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C916 sweetness before marriage

Ji Xiaohan finally calms the two troublemakers. This time, he makes sure that both of them are asleep, so he goes back to the bedroom.

Tang youyou raised his eyes to see him. The two men looked at each other across the sky, and both of them could not help laughing.

"Such a beautiful night, they have destroyed it." Ji Xiaohan complains twice, but he is not angry even though he feels it is a pity. Just now, when he coaxed the two little guys to sleep, his daughter held his arm tightly in her little hand, which made Ji Xiaohan feel a strong sense of being needed and extremely satisfied.

Tang youyouchen glanced at him: "anyway, we are going to get married. There will be more beautiful nights in the future, and we are not in a hurry." "

well, I love your words!" Ji Xiaohan has come to her and rubbed her hand on her white cheek: "let's go to bed early, it's our wedding day." Don

after a long pause, the two men went to bed.

Tang youyou is not completely asleep yet. She is secretly looking at her mobile phone.

Season owl cold suddenly pastes over, low soft voice asks: "what are you looking at? Still need to hide from me? " Don

youyou immediately shakes his hands and tries to turn the mobile phone into a black screen. However, he finds that it's too late. The man stretches out his long arm and quickly takes her mobile phone.

"Important conditions for maintaining a marriage?" The man read the words on the screen of the mobile phone in a low voice. His voice line magnetism, a mechanical way of reading, is like a midnight announcer, which makes his ears itch and his heart tip quiver.

"Don't look!" Tang youyou is like a kitten grabbing a small tail. He immediately blows up his hair and reaches for his cell phone. However,

Yes, Ji Xiaohan swept it several times at a glance, and immediately drew the key point. "

Why do you want to see this? Do you have no confidence in you, or do you have no confidence in me? Or do you have a problem with our marriage? " The man didn't really want to see these things. He took Tang youyou's face seriously and began to ask her for advice. Tang

youyou was originally looking at Xiaoqian. Later, she read the content and found that she was deeply inspired. She felt that it was reasonable to write. But at the moment, she didn't expect to be asked by Ji Xiaohan. Her mind was completely empty. "

when Of course not. I'm still confident, really! " All of a sudden, Tang youyou's incoherent, which makes people doubt what she said. "

have confidence why do you want to see these? It hurts my self-esteem, you know? " Someone's tone of voice is instantly aggrieved: "if you let others know that my wife will see these golden words of marriage every day, where should I put my face?" Don

you didn't expect this man to think about things so seriously in an instant. Her beautiful eyes blinked twice, and some of them were stunned.

"Ji Xiaohan, don't get me wrong. I don't mean anything else. I am..."

"Don't look at it, and don't look at it for any reason. Our marriage can only be happy if we manage it seriously, rather than need other people's rules and regulations to write it." Ji Xiaohan is determined to disturb her bad habits. If she drinks too much soul chicken soup, she is afraid that it will turn into poison chicken soup. Everyone's growth and experience are different, but it's better to see less. Otherwise, she is more likely to worry about gain and loss and make comparisons.

Tang youyou chuckled, and then it was going to be a burst of laughter. Xiao Han doesn't know what she's laughing at, and what's funny?

Is it so ridiculous that he is seriously discussing the truth of marriage?

Tang youyou finally stopped laughing and found that the man was complaining.

"Well, sleep, I don't read it. The advantages written on it are less than half of yours. I really don't read it!" Tang youyou actively leaned over and kissed him with his lips on his face and corners of his mouth to show his comfort.

The man is in a better mood. He holds her in his arms and covers his lips. The most unbearable thing for Ji Xiaohan is that Tang youyou has taken the initiative to him. Even an active look in his eyes means that his blood will boil for him, let alone that she has taken the initiative to send it up. If something is OK, he will kiss everywhere on his face, which is even more unbearable. Don

when he rubbed the whole person into his arms, there was a momentary blank in his mind. Soon, she didn't have this idle feeling, because she had a premonition of what would happen next.

Well, didn't it mean to stop for one night?

What? Is it true that you can't let go of an inch of good time?

"I'm not good to make you so insecure!" The man said in a hoarse voice. Don

youyou replied immediately: "I feel very safe. Who said I didn't have Is that it? "

"From now on, I will definitely give you a full sense of security." Men ignore her answers, actions, and actions, and represent everything.

Tang youyou shivers all over and his brain is dizzy. Difficult

is this what he calls "full of security"?

Well, it's really safe, but it's a little hard to bear.

Morning! Don

youyou wakes up in Ji Xiaohan's arms. She was the last one to be carried to sleep. Er, no, no, no one carried her to sleep before she knew Ji Xiaohan.

However, she believed that she was not used to it, but now she almost wakes up after encountering Ji Xiaohan. She either sleeps on his arm, or is cuddled by his side. And

she could have a good dream. However, habit is the most terrible thing. If you are not careful, you will depend on it so much. "

early!" Ear, is a man's hoarse voice.

Tang youyou moved, only to find that his body is still not a wisp, men are also, this scene, good life embarrassed. For example,

fruit dependence is a habit. At this moment, Tang youYou can't get used to the feeling of skin sticking. "

I'm up!" Tang youyou casually pulled a nightgown beside him, put it on quickly, and then ran into the bathroom. After the body

comes the man's lazy rascal's laughter. Don

leisurely breathed in the bathroom. After a careful aftertaste, the corner of his mouth rose involuntarily. Is this the beginning of the shameless days between husband and wife?

Sweet and exciting.

Tang youyou washes well to come out, sees the man lazy back an arm, pillow in the back of the head, is pondering, saw her to come out, he hooked the finger toward her.

"Why didn't you go to the company?" Don youyou is curious. Usually at this time, men will go to the company very actively. "

I have a holiday today. I will go to the company in the afternoon and accompany you at noon!" The man's voice is full of laziness, especially deep and pleasant. Don

you want to rush to the past, and can't get up in his arms for a long time.

"Put on your clothes first, and the little one will come in!" When Tang youyou thought of yesterday's daughter's naive words, he only felt so disgraceful!