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C542 the boyfriend is very satisfied

Don youyou is stunned. Unexpectedly, he will ask his power on password. Did he try it when he sent her a message today?

Tang youyou screams in the bottom of her heart that it's not good. When it's over, she thinks that Ji Xiaohan has stopped investigating this matter.

"You still mind that message? I didn't return it to him. " Tang youyou really hopes that this will be settled down. To be honest, she didn't expect Ji Yueze to send her message.

"I called him just now!" Ji Xiaohan said in a light tone.

"What?" Tang youyou just feels that his heart is about to stop beating. Why does Ji Xiaohan call Ji Yueze? It's over. Is everything going to explode?

"But that bastard didn't answer a word. Is he mute?" The low curse of season owl.

Tang youyou clenched her heart. Suddenly, she was relieved. She couldn't help but smile at the bottom of her heart. Of course, Ji Yueze didn't dare to answer. "Ji Xiaohan, will you stop calling him? I promise you that you are the only one I love. No matter how different our identities are, I will never fall in love with others again. " Tang youyou knows that Ji Xiaohan seems to have boundless scenery, but he has no sense of security when it comes to emotions.

So, she must speak very clearly, so that he can no longer think. Ji Xiaohan's thin lips gently pasted on her forehead and whispered, "don't blame me for my small mind. I've only found out how strong my possessiveness and control desire are since I met you. I really don't want other men to contact you. You have to promise me that you won't let me worry about it in the future."

Tang youyou chuckled and raised his chin. His lips were pink and tender. He bit on his thin lips and said, "don't worry, they won't do it in the future!"

Season owl cold only feels how attractive the cool and tender lips of a woman are. The fragrance of her body after bathing makes him almost out of control.

"I've got something brought up. I'll take a bath." Ji Xiaohan doesn't want her to be eaten by herself on a hungry stomach, so let's feed the little woman first.

Tang youyou nodded!

Not long after, a waiter pushed the dining car in, put the delicious food on the table and left.

Tang youyou saw that Ji Xiaohan had ordered a bottle of red wine. She was so happy that she poured half a glass of red wine. She stood on the balcony and watched the beautiful and strange night scene.

The mood is very complicated and full of worry. I don't know what mood Ji Yueze is in after listening to his brother's words.

I hope he can understand that this kind of care message will not be sent again in the future. She is also afraid of making any private contact with Ji Yueze.


On the thick carpet, a little thing less than two years old was walking unsteadily, like a little penguin, and occasionally had to fall again.

Little orange is not very sensible, so she can't understand the expression between adults.

Lanruona, with her hands around her chest, frowned at the little thing who couldn't walk steadily.

The servant aunt passed by, but she kept praising: "the little lady is so beautiful. She is so cute at a young age. She must be a big beauty later."

Lanrona sighed: "it's not a son all the time, if only the son with a handle."

Murin, who came down from the upstairs, heard her mother's sigh. She walked down quickly and said, "Mom, why do you look down on your daughter? What happened to the daughter? Aren't you grandma's daughter, too? "

"It's because I'm a daughter that I can't inherit my father's identity and status. Since I was a child, I hated that I was not a son. Otherwise, I still need to marry your father and suffer this kind of grievance?" Lanrona said very unconvinced.

Mu Lin turned a white eye: "Mom, the next time you give birth, you will cast yourself as a son. Don't aggrieve your talent and ability."

Lanrona knew that her daughter was demeaning herself. She immediately glared at her angrily: "don't talk back here. Who asked you to bring this little thing home? I haven't prepared milk powder for her here. What will she eat later? "

"Don't worry, I just called my brother. He will bring back the milk powder." Murin likes this little niece very much. She squats down and plays with her toys.

"Hasn't her mother accepted your brother?" Lanruona frowned and only sent the child, but she didn't come. It can be seen that she still didn't want to come to Mu's house.

"Mom, you don't want to expect her to accept my brother. They have backbone." Looking at her little niece, murin sighed. As the daughter of murin's family, she really didn't know whether she was lucky or unlucky.

When Mushi drove home at night, his eyes softened instantly when he saw his daughter.

Lanrona looked at him with a lot of little things in his hand and frowned at once, "you're not going to keep her at home."

"Mu Shi night light way:" yes, Anxin said that want to travel alone, orange to me

"She took it easy. She threw the child away and went to her own free and easy way." Lanrona's discontent again.

Mu Shi frowned at night and said in a cold voice: "don't worry, I'll take orange back to my own home after supper, and it won't disturb your rest."

"Son, don't be angry. I didn't say I don't like orange. Look, it's like when you were a child. Mother likes her very much." Seeing her son's cold face, lanrona immediately thought of the way he stood on the top of the building. She immediately dared not show any more impatience.

Murin shrugged his shoulder beside him: "I'm sorry for myself. Mom, I invited my friend to dinner tonight. Don't talk about it. If I scare my friend away, I'll be angry."

Lanruona murmured with dissatisfaction, "you don't invite your boyfriend back to dinner. Why can't I just talk?"

"It's my boyfriend I'm asking for!" Murin said lightly.

"Really?" Lanruona's look was startled: "Xiaolin, do you really have a boyfriend? Who's the son of? "

Just as lanruona's words just left, a black noble car stopped outside the door, followed by it. After the door opened, Luo Jinyu's figure appeared on the steps outside the hall.

Lanruona saw Luo Jinyu, and her face was instantly delighted: "isn't this the eldest young master of Luo family? Long time no see! "

Luo Jinyu came in with a polite and gentle voice: "Hello, aunt!"

Lanruona immediately stood up happily: "I didn't expect that you were Xiaolin's boyfriend. It was a surprise." Lanrona's words made everyone in the living room stunned.