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C1932 a godfather

Xia's father's words made Xia Xinnian couldn't help laughing: "uncle is old, is he forgetting? At the beginning, Grandpa asked me not to return for five years. My uncle also called me many times to remind me not to come back for five years. "

Xia Fu's face suddenly turned pale. He couldn't even put on a smile, and his expression was stiff.

"Xinnian, I came to you to ask you, are you in contact with jimucheng?" Xia Fu had to be more direct. It's too late to play the family card now.

"Don't uncle read the Internet news? My relationship with him has just been announced this morning. It's true that I'm dating him. " Xia Xinnian answers calmly.

Xia Fu is blocked and speechless. The chairman of a company is mute at the moment.

"Xinnian, do you hate our family?" Xia Fu's face sank and he had to tear off the last bit of disguise.

"Yes, I hate it." Xia Xinnian finally had the courage to admit her heart, and her face was cold: "uncle came to me, not to me, right?"

"Of course not. Our company has been robbed of several large lists recently. I checked it. It's the company of Jimu city. Do you want to use him to revenge me?" Xia Fu finally talked about the theme. His eyes were fixed on Xia Xinnian, and there was a touch of annoyance in his eyes.

Xia Xinnian sneers twice. It turns out that the disaster is coming. He wants to come to her and ask for help.

"Jimucheng pities me. He wants to avenge me, because he loves me so much. How can I refuse his kindness?" Xia Xinnian deliberately talks like this to anger Xia Fu.

"Xia Xinnian, how can you do such a thing? Xia's family is your grandfather's work. Will you destroy it? " Xia Fu finally can't bear it. He scolds her angrily.

"I don't care if it's ruined. It's nothing to do with me." Xia Xinnian's heartless cold hum.

"You heartless white eyed wolf, how much do you eat and wear? Which one is not given by the Xia family? What's your peace of mind now? " Xia Fu's angry half dead, Xia Xinnian's cold expression made him want to hit people.

"If I remember correctly, my family name is Xia. In law, I also have the right to inherit the property of the Xia family. I only use the small part that belongs to me. Is uncle so mean? Your family has taken over the whole company, and I didn't speak to you. " Xia Xinnian can't be timid any more. She looks up slightly and rebuts him with a strong tone.

"Pa!" Xia Fu couldn't help but slap her: "I will teach you this ungrateful thing for your grandfather."

Xia Xinnian's face is on one side. This slap, in the wide hall, is quite loud, attracting the eyes of many people around him.

"This slap can finally make me give up my heart to Xia's family. You make the first day of junior high school and I make the 15th. I don't think I'm sorry for you. Xia shuran designs to hurt me, rob my fiance and drive me abroad. I've endured for five years. This time, I'll get all of them back. Since you want to settle accounts with me, the new accounts and the old accounts should be calculated together." Xia Xinnian coldly dropped the words, turned around and left.

Father Xia looked at his stiff fingers and knuckles and shivered uncontrollably.

He didn't control it just now, but in fact, he didn't want to hit her. He also wanted to ask her to let Xia's family go.

Xia Xinnian's left face is printed with five finger marks. She goes into the bathroom and pours cold water on her face.

The cold water stimulated her nerves and her brain became more and more clear.

Jimucheng is right. People are good at being bullied. She once thought about not remembering the past, and all the gratitude and resentment were written off. Now it seems that it's her innocence. She doesn't care about the past, the people of the Xia family, but she takes notes one by one.

Xia Fu left Xia Xinnian's company with stiff legs. He suddenly regretted it. He looked back at the door step by step and walked forward as if he was going to an abyss.

Xia Fu calls he Jiaxuan. He Jiaxuan doesn't answer his phone. He is angry and desperate. This is the first time his son-in-law dare not answer his phone.

Why is that? At the beginning, fengfengfengguang married her daughter to he's family. Everyone felt that it was a natural match. Now, within a few years, her daughter was left in the cold.

Is this retribution?

Xia Xinnian's mobile phone rings. She looks at it. It's Yan Junhan. She just remembers that she wants to invite him to dinner at noon.

She quickly booked a place in a restaurant near the company. At about 12 o'clock, Yan Junhan arrived. Today, he was dressed formally, like a gentleman, with elegant temperament.

"Mind, what's wrong with your face?" As soon as Yan Junhan sat down, he looked at her and found that her left cheek was obviously red and swollen.

Xia Xinnian quickly reached for his hand and covered it. He smiled and said, "I I have a toothache. "

Hearing this, Yan Jun could not help sighing: "is it inflamed to eat?"

Xia Xinnian didn't want him to worry about himself, so he nodded: "yes, elder brother Yan, what are you doing recently?"

"I was working a few days ago. I had a rest for the last few days. Is Yuchen OK?" Yan Junhan can't help but ask, he is really concerned about that little guy.

"He's fine." Xia Xinnian looked at him gratefully.

"Xinnian, I can see that jimucheng is very good to you. Are you happy now?" Yan Junhan also saw the report in the morning. To tell the truth, he only felt sour in his heart, some uncomfortable, but he had to accept it.

"Yes, he is good to me." Xia Xinnian took a glass of water and took a sip gently, because he knew that Yan Junhan had thought about himself, and Xia Xinnian was afraid that he would be hurt.

"That's good. He is more suitable for you than I am. Xinnian, I thought about it carefully. I want to be the godfather of Yuchen. You can rest assured that I won't destroy your feelings. I just hope I hope I have a chance to take care of you. " Yan Junhan thought all the way on his way here. At first, he was poor Xia Xinnian and lived with a son. Later, he slowly liked her character and her serious attitude towards life. Since at first, when she had children, he just pitied her and wanted to care about her as a friend, he could do the same in the future.

"Brother Yan, is that true?" Xia xinnianmei Mou is surprised.

"It's true. You go back to jimucheng and see if he agrees or not. I hope that no matter where I am at the end of the world, I can have a sustenance for Yuchen during the Spring Festival. I want to send a gift to Yuchen." Yan Junhan is still very discerning and interesting. If he wants to be a godfather of Yuchen, he has to ask his own father if he agrees.

"He will certainly agree." Xia Xinnian smiles and nods.

"That's not necessarily. He took me as a rival in love, thinking that I was a means to get close to you." In fact, Yan Junhan also has a bit of intentional thought. Well, he deliberately finds jimucheng unhappy. Who let him take away the woman he likes.