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Tang You You moved his hands behind his back, bit his lower lip and said: "The storage ring is fine, buy me a bracelet."

Ji Xiao Han raised his eyebrows in displeasure: "This is a couple's ring, only when you wear it will we look like a couple."

Seeing that her reasons were plentiful, Ji Xiao Han could only give up: "Alright, I will not force you, but I hope that one day, you will be willing to accept my ring."

"And earrings!"

"There's no need for that. It's best not to take advantage of two ornaments on a woman's body, or else she'll appear too gorgeous." Tang You You immediately shook her head, she did not want to buy anymore.

Although Ji Xiao Han did not know if what she said made sense, since she no longer wanted it, he did not force her to give it to him.

"Sir, you spent a total of 69 million!" When Buyer ran over to say it, he was a little happy.

Hearing that, Tang You You's heart jumped, she turned and stared at Ji Xiao Han: "So expensive!"

Ji Xiao Han took out a black card from his bosom. "Swish!"

After the payment was successful, the other party respectfully returned the card with both hands. Ji Xiao Han lowered his gaze and met Tang You You's dazed eyes.

"What's wrong? Was my soul taken away by me? "

In front of so many shop assistants,'s beautiful face flushed red.

However, Ji Xiao Han acted like nothing had happened and took the chance when she wasn't paying attention to grab her hand.

"Let's go!"

Ji Xiao Han didn't know why he liked to hold her hand, he only felt that her hand was like his own, extremely soft and tender, to the point that he couldn't let go if he held her hand tightly.

Tang You You's face was filled with embarrassment, she had long forgotten that he was holding her hand. When she entered the elevator and the surroundings quieted down, she suddenly felt as if her hand was wrapped in his palm again.

Panting, confused!

He pulled it out of his hand without leaving a trace and carried it behind his back.

Ji Xiao Han also did not take an inch!

After getting in the car, Ji Xiao Han instructed the driver to head towards his destination. The two of them did not speak anymore, and quietly sat down.

His destination was actually a private villa!

After Tang You You saw Ji Xiao Han's enormous villa, and after seeing such a huge villa, he didn't have much of a sense of amazement.

However, to be able to own a villa here was definitely not an ordinary person.

The car stopped, and after Ji Xiao Han got off, he stood beside the car, waiting for her to get off.

On Tang You You's feet was a pair of silver high heels and she was also wearing a milky-white training dress, which completely outlined her beautiful figure.

Since it wasn't any important gathering, Ji Xiao Han did not let her make up. He actually felt that this Tang You You, who had such a clean and pure appearance, had a kind of natural beauty, and was definitely not inferior to those women with heavy makeup.

"Xiao Han, you're here!" Mu Shi Ye walked out of the hall, through the spraying garden and towards the main entrance. After that, he smiled merrily as he stared at Tang You You: "This must be Xiao Nai's Mummy. It's my first time meeting you. My name is Mu Shi Ye! "

The word "sister-in-law" caused Tang You You to be stunned, and she quickly turned around to face Ji Xiao Han with her beautiful eyes.

Ji Xiao Han also did not expect Mu Shi Ye to be so knowledgeable and tactful, and immediately called his heart out.

Although normally, none of the three friends were brothers, but in terms of age, it was indeed Ji Xiao Han who was one year older than them.

"Yeye, you misunderstood. Isn't she your sister-in-law yet? Don't call her that." Ji Xiao Han explained in all seriousness.

Mu Shi Ye's eyes lit up slightly. "You said that she isn't right now, does that mean he might become one in the future?"

"Mu Shi Ye!" Ji Xiao Han was afraid that Mu Shi Ye would anger him if he spoke too much, so he shouted with an imposing tone, causing Mu Shi Ye to instantly shut up.

Just at this moment, a clear and melodious female voice sounded, "It is my honor to meet you, Quarterly!"

Following this pleasant female voice, everyone turned to look at the woman who walked over under the light.

He saw a young woman wearing a rose-red dress walking over with light steps. She had wavy hair that fell to her waist, looking charming and flirtatious. Her pair of peach blossom eyes were shrewd and smiling.

"Mubai, you are too polite!" Ji Xiao Han politely smiled.

The woman who came was very strong and charming. She was none other than Mu Shi Ye's older sister, Mu Lin!

At such a young age, she was already a famous female BOSS in the market and was currently the CEO of the Mu Family Group.

The moment Tang You You saw Mu Lin, she was also very surprised. In the past, she had fantasized about many people modeling her works, but none of them were ideal models. However, this queen who walked out from the lamplight was simply the most ideal, most perfect model she had.

"Young mistress, let me introduce him to you. This is Xiao Han's friend …"

"Girlfriend!" Someone immediately corrected him forcefully.

Mu Shi Ye's eyes instantly widened, and smiled meaningfully at Ji Xiao Han: "Since it's my girlfriend, then when I called her sister-in-law just now, why did you say I called you wrongly, and played with me."

Tang You You subconsciously touched Ji Xiao Han's hands lightly, as if reminding him that there was no need to explain his identity so clearly.

Mu Lin smiled as she looked at Tang You You, then extended out her hand: "Hello, Mu Lin!"

"Hello, Miss Mu!" Tang You You immediately shook her hand politely.

Just as they were about to introduce themselves, a silver palanquin came from afar and stopped at the entrance.

The one who got off the carriage was Luo He Ning.

When he saw that Mu Lin was also there, a look of nervousness instantly appeared on his handsome face that was filled with confidence and calmness.

The damned Mu Shi Ye, he actually did not tell him beforehand that Mu Lin would be here.

If he had known she was here, he would have dressed up well before he came.

Luo He Ning walked over to them calmly and greeted them: "Xiao Han, you brought a friend over, this is …?"