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C757 the end of pain

The return flight was booked by Luo Jinyu. Yang ChuChu took off on a flight in front of him. He stood at the entrance. His tall body was like a sculpture. He had not moved for a long time. His deep eyes firmly locked the tiny figure disappeared in the registration entrance.

It is helpless for her to leave her sight, but this is the only way for a person to grow up.

Luo Jinyu followed Yang ChuChu closely, and also took a flight back home. Lying on the first-class seat, Luo Jinyu emptied his mind. In the past, the data in the company occupied his mind, but at the moment, he just wanted to leave time and space to one person.

In my mind, the messy fragments flashed faintly let Luo Jinyu hold tightly suddenly.

Last night, although the memory was fuzzy, Luo Jinyu could still feel the soft and fragrant body, which was just unforgettable. Yang ChuChu returned home, wearing a mask and carrying a suitcase in a very low-key way, she came out with long hair covering her face and blocking her facial features. On the way, the girl who used to laugh seemed to grow up overnight. There was no real smile on her face, only lingering sadness and loss.

The condition promised to Luo Jinyu is just like the pain of cutting flesh, unable to meet, speak, see his figure and hear his voice. Is that the punishment for her? It's more heartbreaking and painful than any kind of beating and scolding.

Yang ChuChu agreed, because she was afraid that he would let it go.

"Let's go. It's Yang ChuChu. I'm sure it's her. I know this dress on her." All of a sudden, a woman pushed a colleague around her and quickly pointed to the direction of the exit.

Two people hurriedly put down the instant noodles they were eating in their hands and ran in a hurry.

Yang ChuChu looks at several people coming in front of her. She panics and immediately wants to run away. However, this is the only access. No matter how she runs, the other party can stop her.

"Yang ChuChu, is Luo Jinyu really your boyfriend? Can you tell me when you were together? " It's worthy of being a media reporter who has experienced a hundred battles. When he stopped up, he directly asked Yang ChuChu about his feelings.

Yang ChuChu is not in a good mood at the moment, so her voice is not very good when asked face-to-face: "sorry, you are in my way, would you please let me pass?" "Yang ChuChu, don't leave now. We are all curious. How do you make the Lord of Luo look on you? You look very kind abroad. Are you ready for the wedding schedule?" The other party saw that Yang ChuChu was a person, and there was no assistant around her, so they wanted to use this way to force her to answer questions, block her way and prevent her from going.

Yang ChuChu's mood was already blocked. Unexpectedly, these people were still quite unreasonable. She immediately became angry: "can you stop asking me? This is my personal feelings. I'm not obliged to answer you. Please go away quickly."

"You don't look very well. What's the matter? Is there something wrong with your feelings? " As if the reporter could not hear Yang ChuChu's angry words, he still raised the microphone in front of her and wanted to hear some controversial answers.

Yang ChuChu suddenly got angry and directly pulled the microphone of the other party and threw it aside: "have you had enough? I'm a human being too much."

When Yang ChuChu raised his head, the reporters were stunned. They saw Yang ChuChu's red and swollen eyes, swollen like two peaches, as expected, were hurt by emotion.

"Don't get angry. We care about you too. We want to know how your feelings are going." Several reporters were stunned for a moment when the microphone was dropped. However, they didn't care if they dropped a hundred of these little things. They were afraid that they wouldn't find anything useful.

"It's nothing to do with you. Go away, don't get in my way!" Yang ChuChu's temper has become a little grumpy.

Several reporters seemed to be shocked by her anger, which stopped the siege, and Yang ChuChu hurriedly ran away, panicking.

These lords thought of Yang ChuChu's attitude towards them just now, and suddenly realized that this might be their greatest achievement today.

Therefore, Yang ChuChu slams the reporter's microphone angrily, which becomes a black spot of her. Moreover, her eyes are red and swollen when she looks up, which makes people suspect that there is a crisis in her relationship with Luo Jinyu.

When Yang ChuChu ran out of the airport, he saw his assistant running anxiously. As soon as Yang ChuChu got on the bus, the whole person was more sad.

Her assistant, looking at her as loveless as a child, did not dare to talk to her for a moment.

Yang ChuChu buried his face in the palm of his hand. It was heartbreaking that this trip ended in this way.

This release, the network burst out the latest situation of Yang ChuChu, her eyes red and swollen look, looks pitiful and haggard, let some people clap.

And this first servant is miffee. She always needs to take out her mobile phone to pay attention to the progress of Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu. Watching those people on the Internet constantly attack Yang ChuChu's origin, she is very happy and has a kind of elated pain and pleasure.

Ah, robbing a man with her, Yang ChuChu, a little rookie, doesn't deserve to be her opponent at all. "Is it divided? The best! " At the moment when Yang ChuChu raised her face, miffee saw tears in her eyes. Miffee's face was very proud. She knew that Luo Jinyu was only trying to play with her when she was young. In Luo Jinyu's eyes, his career and reputation were the most important. "Luo Jinyu, you are mine!" Mifield suddenly opened her album again. There were a lot of photos of her and Luo Jinyu when they were together. At that time, Luo Jinyu's eyes were not so gloomy and mysterious, but clear and sunny, handsome and extraordinary, which made people feel excited when they looked at her. Miffee wants to get back the feeling of first love more and more. She has tried so many men. Even when she sees Ji Shangqing, loneliness drives her to try his taste. But in the end, miffee still feels that the first lover is the most worth fighting and infatuation.

Luo Jinyu's flight stopped at the airport. When he came out with his journey, Luo Henning had been waiting for his assistant for a long time.

"Brother!" When he saw the tall and dignified figure in the crowd, lohnin hurried forward.

When the young women nearby saw this pair of handsome and outstanding brothers, they all looked straight.

Soon, someone recognized it.

"Is it Luo Jinyu?" "It's really him. The one next to him is so handsome!"