved. His brother has finally learned to take responsibility and responsibility. He is not ashamed of his father and grandfather's advice.

"Brother, how is Cheng Jianhong? Did the man account for it? I hope he will be arrested as soon as possible, otherwise, he will definitely hurt Xiaoyan again. " Ji Yueze's teeth itch when he thinks of the cold-blooded and merciless scum. If anything happens to his women and children today, he will let him fight with his life. "

Cheng Jianhong has been suspended from his post for investigation. You can rest assured that my people are also watching him closely. The people above also have doubts about his character. They are applying for an investigation into his surrogacy. This matter may be witnessed by Bai Zhenzhen." Ji Xiaohan is dealing with this matter this afternoon. He asked Ling Mo Feng to start with Cheng Jianhong as soon as possible. Ling Mo Feng did it. Cheng Jianhong has been seized of real power. Social public opinion has also had a great negative impact on him. Cheng Jianhong is afraid that he has become the abandoned son of the old president.

"Thank you for keeping staring at him. You can't let him hurt Xiaoyan any more!" Ji Yueze's eyes are full of trust and gratitude, which makes him busy and distracted. He must be very tired. "

as long as Cheng Jianhong's use value is lost, the old president will not let him go easily. He has many secrets in his hand. Wait, it depends on which party starts first!" Ji Xiao said with a cold smile that he still has a good eye for political analysis. In his mind, Cheng Jianhong is no longer a threat.

As Ji Xiaohan guessed, Cheng Jianhong was cold from head to toe after receiving a mysterious phone call. His heart was cold and his hands and feet were shaking. All of a sudden, he thought of his youngest son, the only son he had worked hard to continue for his family. Either he died or he died. He looked at the lights outside the window sadly, and his eyes were gradually blurred. The road had been cut off, which made him suddenly think that night more than 20 years ago, he was waiting at the door of the hospital, rubbing his hands, smoking cigarettes and staring at the delivery room on the third floor, where the lights were bright, as if it would bring infinite hope.

"It's the daughter!" When a female voice told him the news on the phone, he threw the unfinished cigarette on the ground heavily, rolled it over with one foot and walked away.

If at that time, even if he had a little sense of responsibility, he would not have the consequences of today's despair.

Step by step, Cheng Jianhong goes to the glass window. The son he wants is the daughter he can abandon mercilessly, but he also finds it. "

pa..." Cheng Jianhong takes a chair and smashes it into the glass window. At last, he takes a nostalgic look at the lights outside the window and the place where he has worked for many years and jumps down.