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C1675 want time to stand still

Perhaps in the eyes of outsiders, Ling Mo Feng is enviable for her boundless favor, but lanyanxi is not a woman who likes ease, so she has to share part of the family affairs.

So, she walked quickly to the kitchen, and heard that the man opened the fire, half of his sleeve, was cleaning the spatula, and his tall body was doing such a daily action, which made LAN Yan's heart tremble again.

It's a fucking heart movement.

"Let me wash the onions for you." Blue Yan Xi a pair of eyes son random Piao, found that the man also took some onions out, she had the power to help in an instant.

Ling Mo Feng looked back at her, saw that she was going to wash vegetables with her sleeves on, and immediately stopped her quietly: "haven't you ever bathed? Don't go into the water. I'll come. "

LAN Yanxi's two slender arms were immediately extended and clenched by a big palm.

"Ling Mo Feng, are you going to spoil me? One day, if you don't like me, when I'm 30 or 40, I still can't do any housework, how can I find the second spring? " LAN Yanxi's beautiful face was wrinkled, and the color of panic flashed in her beautiful eyes.

Ling Mo Feng was in a good mood at first, but after listening to her words, he felt as if he was suddenly blocked by someone. He felt speechless and uncomfortable. He suddenly increased his strength by holding her big palm, dragged her to his arms, stared at her from a high position, and locked it firmly: "do you still think of the second spring?"

LAN Yanxi just made a joke, but didn't expect to annoy someone directly. Her beautiful eyes widened in amazement. Then, she gave two dry smiles: "I'm kidding, don't take it seriously."

"No, no kidding." Men's voice is low and overbearing.

Lanyan Xili nodded like a trained child, and then struggled with his little hand: "you feel a little pain."

Lingmo Feng found that he had just forgotten the importance of his strength. When he let go, she had a circle of red marks on her white and tender wrist.

"Sorry!" At the bottom of the man's eyes, he immediately dyed the color of heartache, stroked her red spot with his fingers, and apologized in a low voice.

LAN Yanxi is not aware of the grievance, but the man at this moment's appearance, there are some lovely.

"Your water is boiling." Blue words hope Mou son a turn, hurriedly remind.

Lingmo Feng just turned around and put down the corn dumplings on the plate. He deliberately put more because he was afraid that this woman would like to eat them.

LAN Yanxi looks at the water cake rolling in the boiling water. For a while, the kitchen is surrounded by the fragrance of corn. Between the breath, it's appetizing.

The man took the onion and bent down to wash it under the water tap. LAN Yanxi leaned against the wall nearby. Although there was no words between the two people, the atmosphere was not good. It would make people think that they would like to spend their whole life like this.

This is the most relaxing time of Ling Mo Feng's day. After he cut the green onion into sections, he washed his hands, turned around, half reclined in front of the glass platform, and looked at the woman leaning against the wall with a smile in his eyes.

"Oh, by the way, I saw someone questioning your affairs on the Internet today. Does it matter?" LAN Yanxi was almost lost in his gentle eyes, until the brain flashed a light, and then she thought of the things warm asked her to do, and she agreed, naturally to do it for her.

"Now the voice of doubt is smaller. Mu Tianhan has a sensible daughter. Her decision has shut all the irrelevant people's mouths." Ling Mo Feng said with a light smile that, in fact, he was really grateful for the mousse. If it wasn't for her, he was afraid that the war of words would go on. Once he took office, he would encounter such a questioning incident, which would indeed have a significant impact on him, but at present, the incident may subside.

"Really? Have you seen her daughter? Did you talk? " LAN Yanxi was also surprised. Unexpectedly, Mu Tianhan had a reasonable daughter.

"I talked on the phone. She just mentioned what her father did before he died. I didn't expect that much." Ling Mo Feng was so willing to answer mousse's phone, because she pressed all the words down for him.

"And is she married?" LAN Yanxi doesn't know why she wants to ask. Maybe every woman is a little nervous in front of her beloved man. As long as she is a mother, she wants to test something to see if she wants to eat vinegar or not.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes were slightly surprised, and immediately saw through her mind. He smiled angrily: "Yan Xi, you won't be jealous, they are very big children."

LAN Yanxi's face was embarrassed. He immediately turned his back and buckled the wall with his fingers: "who says I'm jealous? I'm just curious."

Ling Mo Feng reluctantly shakes her head. The woman clearly refuses to admit it and dare to find an excuse.

LAN Yan's eyes flashed, and then he turned to look at him and asked, "I remember that you mentioned that a nephew of Mu Weicheng was your former good friend. Are you still friends with him now? Will he have any bad ideas for you because of his uncle's death? "

Ling Mo Feng was amused by her question again. He couldn't help but stretch out his hand and gently wring her cheek: "I'm a man. What can he think of me?"

LAN Yanxi was almost ashamed to bite off his tongue, and quickly explained, "I don't mean that. I mean, will he misunderstand you and feel that you are a bad person?"

Ling Mo Feng shook his head: "I don't know that, but at least he didn't call to scold me."

"Ah?" LAN Yanxi gets an exact answer. Ling Mo Feng's answer is so general. How can she tell it to Nuan.

"If he doesn't call and scold you, does that mean that he doesn't think it has anything to do with you?" LAN Yanxi is still asking.

The man's eyes narrowed and locked her face: "Yan Xi, you seem to be particularly interested in him, right?"

LAN Yan Xigen didn't think so much, but he wanted to help warm know more about their relationship. Unexpectedly, Ling Mo Feng would look at her with such dangerous eyes and think she had some impure ideas.

"Er..." LAN Yanxi is so scared that she can't speak. She turns around and wants to leave

Can the man be like her wish, a long arm stretch, will she directly into the arms, ear low voice: "don't say clearly, don't want to go."

LAN Yanxi couldn't laugh or cry, and forced to explain: "how could I be interested in him? I just care about you. "

"Is it? I don't know. " Ling Mo Feng became unreasonable.

"Ling Mo Feng, are you reasonable? I really care about you. I dare not have any idea about other men. " LAN Yanxi had to stretch out a small hand to swear.

"Oh!" The man seemed to forgive her, but his voice sounded in her ear: "since you are so idle, we will have children from tonight."

LAN Yanxi's ears trembled, and her pretty face blushed. She bit her lips and nodded her head imperceptibly, which was the answer.

Ling Mo Feng just let go, let her go, turn around to save his dumplings that are about to be cooked.

LAN Yanxi saw the man in a hurry and couldn't help but chuckle.

Ling Mo Feng was annoyed and bit her teeth: "I'll clean you up later in the evening."

Lanyanxi turned around and walked out, looking like she wanted to escape as soon as possible.

Ling Mo Feng brings out the dumplings. LAN Yanxi is already sitting at the table, waiting to enjoy the delicious food.

As expected, the man cooked one for her, and also brought the more one to her.

Put down the end of the dumpling, Ling Mo Feng's brain suddenly produced a funny idea, why does he have a feeling of feeding the dog?

Unfortunately, his little dog is not obedient, just angry with him.

LAN Yanxi immediately cried out, "I can't eat so much. Here you are. I'll eat the less bowl."

Ling Mo Feng is light way: "eat first, eat not finish to give me to eat again."

LAN Yanxi looks stunned, and then she is shy again. God, she has been with this man for so long. Why can't she move because of his words and one look?

Do you really love him so much?

The two men sat at the table, their heads down and eating, and for a moment the atmosphere returned to quiet.

"By the way, I just heard that the warmth has come. What did she come to you for?" Ling Mo Feng also seems to suddenly think of this matter. He calls Chu lie at the sentry box to report it.

LAN Yanxi shivers and faints. How can Ling Mo Feng ask?