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C792 is definitely a brother

Mentioning this woman, LAN Yue's face flashed a hint of hatred. As a woman, her family was split up. It is impossible for her not to blame her. "She should be called this name. She used to be called Bai Liuyin. Later, I ran into her several times by accident. I heard that her name was Bai Zhenzhen. I don't know if she wanted to erase her disgraceful deeds, so I changed her name. However, I don't have a good impression on this woman." Between LAN Yue's words, anger and hatred are hard to hide.

Tang youyou frowns. She can understand LAN Yue's hate for the third party.

Ji Xiaohan is distressed by his mother. Thinking of his indifference to her these years, he regrets and blames himself. "Mom, this white really did too much in those days." In Ji Xiaohan's memory, his mother often washes her face with tears. He has never been happy. Before, he was young and didn't understand why his mother was unhappy every day. Sometimes, he even yelled at his mother, saying that her father didn't like staying at home. It was all because of her crying style. Now, I want to slap myself to death. LAN Yue smiled sadly: "yes, others are very low-key, for fear of being discovered by the original wife, but this white really is very high-key, she often calls me to show off, and also sends me a lot of intimate photos with your father, in some banquet occasions, she deliberately dressed very sexy and beautiful appearance, snatched all women's limelight, when However, I'm not her opponent at all. When a person is shameless, she has no lower limit. "

At this point, both Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou agree. "In a word, this kind of dark and hopeless life has passed for many years. I really give up my heart to life. Sometimes I'm not reconciled to it. You're young, and I'm really forced to be helpless. I've been dragging this marriage with no future and no color until your father's car accident happened, and I realized that my life has been so bad , so I made a cruel decision to leave Ji's house and live my own life. Xiao Han, I'm sorry for your two brothers. " LAN Yue mentioned the gray days in those years, and her face was still very white. She had nightmares and dreamed about her life as if she were in prison. When she thought about it, she was still trembling.

Ji Xiaohan shook his head and said, "no, I don't remember hating you. You have endured so many years for us. My brother and I know what you have paid. How can we hate you?"

Tang youyou looks over his eyes and looks at the relieved man around him. He only feels that his eyebrows and eyes are less cold and hard, and more warm and moist like jade.

Falling in love with such a man, she just feels very down-to-earth and stable.

LAN Yue's eyes flashed with tears, and she smiled happily: "I won't talk about the past. If you want to investigate, go to Bai Zhenzhen. Your father has more time with her than with me."

"Well, I'll find her!" Season owl cold dark relieved a breath, finally found a breach. When leaving lanyue's house, Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou look dignified. Although there is a breakthrough, this woman is not as good at talking as lanyue. She will explain everything. I believe that Bai Zhen can stand in the rich circle. She has her own skills.

"Next, do you really want to find Bai Zhenzhen?" Asked Tang youyou softly.

"Yes, and in the afternoon!" Ji Xiaohan still has to rush for time to find evidence. In case of being robbed by Ji Lin, I'm afraid that any evidence will disappear.

"I'll be with you!" Tang youyou is also anxious to learn more, perhaps out of curiosity, but more out of concern for him.

"No, you go to the company. I'll go with Yueze in the afternoon!" Season owl cold low soft said.

After hearing this, Tang youyou didn't insist any more: "OK, take me to the company!"

Tang youyou gets out of the car in front of the company building and tells Ji Xiaohan a few words before seeing his car leave.

After Ji Xiaohan left, the next stop was Ji Yueze's company.

When Ji Yueze saw the big brother suddenly appeared, Jun's face flashed a little surprised: "big brother, how can you come here?"

"Something!" Season owl cold low voice says.

"Fortunately you came in time. I was just going out!" Ji Yueze smiled and immediately asked for coffee.

Season owl cold took a sip of coffee, strong bitter aroma, so that his spirit vibration.

"Yueze, there's something I haven't mentioned to you. Today, I won't hide it from you. You have the right to know!" Season owl cold heavy vision swept one eye younger brother, opening a way.

Ji Yueze's eyes flashed a flash of surprise. Later, he also took it seriously: "elder brother, what are you hiding from me?"

"The cause of dad's death!" Season owl cold eyes stiff mouth.

"What?" Ji Yueze couldn't believe it, and Jun's face flashed a pale: "what's wrong with dad's death?" "Yes, a big problem. His car accident may be man-made." There was a sadness in Ji Xiaohan's voice: "you were young, maybe you didn't know the complex war between adults, but I heard some rumors when I was close to Ji yunning. Although I was unable to

investigate at that time, now we are all grown up, it's time to break these rumors or sit on the ground."

Ji Yueze twisted a beautiful pair of handsome eyebrows: "brother, do you doubt who?"

"It's Ji Lin!"

"Is it really him?" Ji Yueze is just now, guess it's him, now he will be angry: "this damned scum!"

"At present, we still need to find evidence. If there is no evidence, he will not plead guilty. What can we do for him?" Said Ji Xiao with a cold and gloomy expression.

"Elder brother, why don't you tell me earlier, I can help you somehow!" Ji Yueze's face was angry.

"I don't want you under this pressure!" Season owl cold language temperature and some. "Yes, you have taken care of me and cared for me since you were a child. Even if such an important thing is hidden from me, you are still not my brother!" Ji Yueze is still angry. It's a bad feeling to be concealed. At the moment, hearing these words, he feels dizzy and dark. He is eager to work hard, so he almost spits out blood.

"Well, don't be angry. I'll find someone. Maybe there will be more evidence. Let's go and talk to Bai Zhenzhen!" Ji Xiaohan gets up and decides to take his brother with him.

"Look for her?" Ji Yueze's face stiffened.

"Yes, don't you know where to find her?" The season owl cold nods, does not seem to be joking at all.

"Yes, of course I can find her!" Ji Yueze nodded. Since elder brother thinks she has a problem, Ji Yueze will find her first time. However, when two people look for Bai Zhenzhen's home and company, they can't find her.