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She really hoped that it would be such a good result. Previously, she had suspected that her daughter was suffering from loneliness and was extremely afraid. She even brought her daughter to see a doctor. After her patient guidance, her daughter's personality gradually relaxed.

"Let's go!" Just as Tang You You was in a daze, a slightly scorching gaze turned towards her.

Not long later, Uncle Yuan brought Tang Xiao Rui out. Tang Xiao Rui was holding onto an electric robot and playing with it happily.

The passion in Ji Xiao Han's eyes instantly cooled down like he had met an iceberg. He frowned slightly in displeasure.

The atmosphere of the dinner was very good. This was the first time the two little fellows were eating at the same table as their father, Mummy.

"Daddy, Mummy likes to eat fish, help her pick one!" Tang Xiao Rui's bright eyes flashed with a cunning light.

Since the Mummy had decided to stay, he naturally would not spare any effort to bring the Mummy, her father, together with him.

Ji Xiao Han frowned slightly, when he heard his son's idea, he was also stunned.

"Go eat your food, don't talk too much!" Tang You You stared at his son with a stern gaze.

Ji Xiao Han was a noble, noble person, how could he help her? It was impossible.

Just when Tang You You was absolutely sure that Ji Xiao Han would never do such a thing, the man stretched out his arm. His chopsticks were already holding a piece of delicious fish in them as he sent it to her bowl: "Eat!"

This was simply unbelievable. Ji Xiao Han actually gave her a piece of fish?

The suspicion that he was trying to please was too big, Tang You You resisted in his heart.

This man was truly fickle. In front of all these children, he treated her with all kinds of kindness. Once the children left, he would return to his original appearance.

Hmph, she wouldn't buy on his account.

"My apologies, but I have an extremely serious obsession with cleanliness. I don't like to eat things that others have touched …"

Tang You You said as she picked out the piece of fish and placed it on a plate beside him.

A beautiful atmosphere... It came to a sudden stop!

Tang Xiao Rui blinked his large eyes slyly, as if he was worrying about something.

The spoon that Tang Xiao Nai brought to her mouth was filled with her favorite meat. Her small mouth was opened wide, but she stopped eating as a pair of black eyes blinked wildly.

Look at Daddy, then look at Mummy!

Ji Xiao Han felt like his heart was going to explode. This was the first time in his life he had tried to please someone, but unexpectedly … Once again, he was rejected.

This taste... It was more than just unbearable. It was as if his pride had been trampled over by someone over and over again. It was absolutely shameful.

Hmph, this woman who doesn't know good from bad. If he is still willing to please her next time, then she is definitely not surnamed Ji.

Tang You You also felt that she had caused the atmosphere to turn serious, but she felt that she did not do anything wrong.

Indeed, she did not like eating the food brought over by others. Since Ji Xiao Han had picked up the food before, she was even more unwilling to eat it.

It was as if she had mentally rejected him, making her make such a decision out of instinct.

The two kids saw that the atmosphere had gone awry and immediately became obedient. They silently ate their food.

Tang You You could feel the anger in the eyes of the other party as he looked at her.

Heh, this man is really laughable. Didn't he stop her car and force her to follow him home?

Why did he start doing all sorts of things now that she had followed him back?

Tang You You ignored the man's angered eyes. Instead, she felt that the food on the table had become more suitable for her taste.

Was she born bad? Heh, since this man had split her love with Liang Ge Xiao Bao Bei, she definitely could not let him live such an easy life.

After dinner, the family of four took a taxi home!

Tang You You directly went to the beach's villa to sleep, but Ji Xiao Han still lied down in the beach's villa's living room, looking as if he didn't want to leave.

"Daddy, can you help me bathe?" Tang Xiao Rui gradually developed a deeper fatherly and fatherly feelings towards his father, which was why he made such a request.

Just when Ji Xiao Han was worrying about why he could not find a reason to stay, hearing his son suddenly ask him to help him bathe, was naturally what he wished for.

Just as Tang You You was about to find an excuse to let this man leave, he suddenly heard his son's pleas, causing him to frown.

"Little Rui, I'll help you wash up later. Let your dad go back and rest." Tang You You was tactfully trying to drive the man away.

However, the little guy curled his lips and shyly replied, "Mummy, you are a woman. I can't let you bathe me everyday, it wouldn't be good if I let you."

Tang You You, "..."

"Didn't Mummy help you wash it all along? I didn't see you embarrassed either. " Tang You You felt that his son was purposely disagreeing with him.

"It used to be before, but the situation is different now. I found Daddy, and men should bathe together with men." Tang Xiao Rui answered with sufficient reason.

Ji Xiao Han, who was at the side, realized for the first time that his son was actually so sensible, and couldn't help but be moved.

"Let me help your son bathe. This isn't a big deal. In the future, I can help him bathe more often. When he grows up, it's a good thing for him to understand that it's a difference between a man and a woman." Ji Xiao Han immediately spoke up for his son.

This, one big and one small, singing the same tune left Tang You You speechless.

"I don't like to hear you talk." Tang You You said very straightforwardly.

Ji Xiao Han's mouth twitched, why is this woman so direct? He actually dared to despise him. If it wasn't for the sake of his child, how could he stay with her?

With Tang You You's tacit approval, Ji Xiao Han held his son's hand and walked into the bathroom.

Ji Xiao Han put some water in the bathtub, removed his son's body, and threw him into the warm water.

The little guy obediently sat in the water with his legs crossed.