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C1069. He's been waiting

Yang ChuChu's evasive eyes confirmed Luo Jin's suspicion at the bottom of his heart. He stepped forward, holding the cup and lowering her eyes. Her dark long eyelashes were quivering. It can be seen that her mood at the moment should be messy.

"Clearly, what happened? Why did you suddenly ignore me? " The man wants to question the idea, the instant disappeared, he squatted down, eyes and Yang ChuChu look at each other, voice gentle, but also a touch of grievance. It was

that she ignored him and made him confused. Yang

the delicate beauty of her eyes touched the sadness at the bottom of his eyes, and her heart trembled. She quickly moved her eyes to another place and forced a smile: "you may think more, but I didn't ignore you. You came to me, and I didn't chat with you?" Yang

it's really hard for her to cut off all the relationships with him suddenly. She can't do it. She can't be so desperate. She knows she still loves him and deeply loves him. However, because of her mother's words, she has a determination to stay away from him. This complex and contradictory emotion is pulling her reason, and she is about to collapse.

"However, I feel that your attitude towards me is different. Tell me clearly, what's the matter? You can't upset me like that, OK? " Luo Jinyu can't blame her. However, he has nothing to do with her. He is going to be mad. His big palms tightly held one of her arms and forced her to look into his eyes.

Yang ChuChu lowered his head and chuckled, "what's different? You really think too much. " "

yes? Well, you can go back with me now. Let's have a good chat! " Luo Jinyu asked for Tao directly.

"I can't leave. I have two plays later. There will be plays in the morning tomorrow. I asked for leave before, which made the director unhappy. I can't ask for leave anymore. Luo Jinyu, go back first. You are so busy with your work. Don't come to see me on a special trip!" Yang ChuChu didn't have a deep mind. She didn't know what kind of means to cheat or coax an angry man. At this moment, she would say something that she couldn't believe. She would support Luo Jinyu.

"Yang ChuChu!" Luo Jinyu's hands directly pressed her shoulder, his eyes were on fire, his eyes were staring at her, and he asked angrily, "do you just use the excuse of being busy to perfunctory me? I know. What must have happened to you? Do you want to break up with me? " The two words of

hand directly stabbed Yang ChuChu's key point. Her whole person froze, and her beautiful eyes opened wide to look at the angry man in front of her. Even if he was angry at the moment, she didn't realize that he was terrible. On the contrary, she wanted to plunge into his arms, hold him tightly, and tell him how much she loved him and how afraid she was to lose him. But she has to hold back, she can't be willful, she can't hold him for a long time. "

you Will you let go? You hurt me! " Yang ChuChu quickly wriggles his arms to get rid of his grip. Listen to

when she cries for pain, Luo Jinyu quickly releases his hand, but his fingers are shaking. He is full of anger, but he can't find the place to vent. He can only smash his fist on the nearby dressing table, and some cosmetics on the dressing table are shocked.

"If you don't give me a reasonable explanation, I won't leave tonight!" When Luo Jinyu finished, he turned around and walked out. When he reached the door, he said in a stiff voice, "I'll wait for you in the car. You've thought it out. If you want to tell me the truth, come to me!"

With that, he left.

Yang ChuChu sat in the same place, holding the hand of the cup, and began to tremble, and his heart began to ache. She can't cry loudly but silently. At this time, No.2 and No.3 women came in suddenly. They just stood nearby and looked at the dressing room. They saw Luo Jinyu coming in with Yang ChuChu. They thought they were going to do something ugly in the room. Unexpectedly, they saw Luo Jinyu leaving in a sullen and angry way. Quarrel


The two women also want to see what is going on. Anyway, there is only one dressing room built in this temporary venue. They also share it. They will not let Yang chuchuchuchuchujue be surprised if they come in. "

Oh, you're crying, aren't you?" No. 2 asked her immediately with concern.

Yang ChuChu didn't expect someone to come in at this time. She didn't have time to wipe away the tears from her eyes, so they saw her. She quickly lowered her head, shook her head and whispered, "I'm ok!" "

did you quarrel with master Luo? You Are you all right! " Female 3 also interjected and asked, although it seems to care, it is more like asking for information. Yang

clearly understood their real intention. Being in the entertainment circle, a little bit of wind and grass could turn into waves in the next second. At this moment, if these two people knew that they had quarreled with Luo Jinyu, they were afraid that tomorrow's news would be that she was kicked by Luo Jinyu and the news of breaking up would be true.

"We didn't fight, thank you for your concern!" After Yang ChuChu finished, he took a tissue and wiped the tears out of his eyes. Then he stood up and said, "I'm going to talk to Lu xuanchen about the script!" The expressions of No. 2 and No. 3 are full of the look of drama, and then they sneer at each other. Yang

walked out clearly, far away, you can see a black car parked on the side of the road. Luo

Jin Yu didn't leave. He sat in the car at the moment and waited for her to explain to him.

Just, how would she explain it?

Tell the truth? He said that his mother talked to her mother about how to break up.

Yang ChuChu really doesn't want to make this matter so embarrassing. If she can't be together, she should say goodbye peacefully. Of course, she knows that this matter is not so simple. As long as she still loves Luo Jinyu and Luo Jinyu still loves her, it's hard to say the word "goodbye".

Her only idea now is to hang it first. Maybe for a long time, Luo Jinyu won't be interested in hanging this relationship with her. Maybe he will find a new woman he likes. At that time, it will be easier for her to let go. Yang ChuChu is also over aware of this method of cold treatment, but she can't think of any other way except this one. Yang

she really went to Lu xuanchen for the play. She didn't go to the car to find Luo Jinyu. In a twinkling of an eye, more than two hours later, Lu xuanchen finds that Yang ChuChu seems to be suffering from an emotion, deliberately expressing the mood of the heroine in his play. He looks at it, but he can't bear it.

So, he reminded her, "you know, Luo Jinyu hasn't left yet. Do you want to go out and talk to him?"

"No!" Yang ChuChu shook his head and wryly smiled, "let's continue to speak the lines."