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Bai Yiyan wakes up, but is not waked up by someone, but by someone pouring a glass of cold water in front of her face. She is smart and wakes up completely by the cold. She opens her eyes, but finds that she is tied with a rope and sits on a chair. She is shocked.

"Come on, help me, let me out. Is there anyone, let me go?" Bai Yiyan cried out in a moment of panic. She was aware of the danger, so she shouted: "sister Lin Si, sister Lin Si, where are you?"

Bai Yiyan thinks that she was caught here with Linsi, so she is still worried about Linsi's safety. At this time, the door was pushed open, and a man came in. The man drew a large and heavy make-up, short hair and a sneer.

Bai Yiyan didn't recognize the woman for a moment. She said angrily, "who are you? Let me out! " "

let you out? I'm kidding. I've managed to get you here. " Wang Cheng turned a white eye and said with a sneer.

Bai Yiyan heard her voice. She opened her eyes incredibly. She looked carefully and found that the short haired woman with large and heavy makeup was Lin Si, her trusted assistant.

"Are you sister Linsi?" Bai Yiyan asked with wide eyes. "

what an idiot! Do you recognize me now?" Wang orange suddenly stepped forward and stood under the light, showing his face. However, on her left face, there was a red scar, which seemed to be burned by fire, occupying half of her face, and looking terrible and ferocious.

Bai Yiyan shook her head hard, as if she was frightened by her face, which was not the warm-hearted elder sister she knew at all. "

are you hating me?" Wang orange saw the way she was hiding. She suddenly came forward and grabbed Bai Yiyan's skirt. "You are beautiful. What's your right to dislike my ugly appearance?"

"Why are you binding me here? What do you want to do?" After fully recognizing the real face of the woman in front of her, Bai Yiyan's tone suddenly changed and became angry.

"I have been asked to do so. Don't worry, you will be OK for the time being! But not necessarily in the future! " Wang Cheng doesn't dare to mess around, because Bai Yiyan is still valuable. "

who is it? Why do you do this? Do you know it's against the law? " Bai Yiyan is angry and scared. She struggles hard. Unfortunately, even if she has TaeKwonDo skills, she can't break the rope as thick as her fingers. With a sneer, Wang turned and left.

"When you come back, make it clear who is going to tie me up?" Bai Yiyan's voice screams at exhaustion. Unfortunately, no one responded to her, only the cold door closing sound.

On the night of Bai Yiyan's being tied up, Ji Lin was rarely honored to participate in a financial program. Although he had been arrested and shut down, he was the former head of Ji's family. He had the cheek to go to the program for only one purpose, which attracted Bai Zhenzhen's attention.

Ji Lin doesn't know where Bai Zhen is, so there's only one way for her to contact her initiatively. She plays a guessing game with her. Let Bai Zhenzhen know that he has returned to China, and then let Bai Zhenzhen know that he is looking for her. Finally, tie Bai Yiyan, and Bai Zhenzhen will naturally associate with him. If she still cares about her daughter's life and death, she will never disappear. This

is a talk show. It talks about the current situation of the development of brokers and the current situation of good guests. After Ji

Lin talked about the business, the host naturally asked the reason why he returned to China for development.

Ji Lin looks at the camera, smiles politely and says, "I'm actually going back to China for a person. She used to be a very important presence for me." "

Oh, is it an exciting woman?" The host joked. Ji

nodded coldly and said audaciously, "yes, she once made me feel touched. Now I'm back home, and I've always wanted to see her again. Unfortunately, the fate is too shallow, and there are so many people. I don't know where she is now. If she wants to see this program, I hope she can recall the time we had!" Ji Xiaohan and Ji Yueze have seen the interview of Ji

Lin, and feel that this person's face is really thick to a certain extent. He once had a wife, and his wife gave birth to a son to him, but now he's just losing the face of Ji's family. The old lady also watched it. In the evening, she came to talk to Ji Xiaohan about it. "

who is the woman your uncle is looking for? Do you know? " In fact, the old lady still cares about the young son who has been single for such a long time. If he really has a woman who yearns for everything, the old lady feels that he can consider remarrying. After all, when he is old, there is always someone around to take care of him. "

grandma, do you believe what he said? I think it's just to coax the effect of the program into nonsense. " Season owl cold light reply. "

No, I know your uncle. He won't say anything like that. He's always serious about his feelings!" Just the wife shakes the head however, one face is distressed of say. Ji

Xiao Han squints his eyes. He doesn't know much about Ji Lin's women. He only knows that he married Ji Shangqing's mother. There's not much news about his relationship with other women. It's real and fake. It can't be counted at all.

"I don't care enough about your uncle. I have to ask him about it. If that woman..."

"Grandma, if he wants to have a woman he really likes, just because he is afraid that the other party has children now, do you want to divorce them?" Ji Xiaohan doesn't want her grandmother to have this heart, so she has to interrupt her thoughts mercilessly.

"You little boy, you don't care about your uncle's business?" The old lady gave him a look.

Ji Xiaohan sneers at the bottom of his heart. Of course, he has to manage many things. Xiao Han dare not argue with his grandmother, because in her grandmother's eyes, Ji Lin is her son, and it's normal for him to lose his wife and be alone. After Ji Lin has done this program, he plans to wait for the results. He believes that the results will be good. Bai

Zhen Zhen is now locked in the villa. She has good food and drink, and she is still comfortable. Therefore, she spent most of her time watching TV.

When she was tuning the channel, she suddenly saw Ji Lin's interview program. The whole person was shocked and his face was frozen into a sculpture. "

he Who is he looking for? It's not me, is it? " Bai Zhenzhen felt a sense of fear. She was really afraid of Ji Lin because she knew that the man she felt was the devil.