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C889 the test is successful

When she arrived at the company, Bai Yiyan followed Ji Yueze and went to the elevator.

Because her hand was hurt, her new play was put down. After Ji Yueze broke up with her, several female stars of the company suggested that Ji Yueze wanted to take on the role, which was the latest popular Li Ranran of the company, and even focused on the play. However,

unfortunately, when she was full of expectation to come to find Ji Yueze, Ji Yueze turned her down mercilessly, and Ji Yueze said a word, which made Li Ranran kill Bai Yiyan.

Ji Yueze said that in the future, the heroine and heroine he starred in will only consider Bai Yiyan alone.

Li Ranran has always been secretly fond of Ji Yueze. Although she has never had a chance to have close contact with Ji Yueze, she never gave up, and has no heart. She feels that as long as she stays in the company, one day, she can play with Ji Yueze together. In reality, she can achieve this through a play or a movie Dream.

Unfortunately, Ji Yueze put her in a cold house with no hope. Ranran's heart was burning with resentment. At that moment, she couldn't relieve Bai Yiyan's resentment even if she wanted to scratch her back. In

Yes, she spent a lot of money and found someone. She wanted to destroy Bai Yiyan when Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan broke up. She either lost her innocence or destroyed her face. Unfortunately, neither of these two things succeeded. At this moment, Li Ran Ran has done something bad. He has a ghost in his heart. Seeing Bai Yiyan and Ji Yueze, he is always guilty. But

the resentment in her heart is more and more intense, which has already made her lose her sense.

A resentful look came from the other end of the hall. Bai Yiyan noticed something. Turning around, she saw Li Ranran and some female stars sitting at the leisure bar there chatting.

Bai Yiyan frowned. Was it just an illusion? Why does she feel cold on her back? "

do you want to go?" Ji Yueze found that her eyes had been fixed on the other side of the bar.

Several female stars over there raised their hands to jiyueze and said hello, showing the sweetest side.

Bai Yiyan shook her head. "No, I can't talk to them together!"

"Do you think it's possible that the company's people are too jealous of you as my girlfriend and want to hurt you?" Ji Yueze asked casually.

Bai Yiyan's heart was strained, and she immediately took a look at the direction of the bar: "maybe it's possible. After all, I'm hateful now!" "

do you want to verify it yourself?" Ji Yueze is actually to encourage Bai Yiyan to check the matter on her own. "

How do I check?" Bai Yiyan blinked. "

go talk to them and observe their reaction to you carefully. Maybe you can get some information." Ji Yueze knows that Bai Yiyan just doesn't like chatting with these women, which doesn't mean she doesn't have the courage to go. Bai

Yi Yan also wanted to find out the bastard who hurt herself, so she listened to Ji Yueze's advice. She went straight to the bar. The group of women just chatted with Bai Yiyan. When they saw her coming, they all looked embarrassed.

And the most resentful one is Li dye dye, her face is directly black.

Bai Yiyan went to the bar and asked the waiter for a glass of fruit wine. She sat there slowly and looked around with beautiful eyes.

"Yiyan, would you like to come over and have a drink?" Although other female stars are jealous of Bai Yiyan, they don't hate her enough. Now she and Ji Yueze have made up a good relationship again. More and more, they feel that she may want to be the boss of the company. It's very obvious that she wants to flatter her. "

good!" Bai Yiyan smiled, went to the middle of them and took a seat. Li

Ranran's eyes are almost on fire. The group of female stars who are still around her just now changed their faces in an instant and changed the objects of flattery. This is like putting a needle in her heart, which makes her face darken with anger.

Bai Yiyan has been a reporter for several months. She has a strong ability to observe the complexion. She sweeps everyone's face. At last, she locks on Li Ranran. She feels that although all of them don't like themselves, they don't show fierce eyes to her. Only Li Ranran is different. She looks at herself, and the hatred in her eyes can't hide. "

ouch!" A woman accidentally reached out her hand and touched Bai Yiyan's left hand. She made a painful cry on purpose.

Everyone then focused on her left hand. Someone immediately cared about her: "Yiyan, are you still injured? It's been days. " Bai

Yiyan shakes her head: "I didn't deal with it properly at first. The wound is inflamed, but it hasn't been well!" Beside Li's dyed eyes, there was a flash of happiness. She thought hatefully that her arm had better be abandoned.

Bai Yiyan's eyes have been paying attention to Li dye dye's expression. Naturally, she catches the happy expression on the corner of her mouth when she pretends to drink. Bai

Yiyan is shocked. Why does this woman smile so happily? Isn't her wound good? Does it make her happy? "

those two gangsters are too fierce. They should have kept them in prison for a few more years if they even started against such a beautiful girl as you!" One of them pretended to resent her. Bai

Yi Yan immediately said calmly, "those two people have been arrested, and they have also provided the behind the scenes instigator. I believe that in one or two days, the instigator will be arrested for interrogation. For such intentional injury crime, I believe that a severe punishment should be imposed." White

Yiyan's words made Li Ranran's hand shake violently. The smooth glass fell to the ground without being held firmly for a while, clanging and breaking.

Wake up everyone in the room and stare at Li dye's body.

Li ran immediately said with a smile, "I'm sorry to disturb you because my hands are slipping."

Bai Yiyan's eyes were shocked. Just now she was trying to test the reaction of these people. Unexpectedly, Li dye's reaction was so big that she could not even hold the cup stably. Was she scared?

At the moment, Bai Yiyan has a premonition that she was kidnapped and injured. Maybe someone is behind her, and this person is also likely to be Li Dianran.

She had a festival with her before, and there was another dispute over the script. She was harmful to her motives. Want to

here, Bai Yiyan stares at Li Ranran coldly, and Li Ranran looks at her, more and more guilty, and immediately finds an excuse to leave.