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C1335 one more daughter

LAN Yanxi returns to the office after sending the documents. The more she thinks about it, the more she feels something wrong. Why does Wan Qianqian want to test her relationship with Ling Mo Feng? What does this have to do with her?

Is she from the old president's side, too? Moreover, she has been able to get close to Ling Mo Feng for several times. Does the president want to introduce Wan Qianqian to Ling Mo Feng as his girlfriend?

In a flash, LAN Yanxi thought that Wan Qianqian was a potential rival. Her pretty face was angry. From the last exhibition to now, she has been working here. All these arrangements are too clever, which makes people have to doubt the sinister intention behind.

LAN Yanxi was like beating chicken blood. She was full of anger. She turned to the bathroom.

Since she found out about it, she must tell Ling Mo Feng at the first time. Otherwise, if Wan Qianqian's wish is fulfilled after more than a month of studying abroad, she will die of anger.

In the restroom, lanyanxi specially checked the cubicle in the restroom to make sure that there was no one, so she called Ling.

Her mobile phone was encrypted by Ling Mo Feng, so LAN Yanxi dared to call him with such confidence.

"Hope!" The sound of a man's deep smile comes from his ear, with the feeling of laziness in the afternoon, which makes people feel instantly cured.

LAN Yanxi lowered his voice and said, "Wan Qianqian tested our relationship just now. You should stay away from her later. Don't give her a chance, do you know?"

Ling didn't expect her to call her. Instead of thinking about him, she reminded him to stay away from Wan Qianqian. He smiled: "did you find out? I knew she was from the old president's side. "

"You know?" LAN Yanxi suddenly realized that her serious tone had just become a joke. She put a small hand in her waist and lost her sense of achievement: "then why don't you tell me?"

"This woman is aimed at me. Of course, I can't increase your psychological pressure." Ling Mo Feng saw that she was angry and her voice was more gentle.

"I don't want to talk to you!" LAN Yanxi is still frustrated, Jiao Qiao.

The man looks flustered, and his tone is also urgent: "Yan Xi, I'm sorry, I just don't want you to worry about me, I didn't mean to hide it from you!"

"I'm sure it's not because Wan Qianqian is a beautiful woman that you didn't tell me?" Blue words are sour.

Ling Mo Feng is surprised again. Isn't this little woman jealous?

I don't know where her vinegar comes from, but Ling Mo Feng is really at a loss.

"Yan Xi, how can you doubt my sincerity to you? I won't see another woman but you! " Even the dull man can have a lot of love talk now. Ling Mo Feng's romantic potential must have been inspired by LAN Yanxi.

"Really?" LAN Yan is fond of listening, but he still has doubts.

"Of course it is. Don't doubt me, will you?" Ling Mo Feng really has no way to take this little woman. She is reluctant to be fierce or scolded. What else can she do?

"That line, say I love you to listen!" LAN Yanxi immediately flirted with him in the tone of a great master.

"Yan Xi, did you mean it?" How shrewd a man is! When her tone changes, he will know what she is playing.

"Say no?" Blue Yan Xi shouted.

"I said, is there any reward?" Ling Mo Feng's heart was relaxed and asked with a smile.

"I'd like to reward you for coming to see me tonight. I can meet any of your requirements!" LAN Yanxi said triumphantly.

"I can't tonight. I'll fly at half past six and visit abroad!" Ling Mo Feng chuckles, but a heart is tickled by her. It's like a cat's Pink claw. It's all about her.

"Ah, you are going abroad!" LAN Yanxi's voice, which was still strong, was suddenly lost.

"State visit!" Ling Mo Feng is helpless, after all, this is his job, he can not refuse.

"Well, then you have a good trip. When will you come back?" LAN Yanxi suddenly thought that her plane would go abroad three days later. She couldn't help but ask.

"The time hasn't been fixed yet. It's fixed. I'll tell you!" Ling Mo Feng's voice sank. At the thought of being separated from her, his mood was inexplicably lost.

"Well, I applied to go abroad for exchange and study. I flew in three days. Then, can I see you again?" LAN Yanxi's voice is full of bitterness and grievances.

"So fast!" Ling seemed to think that she was going to go abroad soon, before deliberately avoiding the topic.

"It doesn't matter if we can't meet. It's only a month. I'll be back soon!" LAN Yanxi doesn't want to let each other's atmosphere become dull, so he quickly smiles optimistically.

"Yan Xi, there is a woman named Cheng Yuan in the list, which I specially arranged. You are with her all the way, and she will protect your safety." Ling Mo Feng told her in a low voice.

"I didn't expect you to arrange someone to protect me." LAN Yanxi saw her little tail again and was happy.

"Of course, I don't trust you. Study hard and try to keep a distance from others. They are men!" Ling Mo Feng is still very uneasy about her.

"Well, of course I'll keep a safe distance. First of all, I have to go to work!" Lanyanxi knew that he was reluctant to hang up. She could only hang up, not because she was busy, but because she knew that he was busier than herself.

"OK, call me if you need anything! By the way, do you still have a stomachache? " Ling Mo Feng finally explained one more sentence.

"It's long gone. Don't worry about me!" The girl's voice came from Qingyue, and then came mangyin.

Ling Mo Feng holds the mobile phone and holds it tightly. I don't know why. Since he met LAN Yanxi, he seems to have an inexplicably extra daughter. He wants to help her with everything and everything is not at ease.

Originally, this is to care about a person's feeling, it seems to be very good.

Lanyanxi's steps were much lighter. She went back to the archives, and suddenly saw JOJO standing in front of the window, as if she was taking some information to archive.

"Hope!" As soon as Qiao Zhuo looked back, he saw her and greeted her lightly.

LAN Yanxi shivers a little. Qiao Zhuo, who is inexplicably called her name, seems strange.

By the way, I'm used to Ling Mo Feng's gentle calling himself. Suddenly, when I hear other men's calling, I don't feel right.

LAN Yanxi nodded at him and quickly returned to work at his desk.

JOJO didn't look at the busy girl. Suddenly she was embarrassed to disturb her.

Maybe people are sensitive. It seems that Qiao zhuojue's blue Yanxi's attitude towards himself is also extremely cold. Is it because he is not familiar with it?

I can take this opportunity to study abroad and make a good performance. Lanyanxi is a rich lady. It's normal for her to be cold and proud. Often, this kind of girl needs to be treated with gentleness. They are more simple and vulnerable to heartbreak.

Three days passed quickly. In addition to keeping a close eye on the news of Ling Mo Feng's visit abroad, LAN Yanxi also went home to eat two meals with his grandparents. Fortunately, his visit abroad was very smooth. Under the camera, he was just an old cadre. He was not a bit of young people's mood. Besides his young appearance, he was very calm Stable temperament, not lose anyone.

LAN Yanxi stares at the screen in the middle of the night and giggles. He can make up a big play across the screen.

I can't imagine what it would be like to marry him on that day. Would she be so happy that she was dizzy?

In a flash, it's the time for lanyanxi to board the plane. The general office will arrange a car to deliver the plane. Lanyanxi drags a big box with her personal belongings and casual clothes, and stands in the hall waiting.

As soon as she looked up, she saw the picture of Ling Mo Feng shaking hands with a national leader on the big screen in front of her. It seemed that his visit was over. Unfortunately, they missed it so perfectly.

Light sense of loss, write full of the girl's beautiful big eyes, she closed her eyes gently, maybe shake, just have more thoughts.

"Lan Yanxi, we live in the same room. My name is Cheng Yuan from the Ministry of national defense!" A handsome short haired woman in a white uniform stood in front of lanyanxi and held out her hand.

Blue words and beautiful eyes looked at her in amazement. Wow, women can be so handsome.