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Who was harming her?

The few photos that she threw over to Tang You You were the addresses of clothes and pictures on the internet.

Tang You You reacted in shock, after hearing Xia Zi Yan's words, she finally understood what happened.

Liu Xi's face sunk, he started to become calm: "Who knows, maybe they aren't here to earn money, but to chase you out of the company?"

After hearing her mother's reminder, Tang You You's eyes trembled, uncontrollably wide open.

"I suspect that this matter was deliberately done by someone. I believe that this was an original design of yours. I have seen it before. At that time, I also felt that it was very stunning." Liu Xi was even more certain that there was someone behind all this.

Tang You You suddenly thought of Li Fang Fang: "Mother, according to what you said, I already suspect a person, it was Li Fang Fang. Initially, she was the one who gave Xia Zi Yan to me as her customer, didn't you tell her to bring over the design script for Xia Zi Yan to see? Xia Zi Yan definitely did not give her any face back then, so she used my blueprint.

Liu Xi stood behind the window and looked out. Seeing Li Fang Fang proudly talking to someone on the phone, she seemed to be in a good mood.

This time, Xia Zi Yan's matter has caused her to lose all her face again, she has a motive to frame you, just that, even if we found out that it was her, we did not have any proof to prove it, and this matter is also very troubling. "Su Yun said in a calm tone. Liu Xi suspected that it was Li Fang Fang who did it.

"Without evidence, I will look for evidence. Mother, I was truly wronged, just now Xia Zi Yan slapped me, and then she came back to cause trouble again, I'm afraid, very soon, I will become a joke." Tang You You sighed, she felt that the consequences of provoking a villain was extremely scary.

I support you to look for evidence, but with your current state, I'm afraid it will be difficult to find evidence. Why don't you go ask Quarterly for help, with his ability, he will definitely look for evidence very quickly. "Su Yun said. Liu Xi thought that Tang You You would definitely not be able to find it himself, but if he had Ji Xiao Han's help, then it would be a lot more victorious.

When Tang You You heard about this, he immediately shook his head. "No, godmother, I can't look for him.

"Alright, you take a look at it yourself. I'll help you find connections as well." Liu Xi did not try to persuade his any further, since Tang You You was so anxious about his draft foreign exchange, she probably wanted to settle this issue quickly, but she did not want to look for Ji Xiao Han, probably because of her.

When Tang You You walked back to the table, he heard the discussions of the people around him.

"Really? How could she make such a low-level mistake?"

"As a newcomer, if she wants to become famous, she will inevitably make rapid progress. However, she has suffered a terrible loss this time. This kind of mistake would probably cause the company to lose a lot of money."

"Director Liu has always praised her for her talent. Now, I think she must have secretly learnt it from someone else."

"Newbies should look like newbies. Will it die if we keep a low profile?" You shouldn't have tried to snatch this customer from Sister Li. "

Along the way, Tang You You's small face became more and more pale.

He really hadn't thought that he would encounter such a thing.

After she opened the website, she wanted to find her contact information, but to her surprise, the clothes were taken off the shelf.

Tang You You suddenly had the urge to go crazy. It was as if the other party was teasing her on purpose, and the moment she discovered this matter, the other party had already started to erase all traces of her.

Tang You You's gaze turned towards Li Fang Fang. Although Li Fang Fang was talking to someone on the phone, she had always been paying attention to Tang You You's actions. Seeing the scars on her face, Li Fang Fang's mood inexplicably brightened up.

This was the feeling of being slapped on the face. Tang You You, is it painful?

Tang You You had just gained a bit of popularity in the fashionable world, but because of Xia Zi Yan's incident, it was instantly extinguished.

All the contact information were missing, so Tang You You had to prepare to check out the situation in the monitoring room. If her script had been stolen, it would definitely have been stolen from this office, she had to find out who it was.

When she arrived at the monitoring room, she realized that the surveillance camera had broken down in the last few days. One of them hadn't broken down, yet it wasn't aimed at her office table or chair.

Tang You You coldly thought that the other party must have made sufficient preparations to frame her.

What should he do? Was she really going to ask Ji Xiao Han for help?

But how could she go to him?

Just as Tang You You was troubled, she suddenly received a call.

It was Yang Chu Chu who called her, and since Yang Chu Chu had also signed a contract with her, news of Only Idealism was spread out very quickly.

When she found out, she immediately called Tang You You.

"Hello, Miss Yang. Is there anything you need me for?" Tang You You asked.

Yang Chu Chu very sincerely asked: "Big Sister Tang, have you been tricked by someone, the kind that is even worse than miserable."

Tang You You was startled: "Even you know, seems like this time, I really fell for a huge trap."

"What's going on? Did you really design that dress? Or did you copy someone else's work? " Yang Chu Chu wasn't angry, she was just curious.

"Of course it's impossible for me to copy it. That's what I originally created. I don't know who leaked my design, but I'm looking into it right now …" Tang You You said helplessly.

"Sister Tang, my boss wants to talk to you!" Just as Yang Chu Chu finished speaking, her phone was snatched away by someone.

It was Ji Yue Ze.

"Tang You You, do you need help?" The man's clear voice sounded, carrying a trace of humanity with it.

Tang You You was startled, then: "Can I ask you to help me?"