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C887 what the season owl left behind

After Ji Xiaohan left, Xia Weiwen and Tang youyou were more relaxed. "

he is very good to you, I can see it!" Xia Wei Wen smiled happily: "he is also very gentleman, very good culture!" Dad's sudden praise made Tang youyou very embarrassed. She could only laugh twice. "

Yes, he's really good for me, too." Tang youyou nods and admits. Xia

vivin smiled and looked at Tang youyou's eyes, full of love and sadness.

"Dad, can I have a look at my brother's picture? Do you still have it? " Thinking of having a brother who died young, Tang youyou's mood was suddenly sad, inexplicably thinking of her two children. She suddenly did not dare to think about it again, as if her heart was choking with pain as long as she thought about it. Summer

Wei Wen nodded: "yes, but I think you still don't want to see it. It will be hard to see it!" Don

you really don't dare to see it. Now just thinking about it, your heart is aching. "

OK, don't look!" Tang youyou has tears in his eyes.

The past is recalled, Xia Weiwen's heart is also sad, father and daughter are both silent. After a long time, Tang youyou took the sad mood away. Mei Mou looked at the guest room on the second floor, lowered his voice and asked, "Dad, were you really good friends with Ji Xiaohan's father?"

"Yes, we had a good time!" Chaveen nodded, but also played down the voice.

Although they are sitting in the yard and a certain distance from the guest room, they are still worried that Ji Xiaohan will hear them talking about it.

Tang youyou asked softly, "do you know much about his father?" Don

youyou is still curious. Although she knows that her father-in-law betrayed her marriage because of Bai Zhenzhen, she doesn't know the details. Maybe her father will know some.

Xia Wei Wen looks stiff for a moment, obviously, did not expect her daughter to ask this.

"Know some!" Although Xia Weiwen didn't want to expose the past, his daughter wanted to know, and he couldn't keep it from him.

"How do you think his father is?" Tang youyou felt as if he was a thief. He pressed his voice again. Xia

Wei Wen sighed: "he is good, but not good enough for LAN Yue!"

Tang youyou nodded and agreed: "is he really good at that white?"

"I don't know that. I don't really know his relationship with that woman." Javier is telling the truth.

Tang youyou wanted to explore more, but she had to give up when she saw that her father was not the one who knew.

Father and daughter talked about Xia's family again. It's time for lunch. Don

run to the building and ask Ji Xiaohan to come down for dinner.

She went upstairs, looking for rooms one by one, and finally found Ji Xiaohan lying on a small bed in a children's room. High

big body, occupying the space of the whole small bed. Don

blinked in surprise. When she pushed the door in, Ji Xiaohan had opened his eyes and looked at her.

"How could my father have a children's room?" Tang youyou came in and found that there were many children's toys in the children's room. "

my father must be thinking about the things that I brought Xiaorui and xiaonai to live in later!" Tang youyou walked over, picked up a small toy to play with, said smilingly. But Xiao Han sat up and looked around the room: "it should be your father's preparation for you to come back." "

ah?" Tang youyou's heart seems to be pulled hard by the invisible hand. It's painful. She murmurs, "for me?" Season

Xiao Han nodded: "look at the decorations here, it must be some years."

Tang youyou looks down at the small toys in his hand. It's not like the popular style now, but like the one she played when she was a child.

Tears in the eyes of the moment on the rotation, silent slide down. Man

stood up behind her and handed her a paper towel: "OK, stop crying, or your father will see you later, and thought I had done something to you."

Tang youyou tries to hold back the surging sadness in her heart. Indeed, she should be happy.

Dad has been looking for her, has been waiting for her to come back, he did not give up himself, so, she has always been someone's concern.

"I'm just moved!" Tang youyou quickly takes the tissue to wipe away the tears. He doesn't want to let his father find out with red eyes and worry about her.

"Let's go!" Ji Xiaohan reached over, took her hand and walked out of the room. Don

you just want to ask him: "how do you sleep in this small bed? There are so many vacant rooms. "

"No reason, I just want to sleep in your little bed!" The man's voice is calm.

Tang youyou chuckled: "you don't want to go back to childhood, do you?" "

Yes, I want to go back to your full moon wine day and let me kiss you more." Season owl cold evil spirit of looking at her, and then if the fingers like no brush in her lips: "kiss here, not the forehead!"

"You are so boring!" Tang youyou was amused and scolded by him. Season

Xiao Han shrugged his shoulders: "I'm bored, because of you, who asked you to bring me here?" Two

individual daily shudders the mouth, went downstairs, Xia Weiwen already stood in the dining room waiting for them to pass. "

dad, how did you prepare so many dishes? Is it for the three of us? " When Tang youyou saw the delicious food on the table, he was surprised.

Xia Weiwen smiled mildly: "I don't know what you like to eat, just make more dishes and let you choose what you like to eat!" Xiao Han listened to Xia Weiwen's words, and his expression was slightly stunned.

Because he lost his father when he was young, he never knew how he would get along with his father if he grew up. At this moment, Xia Weiwen gave him this warm and friendly feeling, which made him suddenly find the lost feeling of fatherhood. In a flash, Ji Xiaohan was over the age of relying on his father, so he didn't let this emotion survive in his heart.

Looking at Tang youyou's face full of happy smile, he felt that everything was just as long as she was happy.

On the dining table, three people are eating a full table of vegetables.

"Xiao Han, have a drink. I have a few bottles!" Xia Weiwen feels that men don't drink when they eat. It seems that they are a little dull. "

OK!" Ji Xiaohan did not refuse his kindness. Don

youyoumei's eyes turn to him and peek at him. In a moment, chaveen brought two bottles of wine, red and white. Season

Xiao Han chose the white one, and Tang youyou chose a glass of red wine. "

dad, don't fill him so full, he will get drunk!" Tang youyou whispers a reminder. Season

there is a smile at the bottom of owl's cold eyes. Is this little woman concerned about him? This is the advantage of having a wife around. She will help her to persuade her to drink.