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Discovering that he is a man

The originally warm atmosphere had seemingly ignited a small fire within the hearts of the two mature men and women, due to the carelessness of the collision just now.

Mu Lin's usually calm face, when Luo He Ning looked over, turned slightly red.

"Mubai, be careful of the stairs!" Luo He Ning turned his head to look at her and reminded her in a kind tone when he saw that she was wearing a pair of 7cm high heels.

Unfortunately, Mu Lin's mind was filled with all kinds of messy thoughts, and while worrying about Xiao Cheng Cheng going out, she didn't notice that there were still three steps in front of the hall. When Luo He Ning reminded her, she stomped on the second step.

"Aiyo …" After a painful cry, Mu Lin's entire person pounced forward.

"Be careful!" Luo He Ning's heartbeat suddenly stopped. Almost instinctively, he rushed over and hugged her body that was falling down.

With one arm holding the little fellow, the other arm caught Mu Lin with all her strength.

When Mu Lin realized that she wasn't lying on the ground, she felt an arm tightly wrapped around her chest.

A pair of beautiful phoenix eyes widened in disbelief.

"Mubai, are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?" Luo He Ning asked worriedly.

Xiao Cheng Cheng, who was in her embrace, started to cry from the quick actions just now.

Just as Mu Lin was about to ask about the rules in his hands, she heard Niece's loud cry.

"Don't worry about me, hurry up and coax Cheng Cheng." Mu Lin was instantly worried.

Only then did Luo He Ning nervously retract his large hands, and shake the little fellow while hugging it: "Don't cry, Cheng Cheng, don't be afraid, uncle is here."

"Sigh!" Mu Lin tried to walk to the side, but she found that her heel was injured, and she instantly jumped twice in pain.

Seeing her like this, Luo He Ning knew that she must be crooked.

He really didn't understand why women would torture him like this. With such thin heels, weren't they tired from walking?

Can women really endure so much for the sake of beauty?

However, if a woman was wearing a high heels, her temperament would indeed be very different.

would look at it with an appreciative attitude, but now, his goddess had sprained her leg because of it, he suddenly felt that, who invented this thing?

Just when Luo He Ning didn't know whether he should coax the small one or help the big one, a black coloured sedan drove over from the distance.

Luo He Ning immediately stared at the carriage as if he was looking at a life-saving grass.

The carriage stopped in front of them, and Tang You You walked out. Seeing Luo He Ning carrying Xiao Cheng Cheng, Mu Lin's face turned pale, and she froze: "Young Master Luo, Mubai, why are you two here? And the Young Master Mu? "

"He went out and asked us to look after him." Luo He Ning anxiously said, and looked at Mu Lin: "Mubai's leg is sprained, you're so slow, can you help me hug Cheng Cheng? I'll check to see if the foot injury is serious. "

Tang You You hurriedly hugged the crying little fellow into his arms. "Leave the child to me, I'll go and prepare some milk for her. Help Mubai take a look at the situation."

"Thank you, Miss Tang!" Mu Lin was also grateful to her.

Tang You You smiled slightly: "Of course!"

Tang You You was quite good at coaxing children., who was crying pitifully a moment ago, suddenly quieted down in her arms.

Only then did Luo He Ning quickly squat down and extended his hand to take off the high heels on Mu Lin's injured foot.

"Ai …" I'll do it myself. " Mu Lin was really not used to being touched by men, so he quickly took off his shoes.

Luo He Ning was a little embarrassed, his handsome face slightly flushed, but his eyes were anxiously looking at the place where she was injured: "It's all red and swollen, let's go to the hospital."

"But Cheng Cheng!" Mu Lin also felt that her heels were hurting, and she must have twisted them quite a bit, but she was worried about her niece.

However, Luo He Ning was completely at ease with Tang You You: "Mubai, you can definitely watch out for your child. Don't worry, I'll call your brother right now and tell him to hurry back."

"Alright, go tell Miss Tang that I really should go to the hospital." Mu Lin was sweating profusely, not wanting to show off.

Tang You You naturally wanted Luo He Ning to quickly send him to the hospital and let her take care of him.

seemed to want her to bring him anyway.

When Luo He Ning walked out and saw that Mu Lin was still sitting on the stairs, there was no longer that cold feeling of superiority, but a pitiful injury.

"Can you still walk?" Luo He Ning asked in a low voice.

"I can jump and walk!" As Mu Lin said this, he took off the other heels on his feet.

"I'll carry you over!" Luo He Ning pointed to the sportscar that he had parked far away. He couldn't bear for her to jump so far away.

Mu Lin was slightly startled, then, her snow-white face blushed a little: "I'm very heavy, I'm afraid you won't be able to carry it."

Luo He Ning was instantly amused by her humorous words, his laughter was clear and bright.

"Mubai, you're looking down on me too much. Even if I don't have to carry you, I can carry you over." Luo He Ning arrogantly displayed the sturdy figure that he had trained hard for many years.

As expected, Mu Lin's gaze uncontrollably shifted towards him.

Although he was wearing a casual black T-shirt and a pair of linen pants, the part of his shirt that faintly revealed his strong abdominal muscles made her blush even more.