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Surrounded by mountains, compared with the prosperity of big cities, it is desolate.

Both assistants doubted whether they had gone the wrong way, but Ji Yueze firmly believed that as long as they went further, they could be closer to Bai Yiyan. After another hour and a half of walking around, the assistant got out of the car and asked about it. He actually arrived at the destination. This is a small town, not prosperous or isolated from the world. It has a small population, but it gives people a sense of leisure.

As he drove, the assistant asked for directions and came to a small building on the outskirts of a small town. This small building is quite conspicuous in this town. It's a two-story villa pattern. There is a big garden in front of the door. It's surrounded by a wall, and there's a climbing tiger climbing on the wall. It's not like a new building. It's more than ten years old. But the flowers and plants here are fresh in this spring. "

boss, do you need me to go down and knock? I think that's it! " The assistant asked quickly, but found that Ji Yueze had opened the door first before he heard what he said, and then held his breath to knock on the door. "

here we are!" An old lady's voice came.

Then, menzla opened, and a thin old lady with good spirit stood in front of the door, wearing an old mirror and holding a long bean in her hand. It seemed that she was cooking.

"You are not That... Is Xiaoyan's boyfriend? " When the old lady saw Ji Yueze, she pointed to his face and thought hard about who he was. "

grandma, Hello, I'm Ji Yueze. I'm Xiaoyan's boyfriend. Is she here?" Ji Yueze quickly introduced himself, and then asked Bai Yiyan about her whereabouts. "

her? She didn't come back. Didn't you come with her? " The old lady looked surprised, and then, as if disbelieving, she put out her head and looked out: "she said she would bring you back to play?"

Ji Yueze was frozen at the door like a statue, and the old lady didn't look like a liar. In other words, Bai Yiyan didn't go back to her hometown. Was Bai Wanqing cheating him? "

grandma, do you want a mobile phone?" Ji Yueze suddenly wants to confirm one thing. He always thinks Bai Yiyan's grandmother is too old to walk. But the energetic old lady in front of him makes him feel a bit confused.

"The mobile phone is not available. The landline is installed. Are you alone, young man? What's the matter, Xiaoyan? " The old lady asked him anxiously, her eyes full of worry. Ji

Yueze didn't know how to explain for a while. Looking at the assistant next to him, one of the assistants hurriedly returned to the car and picked up a pile of gift fruit, which was bought on the road in a hurry just now. "Old man, my boss wants to come here to meet you because of his work. It's my boss's care. You must accept it." The assistant said, and went to the living room with his things.

"Oh, that's right. Isn't Xiaoyan with you?" The old lady took the assistant's explanation for granted.

Ji Yueze relieved some stiff expressions and whispered, "she didn't come here together, grandma. Do you live alone?"

"Yes, I live alone. My old man has been gone for many years!" "Look at me," the old lady said, "come in and have a lunch here."

Ji Yueze stepped into the garden and found that what he planted was not precious flowers, plants and trees, but all kinds of vegetables. Now it's spring. He has just planted them. There is a smell of fresh soil in the yard.

Ji Yueze has never experienced the feeling of this small village. He was in a trance for a while.

"Come on, your name is Ji Yueze, then I'll call you Xiaoze. You are so handsome. My family is blessed with Xiaoyan!" The old lady sent him a cup of tea. Ji Yueze was holding the cup. His face was slightly red.

"Thank you grandma!" Ji Yueze said gratefully.

The old lady stood next to him and looked at him. He was tall, polite and charming. The more she looked, the more satisfied she was. Ji is embarrassed to be stared at by the old lady. She has to ask, "did Xiaoyan grow up here before?" "

Yes, she has lived here for many years. When she used to live here, she helped grow all the dishes in the yard. After she went to school in the big city, I started to do it by myself. I really doubt that she helped me here." Said the old lady with a sigh on her face.

Ji Yueze stared at the garden, as if he could imagine Bai Yiyan running here and there as a child.

"Ozawa, when you were just here, you asked if she was here. Are you looking for her?" The old lady didn't get confused. She reflected immediately.

Ji Yueze nodded: "yes, I'm looking for her. We made a little trouble. Do you know where she usually goes?" "

I don't know. My home phone has broken recently. Not long ago, she called me on my neighbor Lao Zhang's mobile phone. She told me that she had a good life there and sent me a lot of things. She is a good filial child!" The old lady can't feel the anxiety of Ji Yueze at this moment. She only talks about her yearning for her granddaughter. Ji

after Yueze finished drinking this cup of tea, he suddenly decided to leave. Because Bai Yiyan is not here, he has to go to other places to find her. She feels that Bai Wanqing is hiding something from him. "

grandma, I'm in a hurry. Next time I come to have dinner with Xiaoyan, I'm going to go first!" After Ji Yueze finished, he reached into his arms and took his wallet. He wanted to take a card for the old lady, but he felt that it was not proper to take the card, so he immediately walked out the door.

"How much cash do you have!" Ji Yueze asked directly. "

I have five thousand..."

"I have six thousand!" Season

Yueze directly took out the cash in his wallet and put it together. There are more than 10000.

"I'm in such a hurry. I'll have a meal before I leave."

"Grandma, I'm really in a hurry this time. I'll come again next time!" After Ji Yueze finished, he put the money on the table beside him: "grandma, don't send it away, take care of yourself and go first!" The old lady didn't find that he had put the money on the table for a while. After she sent Ji Yueze to the car, she came back to find that there was a pile of cash. She rushed out and Ji Yueze's car had gone away.

Ji Yueze took out his mobile phone and called Pei Ying. "

give me my aunt's mobile number!" Ji Yueze didn't save Bai Wanqing's phone number, so he needed Pei Ying to ask. He didn't have Pei Ying's cell phone number, but it's easy for two assistants to find the number of the company's employees.

"Boss, is this your number?" Pei Ying asked in surprise.

"Send her number!" Ji Yueze has little patience. Pei

Ying answers quickly and is hung up by Ji Yueze.