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The first thing Ji Yueze did when he opened his eyes was to stand up and check the wound on the woman's arm.

Bai Yiyan is still sleeping, but she is not sleeping peacefully. Her beautiful eyebrows are tightly wrinkled, her face is stained with several painful colors, and her arms are hurt. She tossed and turned late last night to sleep, but she fell asleep, but had nightmares.

Ji Yueze found that her hand wall was exposed outside the quilt. When she touched it, she found that it was warm and cool. She took the quilt and covered it gently, but she woke up Bai Yiyan accidentally.

She opened her eyes and saw the pretty face close by. It seemed that she was shocked.

"Are you awake?" Bai Yiyan's face was a little better, not as gloomy as before.

Because, she opened her eyes, to get rid of that nightmare, she is still sleeping beside him, not alone in the face of darkness. Season

Yue Ze said, "don't move. I'm going to my big brother's engagement dinner today. Are you going?"

"Me? I won't go! " Bai Yiyan shakes her head. She doesn't want to go, she just feels embarrassed.

Ji Yueze did not force her, nodded: "OK, you are injured, you really shouldn't walk around, you rest at home, what's the matter, remember to call me."

"OK!" Bai Yiyan breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he didn't help himself.

Ji Yueze turns over and gets off the bed. He goes into the bathroom and washes. Instead of going to the cloakroom to pick up clothes, he goes out of the bedroom. He first burns hot water and puts a cup on the edge of the bed. Then he goes back to the kitchen.

When Bai Yiyan woke up, she couldn't sleep. She didn't dare to. She was afraid that she would have the nightmare again. She came out in a loose set of pajamas and heard the noise in the kitchen. Then she heard the sound of oil Zizi. She was a little surprised. She walked right away and saw Ji Yueze, wearing a blue robe, frying eggs in the pan and baking a few pieces of bread beside her. She had a strong fragrance. In a small stove on the other side, she was warming The aroma of hot milk, milk and eggs makes Bai Yiyan's eyes open, unbelievable.

Ji Yueze inadvertently glanced over her eyes and gave her a light look: "don't you lie down and don't move? Who got you up? "

"I can't sleep!" Bai Yiyan grinned, then walked in and asked him, "what are you doing?"

"Make breakfast for you!" Ji Yueze is still in a light tone, as if what he is doing now is just a very common thing. However, Bai Yiyan was shocked by his actions. She is a seasonal star who doesn't touch the sun and spring water. She gets up early in the morning to make breakfast for her. Moreover, there are more and more patterns. Where did he learn from?

It's incredible! Season

Yueze picked up her eyebrow, saw her hand on the other arm, silent, just a pair of clear eyes moving to look at him, shining.

"Moved by me again?" Ji Yueze suddenly stepped forward two steps, and condescended to coagulate the tears in her eyes. Her thin lips raised a smile: "OK, don't do this!"

Bai Yiyan put out her hand to wipe her tears and whispered, "Ji Yueze, why are you so kind to me again?" "

you're injured. I can't have a problem with an injured person." Ji Yueze chuckled. Bai

Yi Yan knew that he was deliberately straddling the topic. She lowered her head and tears fell from her eyes: "I'm really afraid to enjoy your kindness to me. I'm afraid I'm afraid that one day there will be nothing. That sense of falling, as you once said, will fall from heaven to hell. It's really hard. "

Thinking of the days when she was alone at home, she had no hope for the future. She was really fed up with that feeling and scared.

If you don't get the taste of sweetness, you won't feel how bitter the days are. People are such inferior. Once you get the taste of sweetness, the taste of bitterness will double.

Ji Yueze is wringing his brow, listening to her grievance. "

don't worry, I won't abandon you forever. Trust me!" Ji Yueze reached out and caught the tear that had slipped to her chin. Then he seemed to make a promise to her. Bai

Yiyan trembled a little: "can I still believe what you said?"

Before, she believed everything he said.

"Do you have any choice but to believe me?" Ji Yueze's lips are thin, and he smiles with pride.

Bai Yiyan: "..."

Of course, she has countless choices, but she doesn't want to choose the ones that have nothing to do with him.

"My eggs are going to fry!" As soon as the man turned around, he found that the other side of his omelette had sent out a burning fragrance, and hurriedly turned it over.

Bai Yiyan looks at his always calm handsome face. She is flustered and confused. She lifts her smile point inexplicably. She chuckles. The sad atmosphere just now suddenly melts. Season

more Ze some chagrin: "let you not come in to disturb me!" "

it's OK, as long as it's something you make, I'll eat it!" Bai Yiyan was very happy.

Ji Yueze nodded contentedly, "that's what it's like!" After a few minutes, the table was filled with toast and various sauces, hot milk and fried eggs.

Two people sat at the table, Ji Yueze took two pieces of bread, spread the sauce, and handed it to Bai Yiyan: "eat it quickly."

Bai Yiyan's left hand is hurt and can't move around. She can only be replaced by Ji Yueze.

"Thank you!" Bai Yiyan thanked, took the bread, took a bite, the sweet taste, as if it could be integrated into her soul.

After Ji Yueze finished breakfast, he picked out a dark blue suit to wear on his body. When he picked out a tie, he called Bai Yiyan in: "you come to pick one for me!"

Bai Yiyan was stunned. "My taste is poor. You'd better choose it yourself."

"I'll give you this chance!" Ji Yueze is lazily leaning against the cabinet.

Bai Yiyan's heart palpitates for a moment, feeling that she is really like his wife, exercising the power that her wife has. "

How about this one?" Bai Yiyan points. Ji's expression was slightly stiff. Then he said lightly, "it's really not good taste!"

Bai Yiyan: "..." She reminded him in advance, and he asked her to pick.

Although Ji Yueze said it was not good-looking, he chose the one, and Bai Yiyan shook again. "Don't you think it's ugly? Why do you still wear this one? " Bai Yiyan immediately stops him. Season

Yue Ze disagrees: "do you think I need to match my clothes carefully?" From

to having no friends. Bai

Yiyan chuckled: "I still feel a little out of harmony."

"Whatever you choose, it means different things!" After Ji Yueze finished, he had already skillfully tied his tie, walked to her and kissed her with thin lips on her face: "I'm leaving!"