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Lu Qing also saw that Ji's father and son were unhappy for a long time. Hearing Ji Xiaohan's order, he nodded immediately and sent two men to stare at Ji Shangqing.

Ji Shangqing is just pouring wine into his mouth. Although he thinks he has a good amount of alcohol, this kind of drinking method is easy to get drunk. Soon, he gets drunk. When Lu Qingzheng wanted to take people to carry him away, unexpectedly, he took a glass of wine, pushed away several guests and walked straight to Tang youyou.

At the moment, Tang youyou sees Ji Yueze coming, and she goes to the sofa next to her. After standing for a long time, she is tired. She wants to sit down and have a rest. Next to her, a rich lady comes to chat with her. "

get out of the way!" Ji Shangqing pushed away the last few people again. He swayed and bent over to serve a glass of wine to Tang youyou: "Youyou, let's have a drink."

Tang youyou's heart is frozen. Unexpectedly, Ji Shangqing dare to come to her. She immediately wants to go to Ji Xiaohan for help. "

How about you? Won't you give me a drink? " Ji Shangqing's face is red and his tone is full of self mockery. The faces of a group of rich ladies were shocked. Don

youyou immediately said sternly: "Ji Shangqing, you are drunk, hurry to leave! Don't get drunk here? " "

I'm not drunk. I'm awake. I know what I'm doing. I'm not a family anymore. It's not fun to have a drink." Ji Shangqing is really not drunk to the point of lawlessness. He is not willing to be ignored by Tang youyou as a stranger. He just wants to brush his sense of existence. "

will you leave after I drink this wine?" Tang youyou saw that someone was watching the bustle. He didn't want to keep pestering Ji Shangqing, so he asked him in a cold voice.

"Yes, if you drink, I'll go. I'll go right away!" Ji Shangqing was a little happy, because Tang youyou didn't refuse him so ruthlessly. Don

youyou has a good amount of wine, and it's nothing to drink. She just wants to calm down and not let others watch Ji's jokes.

When she took the wine and was ready to drink it, suddenly, a big hand reached out and grabbed the glass. The next second, the glass of wine was poured directly down Ji Shangqing's head.

"Awake?" The cold and cold voice of the season owl rang. Ji Qingshang stooped to support the table top. This wine really sobered him up. Ji

Lin suddenly runs over and stares at Ji Xiaohan angrily. Xiao Han immediately chuckled and looked at him: "uncle, take good care of my son. We can't afford to lose face in front of so many people!" Ji

Lin found out that his son had come to find Tang youyou. Where's the courage of him? Ji

Lin originally brought his son to fight, but he didn't let him flirt with Tang youyou openly. Therefore, he could only swallow this dumb loss in silence, but the hatred in his eyes was stronger. "

Shangqing, let's go. I'll take you upstairs to have a rest!" Ji Lin is in front of so many people. Even if he has thousands of faces, none of them can laugh at the moment.

"Dad, did I lose your face?" Ji Shangqing laughed, drunk. Ji's face became darker. Unfortunately, Ji Shangqing could not be moved by himself. For a while, the scene was a bit embarrassing.

"Lu Qing, ask two people to help him and take him upstairs!" Season owl cold direct opening.

"Yes, young master!" Lu Qing made a gesture, and immediately two men in black suit came over, with a strong arm, and Ji Shangqing left quickly.

Ji Lin is not at ease. Hurry to follow him.

"Let go of me. What are you doing? Let go of me! " Ji Shangqing thought that these people were going to fight against him, and he was shouting angrily all the way. Lu

Qing looks at the following Ji Lin and asks, "do you need our help to take him home?"

"No, I'll take him upstairs to have a rest!" Ji Lin didn't dare to bother Ji Xiaohan's people any more. He pushed his son directly into the elevator. Ji

Shangqing suddenly squats in the elevator and starts to cry. Ji Lin's expression is stiff. "

I'm not sure about a woman. Is it meaningless for me to live? It's better to find a happy way to free yourself like yunning. " Ji Shangqing also did not know where the grievance, for a time, as if lovelorn, crying sad inexplicable.

"Nothing!" Ji Lin scolds loudly.

Ji Lin opened a room and pushed his son in directly. Then he said with a cold face, "you can stay for a while. Don't run around any more. I have something else to do!"

Ji Lin still has some important information to communicate with those people, so he left his son and left. Season

still lying on the sofa, drunk, dry mouth.

I don't know how long it has passed. Suddenly, the door was pushed open by a thin figure.

"Is this the room to clean?" The girl murmured to herself.

She had a bucket in her hand and cleaning tools in her hand. Just now, some guests left and needed to clean the room. Because the intercom signal was not good, she didn't hear the specific room number clearly, so she directly took the semi open door as the room to be returned. "

Tang youyou..."

In Ji Shangqing's hazy consciousness, he suddenly heard a woman's voice, which he regarded as the woman in his mind. The thin girl goes directly to the next bedroom, which is a one bedroom one hall suite. She habitually goes to the bedroom to make arrangement. "

do you come to me?" All of a sudden, she was bending down to pick up the things beside the table, when a man suddenly came around behind her, she screamed in fear.

Just about to take the walkie talkie for help, but did not expect that the walkie talkie was upset by the man and directly thrown out of the living room.

"Why do you do this to me Why? " Ji Shangqing roared and asked angrily. The rage in his heart burned all his reason. The white shirt on the girl's body was pulled by him. Next second, Ji Shangqing kissed her lips that she wanted to scream.

The smell of alcohol makes girls more crazy to resist. She knows that generally drunk men have no reason to speak of. After that, she came to practice for the third day and met this terrible thing. "

bastard Go away! " The girl kicked her legs angrily. Unfortunately, the strength of the man was too strong. Moreover, the man seemed to suppress her with some kind of crazy emotion, so that she could not even move.

"You know the wrong person You let me go! " The girl still cried out angrily.

"Tang Youyou, in my dream, you just shout. The louder you shout, the better!" Ji Shangqing mumbles and laughs, his hands are moving.