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Chen Fuyu laughed at himself: "it's hard to say. How can you come to such a place? How old are you? "

Zhang Luyao's mother and Chen Fuyu's mother are friends in the circle. They met abroad. At that time, Zhang Luyao was a child of thirteen or four years old. Chen Fuyu was twenty years old, so in Chen Fuyu's eyes, Zhang Luyao's half blood baby face made her still feel that she was not an adult.

"Sister Fuyu, you forget. I'm nineteen years old, and I've been an adult for a long time." Zhang Luyao immediately laughed.

"Oh, yes, time flies. You are nineteen." Chen Fuyu can't help but feel the infinite sadness in his heart.

"Sister Fuyu, why are you drinking here alone? Are you in a bad mood? I'll have two drinks with you. " Zhang Luyao immediately made a ring and pointed out that the bartender was very familiar with her and gave her her her favorite cocktail.

"I'm lovelorn." Chen Fuyu fell on the table and cried out suddenly. Her grievance was overstocked in her heart. Under the urging of alcohol, she no longer looked up.

"It's such a coincidence. I'm also lovelorn." Hearing this, Zhang Luyao immediately found the feeling of sympathy with each other.

Chen Fuyu raised his head and said to himself, "it doesn't matter that you are so young and lovelorn. There must be many people who will like you. I'm not young anymore. The man I'm waiting for has been robbed by other women."

"Take it and get it back? I'm going to take him back now. I'm not willing to admit defeat like this. " Zhang Luyao is really too young. What he said is frivolous.

"I have no courage. He likes that woman, not me." Chen Fuyu laughs at himself, and already knows himself.

Hearing this, Zhang Luyao suddenly felt sad: "why don't all the men we like like like us? We're not bad. "

"The first person I like is so excellent. Who else can I like in the future? Who can be better than him? " Chen Fuyu Murs pessimistically.

"Sister Fuyu, who do you like? I'm really curious." Zhang Luyao asked immediately.

Chen Fuyu smiled and shook his head, not wanting to say it.

Zhang Luyao had to stop asking: "forget it, you don't say I don't ask, today I treat."

Chen Fuyu didn't want to say it. She didn't dare to say it. Although she complained that Ling Mo Feng had abandoned her, she didn't want to hurt him because she loved him. The damned person was LAN Yanxi.

Zhang Luyao is wearing a very sexy tights, with a young and charming figure, which attracts the men around him to look back frequently.

After drinking a few glasses of wine, Chen Fuyu left with a few pieces of cash. She found that she could not integrate into everything here. Her heart, like withered plants, could never meet spring again.

Zhang Luyao danced back and found that Chen Fuyu had left. However, the bartender stopped her and said, "Miss Zhang, do you know the beauty just now?"

"Yes, what's the matter?" Zhang Luyao shrugs.

"Oh, she left her cell phone. If you want to know her, you can take care of it. Please give it back to her." Said the bartender with a smile.

Zhang Luyao reached over and said, "OK, thank you."

Zhang Luyao took her mobile phone and subconsciously pressed the screen on. Suddenly, she saw a picture of a man holding his hands on the stage.

Zhang Luyao opened her eyes in surprise, and finally solved her inner curiosity. The person Chen Fuyu liked was Ling Mo Feng who just elected president.

"It's really outstanding." Zhang Luyao has to admire Chen Fuyu. The man she picked is really outstanding.

Zhang Luyao plays with Chen Fuyu's mobile phone. She suddenly wants to see if there is any secret in Chen Fuyu's mobile phone.

She looked around for a while. Suddenly, she walked quickly to the bathroom and opened her cell phone. She found that it was not locked. She was even more surprised.

What's the matter with Chen Fuyu? She doesn't even have a lock screen for such important information.

Zhang Luyao's palm is sweating, as if peeping at others' secrets, which makes her nervous and excited.

This mobile phone is not a popular one in recent years, but an old one with a sense of age.

Zhang Luyao can't help but dislike it. Now who still uses this kind of mobile phone? It seems that Chen Fuyu is not a man of this era.

Zhang Luyao opened the album directly. She found that there was a period of time in the album. In the past two years, her album was blank. The only one was the picture of Ling Mo Feng's speech that she didn't know where to download, that is, the one used to make screen saver.

"What did sister Fuyu go through? Why did her cell phone go blank for more than two years? " Zhang Luyao was very surprised, but she continued to look down, suddenly, her hands could not help but stop. Her pupils couldn't help but widen.

She saw a familiar figure in Chen Fuyu's picture three years ago.

It's Ling warm.

They sat together in a beautiful garden. Ling wennuan leaned on Chen Fuyu's side and smiled brilliantly. Moreover, on the other side of their table, there was a steady and handsome man. The man didn't look at the camera, but was reading with a cup of coffee and a magazine in his hand.

Even if the man didn't have a positive picture, Zhang Luyao still recognized him. He was Ling Mo Feng, the current president.

"How does sister Fuyu know lingnuan? What's more, why is Ling Mo Feng with them? " Zhang Luyao's brain is turning rapidly. Suddenly, she is full of cold sweat: "Ling wennuan and Ling Mo Feng are of the same surname. It's said that Ling Mo Feng has a younger sister. It's very mysterious. Everyone doesn't know who she is or her age and name. Isn't Ling wennuan Ling Mo Feng's younger sister?

Zhang Luyao guessed, and then she confirmed her guess, because she saw the next group of photos. Ling Mo Feng had a picture with Ling warm on his back. Although there was no similarity between the two people's facial features, how could they have such close photos unless they were brothers and sisters?

"Damned Ling Nuan, how can she be so rampant? It turns out that behind her is such a big backer." Zhang Luyao clenched her fist in hatred. She really hated Ling Nuan. So when she knew her real identity, Zhang Luyao not only hated, but also had more jealousy.

Ling Nuan is Ling Mo Feng's sister. How can Mu Wei Cheng like her? His uncle was a former president. Besides, he was personally sent to court by Ling Mo Feng. Now he is still locked in. He is a white haired man, but he still suffers from prison. Doesn't Mu Wei really hate Ling Mo Feng at all?

Zhang Luyao's brain is turning rapidly. To understand the complicated relationship, her mobile phone is vibrating at this time.

Zhang Luyao quickly closes the album and answers it in his ear.

"Luyao, is my cell phone on you? Where are you? " It's Chen Fuyu. When she found her mobile phone missing, she went back to the bar to find it. The bartender told her to give it to Zhang Luyao. She borrowed her mobile phone and called her.

Zhang Luyao was a little guilty, but he replied with a smile: "I'm in the bathroom now. Sister Fuyu, your cell phone is really here."

"OK, I'll come here!" Chen Fuyu immediately hung up and went straight to the bathroom.

Zhang Luyao hurriedly pushed the door out of the lattice, and ran into Chen Fuyu. She pretended that she just took out her mobile phone from her bag and handed it to her: "sister Fuyu, I'm really worried about how to contact you. Fortunately, you called."

"Thank you. I'll go first." Chen Fuyu took the mobile phone, turned around and left.

Zhang Luyao originally wanted to find her to confirm the relationship between Ling Mo Feng and Ling Nuan, but after careful consideration, he was afraid that Chen Fuyu would be angry that she peeped at her mobile phone, and could only bear not to ask.

Before, I didn't know what Ling wennuan came from. Now I know. Zhang Luyao is inevitably upset. If Ling wennuan is just the daughter of an ordinary business, she can drive her out of school in minutes. But now when she knows that she is Mr. President's sister, she can't find any way to deal with her for a while.

"Ling wennuan, I don't care who you are, you are Ling Mo Feng's sister. It's just right. I don't believe Mu Weicheng can continue to like you." Zhang Luyao sneers. She realizes that the big secret must be God helping her.

Ling Wenwen felt cold and sneezed. She could not help rubbing her nose: "who thinks of me? It must be him. "