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Tang You You rushed to the company early in the morning and saw a folder on his desk. It should be evidence that Ji Yue Ze had asked someone to deliver to her early in the morning.

Tang You You could not wait and opened it. There were a few contracts and materials, Li Fang Fang's signature and a recording pen.

Just because she stole Xia Zi Yan's customer?

"Yes, I think so too." Tang You You would never let such a vindictive person go.

Tang You You and Liu Xi discussed for a while before they decided to call the police.

However, she did not expect someone to grab her so quickly, and with a face full of shock: "Tang You You, are you dating Ji Yue Ze?"

"What?" Tang You You froze upon hearing her question, then shook his head: "No, why would you ask me that?"

"It's already reported on the internet. Take a look and see if it's you." The man pointed anxiously at her computer screen.

Tang You You bent down to look. When she saw the news headline, Ji Yue Ze's mysterious girlfriend had been exposed, she quickly looked down and saw the photo of her and Ji Yue Ze standing at the entrance of his company yesterday.

There was a photo of Ji Yue Ze hugging her shoulder like he was a soldier, it was the clearest.

However, she clearly remembered that Ji Yue Ze had not hugged her at all yesterday.

In fact, it was not a fluke, but rather, it was something Ji Yue Ze did. Tang You You, who was walking forward with her head lowered, did not notice.

"You guys are already holding hands, Tang You You, why is it you?" That young girl said as if she was about to collapse, "Ji Yue Ze is my favorite idol. I had always thought that he didn't have a girlfriend, but why is it you?"

"Little Wang, don't speak nonsense. He and I really don't have any …"

"Tang You You, I hate you!" The girl immediately covered her face and cried bitterly. Then, she turned around and ran out.

Tang You You stood on the spot dumbstruck.

What was going on?

"Heavens, how could it be her?"

"Isn't Ji Yue Ze asking for a lot? Why did he find her? There must be something wrong with your eyes. "

Tang You You walked all the way back to her own desk, as all she could hear were those doubtful and surprised words.

Turning on the computer, Tang You You anxiously found a message. In just a few minutes of time, he crazily looked at the message.

"How could this be?" Tang You You's head swelled up, feeling like she was struck by lightning from a clear sky.

These entertainment media outlets were too crazy, she had only spoken a few words to Ji Yue Ze before being hustled into becoming his mysterious girlfriend.

What was even more frightening was that among the photos, there was one of her face.

One of them was a photo of Ji Yue Ze touching her face. At that time, it was Ji Yue Ze who found out that her face had been slapped and the marks on it had not faded.

"They're going crazy! These people are simply creating something out of nothing!" Tang You You's little face was flushed red, she really wanted to grab the people who were randomly writing to beat them up.

Just a few casual words from them had caused a misunderstanding to turn into reality. Yet, they were able to earn so much money by hitting on the light and heat, leaving her here to suffer the doubts of others as she rolled her eyes.

Li Fang Fang also entered the office. In the elevator, she had already heard about the news, and at that moment, she had a complacent expression on her face.

She finally felt the joy of revenge. So, it turned out to be this kind of comfort.

Tang You You raised her head, just in time to see the pleased expression on Li Fang Fang's face as she looked at her.

He suddenly stood up and quickly walked towards Li Fang Fang.

Li Fang Fang did not expect Tang You You to walk directly towards her. Her complacent face stiffened, and she wanted to turn around and leave with a slightly guilty conscience.

"Li Fang Fang!" Tang You You immediately called out her name, her voice loud and filled with hostility.

Li Fang Fang immediately stopped and turned around. She stuck out her chest and pretended to be indifferent as she sneered: "Why are you calling me?"

"Follow me to Director Liu's office, I have something to say to you." Tang You You said coldly.

Li Fang Fang immediately mocked: "You're just a new person, and yet you dare to point fingers and point fingers at me. As expected, there's someone backing you up, you don't even remember your surname, right? Why should I follow you in?"

"Because I want to call the police!" Tang You You said word by word, staring straight into her eyes: "I have already found out who stole my design and sold it. Moreover, I also know that the design that I have spent so many months thinking about only sold for thirteen thousand."

Hearing Tang You You's words, Li Fang Fang's entire body froze, and her face no longer had any traces of arrogance.

"How is it? Can you come in and talk to me now? " Tang You You sneered.

Li Fang Fang's back was drenched in cold sweat. She did not think that Tang You You had actually investigated such detailed evidence in such a short amount of time.

Tang You You turned and walked toward Liu Xi's office. Li Fang Fang gritted his teeth in hatred but he could only follow her in.

The moment Liu Xi saw Li Fang Fang, her face tensed up, and then, she fiercely threw a piece of information on the table towards Li Fang Fang's face. "Are you going to rebel now? He even dared to steal a rookie's design? Li Fang Fang, it's a waste for you to stay in the company for so many years. You actually dare to do such a low level crime, I think your good days are coming to an end. "

Li Fang Fang's hair was all messed up now, but she did not dare be presumptuous in front of Liu Xi, and said with her head lowered: "Director Liu, I did wrong this time, please let me go. You leisurely, I apologize to you.

"Is that something money can solve? If Xia Zi Yan wants to sue us, you will need to compensate us with the three million. Liu Xi ridiculed.