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C784 lost again

Ji Yueze asks Yang ChuChu to join in his new play with Bai Yiyan, and plays a very important supporting actress. Yang ChuChu agrees on the spot, because she needs to keep busy. Only when she is busy can she forget the agreement with Luo Jinyu.

Within two years, try not to meet each other, which is a devastating blow to a love that is unforgettable. Yang ChuChu knows that Luo Jinyu must have been angry with her. The night before she left, she used such shameful means to get him. Luo Jinyu was so proud of him. How could he bear such humiliation? Just think about it, Yang ChuChu just wanted to shake his two ears and let your brain go into the water and do such shameless and shameless things.

In a twinkling of an eye, several days passed. These days, Yang ChuChu hid at home and didn't go out.

She can't go to school anymore, because as soon as she appears, the gate of the school will be blocked.

It's not because she has a high popularity and a good reputation. Everyone wants to come and admire her. On the contrary, she has a bad reputation and poor education. Everyone wants to come and watch her and see how she is in reality.

Yang ChuChu's mood and fame are at the bottom of the valley. Since she broke out her love affair with Luo Jinyu, almost everyone felt that she was a gold losing and snobbish woman, and even scolded her mother. Some good people also made close-up of Cheng Ying's past affairs played and abandoned by men. Both mother and daughter were greatly influenced by


So Cheng Ying will be so angry to call her back, not allowed to go out again, let her reflect at home.

Yang ChuChu tells Cheng Ying that she wants to take over the new play, and Cheng Ying refuses to accept it.

It's Yang ChuChu who is good at saying things or bad. After asking for an evening, Cheng Ying just promised to let her go to the theatre group.

Cheng Ying also knew that she was hurt emotionally. Luo Jinyu asked for a two-year period, and no more rumors came out. It seemed to protect her, but for her daughter who fell in love, it was a painful blow.

Since she said that work can save her, Cheng Ying agreed to let her go to work.

So, Yang ChuChu appeared on the scene of the new drama conference this noon.

She wore a white dress, pure and elegant, full of collagen face, even in the face of high-definition lens, it was zero pore, good enough to make people jealous.

Yang ChuChu is the topic queen recently. Although she brings her own black constitution, her young and beautiful figure, together with her previous many well-known film and television works, still cushions her position in the performing arts circle.

Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan, as the protagonists, are also deeply concerned. They are not only the ambiguous relationship between the two people, but also the hot topic of speculation.

When Ji Yueze sat down with Bai Yiyan and Yang ChuChu and talked about the new play, some even doubted the relationship between the three people.

The former girlfriend and the current gossip girl did not have a gunpowder atmosphere of tit for tat. Instead, they talked and laughed with ease and were not harmonious. Everyone praised that it must be Ji Yueze's charm that is too great to hold the two women down.

How does the media evaluate their relationship? All three people just laugh.

But when these rumors reached Luo Jinyu's ear, they caused someone's extreme antipathy and dissatisfaction.

He slams his iPad on the desktop. Luo Jinyu, who is always famous for his calm and steady face, has a dark and ugly face. He is angry and wants to kill people, which makes his assistant tremble.

Is president Luo eating gunpowder today? Why do you have such a big temper all of a sudden.

"Nonsense!" Luo Jinyu sneered.

The assistant lowered his head nervously and asked in a low voice, "president Luo, do you want to continue to pay attention to the latest news of Yang ChuChu?"

Luo Jin's eyes narrowed, Jun's face tightened, and he said in a cold voice, "don't let go of any of them!"

Hearing this, the assistant immediately nodded, "OK, Mr. Luo, I will sort out all the information of Miss Yang ChuChu and give it to you every day before work!"

"My dinner in the evening will help me push it off!" Luo Jin says with a cold expression.

Assistant a vibration, hurriedly replied: "OK, anyway is not very important dinner!"

"Book me another seat Forget it, no need! " Luo Jinyu said half, and seemed to think of something annoying. He raised his hand directly: "you go out!"

The assistant turned and went out in a daze.

What's the matter with president Luo recently? Is he really in love?

Assistant really speechless, why other bosses are in a good mood every day when they fall in love, and when their bosses fall in love, they are cold and calm with a handsome face every day, just like who owes him millions.

Luo Jinyu looks at the iPad thrown away by himself on the desktop. Junrong flashes a painful color, stretches his long arm, and takes the iPad again. With a flick of his finger, he sees the enlarged picture.

The photo was shot against the light, a beautiful young face, delicate and perfect.

Rising corners of the mouth, eyes curved into crescent like, all the light hidden in it, sparkling, the whole face bright as spring, not cute.

Luo Jin lost his mind, and his fingers reached out. He touched the cool screen gently. When his fingertips were soaked with cold, he woke up with a start.

What is he doing?

It's clear that he said goodbye two years later. Why did it take a few days? He seems to have spent a few years. He can't be interested in doing anything. What he loved before is also very interesting now.

What's wrong with him? Are you sick?

What's more, it's Acacia.

If he doesn't see her again, he will really miss each other.

Luo Jin Yu tightens his brow. His heart is empty. It seems that he has lost a large part and is no longer complete.

He wants to see her. He wants to see her.

Luo Jinyu reaches for his mobile phone and wants to get through the number, but his fingers are stiff, so he has no courage to press down.

"Damn it!" A low curse, never spit a swearing, the cultivation is good enough to make people look impressive, but now he is upset to scold.

At that moment, the door of the office opened, and in came his brother, lohnin.

Lohnin's face was not good at looking at big brother. He sat directly on his desk with his hands around his chest. He stared at big brother with sharp eyes: "Why are you in the office in the last few days? What's the matter with you? "

Luo Jin regained all his emotions in an instant and said lightly: "what's the matter?" "It's not me. It's you. Brother, are you lovelorn?" When lohnin asked this question, even he was shocked, and the eldest brother was lovelorn again?