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C1674. He can stand her

Ling wennuan stared at the bracelet for a long time, which reflected that he was just about to get off the bus.

"Don't think you can give me a bracelet, I can forgive you for saying bad things about me just now." Ling warms up, so he reminds him.

"Can you forgive me for inviting you to dinner again?" Mu Weicheng knows that she is playing with childish temper again, but this is also her lovely place. With her and chattering little mouth, his dull life seems to have a lot of fun.

"It depends on what you invite me to eat. If you only eat vegetables, you can't." Ling wennuan deliberately embarrasses him.

When her voice just fell, Mu Weicheng's steering wheel made a sharp turn and drove down a nearby downhill.

"Ah!" Ling wennuan hurriedly hugged the seat belt and asked angrily, "where is this road?"

"You will know when you arrive." Mu Weicheng deliberately sells secrets.

Ling warms his mouth, but his eyes are shining. She thought that tonight would be a lonely and sad night, but since his appearance, she found that even time has become vivid.

She is not afraid at all. As long as it is the place that Mu Weicheng wants to take her, it must be a safe and warm place.

The next journey, two people did not say anything more, Mu Weicheng speed up some.

Because after the downhill, it's a way to go uphill. Moreover, it's near the outskirts. Ling wennuan's eyes look out, and you can see the trees.

"Can you come back later today? The place I'm going to take you is a little far away. " Mu asked her in a low voice.

"Yes!" Ling Nuan nodded at once. Anyway, she could ask her friends to help her, as long as she stayed with Mu Weicheng, as long as she could.

The arrogant car drove for more than half an hour, climbing a crooked road all the way, finally, the car stopped, the cool wind came from the distant valley, Ling warm and hard breath, full of cool and thorough, she looked at this surprised: "where is this? Why didn't I know there was such a place around us? "

"This is the nearest reservoir in our city. There is a game restaurant nearby. Let's go." Mu Weicheng took a coat from him and put it on Ling's warm body. He took her to the side of the path.

"Oh, I'm afraid!" Ling wennuan has lived in a bright city since she was a child. She has never walked such a path full of sand in the dark at all. Therefore, she is a little nervous at the moment, and her imagination is always rich. She is afraid that a snake will pop out of the grass, so she stands still.

But mu Weicheng came from all kinds of desperate situations. For him, this kind of small path was like walking on the ground. When he heard her timid voice, he was shocked. Then he found that he seemed to overestimate her courage.

He reached directly at her and said, "don't be afraid, it's safe here."

Ling warm dry smile two: "I take a cell phone flashlight shine on the road."

Mu Weicheng chuckled, took back his big hand, walked directly to her and squatted down: "I carry you. I've walked this road many times. The owner of the restaurant has several puppies at home. They recognize each other. You are the safest to lie on my back."

"Then I'm welcome." Ling wennuan lies down directly. The man easily backs her up and holds her legs with his hands, so that she can be stable.

Ling wennuan can't help but smell the faint breath of mint on the man. She is sure to stick her face to the past.

The man's body was obviously stiff for a while, but it was only the electric current between minutes and seconds, and he immediately recovered his steady steps.

"Mu Weicheng, how do you know there is a hotel here? Do you often bring friends? " Ling warm began to be curious.

"No, the owner of the hotel is my friend. We have known each other before." Murmured mu.

"Have you ever brought any other female friends here for dinner?" Lingnuan is a vinegar jar.

"No, I brought my sister." Mu Weicheng is frank and answers.

"I don't believe it!" Ling warm eyes looked around: "this is a good place for dating.

"I come here most of the time because I can fish here. I can take the fish directly to the restaurant to cook, not for a date here."

Ling warm see him so frankly answer her, she can't help chuckling.

In fact, she believed that Mu Weicheng didn't have those fancy ideas, just deliberately wanted to tease him.

It happened that at this time, the barks of a few puppies came from a place with bright light from afar.

"Here we are!" Murmured Mu Weicheng.

"Mr. Mu!" When the owner of the restaurant saw him, he seemed surprised: "didn't you call to make an appointment?"

Mu asked with a smile: "No appointment, no dinner?"

"No, of course not. You and your friends sit first. I'll help you cook some good dishes." The owner of the restaurant saw that he was bringing a beautiful young girl, and immediately understood.

"Thank you!" "I'm grateful," said Mu Weicheng.

Before the owner left, he suddenly asked, "would you like to send you a bottle of red wine?"

Mu Weicheng's handsome face is startled, slightly embarrassed: "no need, drove the car to come."

The restaurant owner just smiled and nodded.

Mu Weicheng's eyes turn, and his handsome face turns red when he looks into Ling's smiling eyes.

Ling wennuan pulls the chair and sits down. He tightens up the coat he gave, and the smile deepens.

Mu Weicheng did not dare to collide with her eyes full of content, and deliberately looked at the nearby mountains.

However, he looked away, and still could feel Ling's warm eyes. He coughed softly, "why do you look at me like this?"

Ling warm small mouth Du Du, knowingly asked: "why the boss to say to you wine ah?"

Mu Weicheng thought that he had turned over the topic. Unexpectedly, she asked again. He was even more embarrassed.

"The boss wants to sell his drinks. That's all?" Mu Weicheng answers quickly.

"Oh!" Ling warms and lengthens the tone.

Mu Weicheng was angry and smiled: "what are you thinking all over your head?"

"Nothing to think about. I just feel that it's good to drink some wine. The scenery here is so beautiful. It's a pity not to have a romantic drink." Ling said with a low smile.

"I'm driving and I can't drink. You're going to school and you can't drink." Mu Wei Cheng looks serious. Ling wennuan knew that he would definitely reply seriously, so he nodded: "well, if you don't drink, you don't drink."

In half an hour, the owner of the restaurant will serve them three dishes and one soup, and mix them with halo element.

Mu Weicheng put the fried shrimp into her bowl: "eat it!"

Ling wennuan picked up the chopsticks and took a bite. It's crispy and fragrant, and it retains the taste of shrimp. It's really delicious.

Mu Weicheng looks at the sweet taste of her food, and her thin lips are bent with a smile.

Ling came back at over eight. LAN Yanxi had already had supper and was reading on the sofa. With his coat on the man's arm, he walked in with noble temperament. The light fell on his face, which was warm and full of tiredness.

Lanyanxi quickly put down the book in his hand and walked towards him.

The man naturally reached out his hand and held the girl in his arms. He rubbed her long hair gently and dotingly.

"Have you had dinner?" LAN Yan asked, looking up at him.

Ling Mo Feng nodded, "I've eaten, but I haven't eaten much. I'm still hungry."

"Would you like something to eat? There are plenty in the fridge." When LAN Yanxi heard that he was not full, his first reaction was to make him something to eat.

Ling Mo Feng put his coat on the back of the chair and grabbed her. "I don't need you. I'll do it myself."

"I really want to help you do something. You are so busy at work one day. When you come home, you have to make your own food. My wife is equal to decoration."

Seeing that she was angry with herself, Ling Mo Feng couldn't help laughing: "as long as I don't feel that you are lazy, no one can care about you."

"I don't like that myself." LAN Yanxi laughed at himself.

"If you don't like it, you'll get used to it." As the man said this, he opened the refrigerator and found that there was a lot of food in it. He took it out and looked at it. There were pasta, bread and some quick frozen corn dumplings.

Ling Mo Feng picked out a bag of dumplings and turned to the kitchen.

LAN Yanxi's face is stupefied. Is it natural to be used to it? Does the man encourage a good laziness to the end?

How can he be such a husband? How much luck did she cultivate in her last life?