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C1935. He's in love

The scene became a bit chaotic, but under Liu Mei's active rhythm, everyone's eyes were fixed on Xia Xinnian, who was mute and speechless on the stage. At the beginning of the competition, there was a personal profile of several designers, all of whom were brilliant and achieved a lot, so the people in the show had several expectations.

But now, the style designed by Xia Xinnian has been hit by a shirt and a scene. It's really hard to know who to believe.

"Summer mind, explain it." Liu Mei likes to watch Xia Xinnian's expression of panic. If there were not so many guests and reporters on the scene, she would laugh a few times.

Xia Xinnian looks at Liu Chengtian. Liu Chengtian frowns and asks her with his eyes.

Xia Xinnian bit the lip slice and didn't have a way back, so he had to take the words: "these works were conceived by me two years ago. I'm sure that there is no plagiarism. As for why there is a shirt incident now, I will definitely investigate it and give you an explanation."

"Hahaha, what you said is so nice. You even suspect that someone is hurting you? Xia Xinnian, you have to be conscientious. Everyone can see it. In a few words, do you want to expose the past when you are a fool? I seriously doubt that you have done your best and copied other people's works. " Liu Mei can't make Xia Xinnian feel better, so she starts to take rhythm again, which makes Xia Xinnian feel worse.

Xia Xinnian is not stupid. She has seen that Liu Mei is aiming at herself. On the premise of affirming that she has not plagiarized her works, she calmly analyzes them. Her works have been leaked.

The host is also a bit silly, because plagiarism is a serious event in the design world. Besides, it's still on the stage today. It's live all the way. It's really a bit bad to end this kind of thing.

Liu Chengtian saw that Xia Xinnian had nothing to say. He went directly to the stage, took the microphone in Xia Xinnian's hand and said with a smile: "as the person in charge of Kalan international, I choose to believe that she is a virtuous, talented and decent woman in our company. In this case, I am more inclined to plagiarize. After all, this is a competition and one of the industries I don't want to tell you how many inside stories there are, but some of the competitions are benign, but we can't deny that some people make trouble from them. In this competition, our company announced to quit, but today, we will not give up, we will definitely pursue the responsibility to the end. "

Liu Chengtian, as the boss of the company, stood on the stage to explain the pressure for Xia Xinnian, which really made many people at the scene look at each other with great admiration and a lot of ridicule.

Xia Xinnian looks at Liu Chengtian gratefully, and Liu Chengtian pats her shoulder: "let's go back."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Liu. It's my fault." Xia Xinnian felt guilty. His eyes were red.

"I'm sure you won't copy it." Liu Chengtian said very definitely.

Even if Xia Xinnian is not willing, he can only choose to withdraw from the competition, and all of Kalan international have left.

Liu Mei is satisfied with herself. Finally, she can breathe a sigh of relief. In public, Xia Xinnian can't get off the stage.

Xia shuran, who watched the whole live broadcast, also proudly raised his mouth. Xia Xinnian should have learned a lesson this time.

After a few minutes of interruption, the game continued.

Xia Xinnian sits in the car, covers her face with her hands, and forcibly holds back her tears. At this time, her mobile phone rings.

She saw the name of Jimu city. She was strong just now, and suddenly she was not able to be aggrieved.

She put the phone to her ear while wiping the rolling tears.

"Where are you? How are you? " Jimucheng didn't ask anything, just wanted to comfort her.

"You know? It's a shame. " Xia Xinnian bites her lips. Just now on the stage, her brain is blank. She has been working for many years, but she hasn't met this dilemma. All along, she is full of confidence, but today, such a blow makes her a little frustrated.

"No shame at all. There is fierce competition in every industry. Since someone wants to make trouble, I will find it out for you. Stop crying and come to me." Jimucheng's voice is extremely gentle, comforting her and giving her great courage.

"I really didn't plagiarize. I I don't know how. " Xia Xinnian is still very sad and wants to explain.

"I know. Come to my company. I'll wait for you at the door." Jimu city low soft comfort, then hung up the phone.

He was afraid that she would refuse to see him, so he would not give her another chance to talk.

Xia Xinnian felt a little better. He was still stuffy just now, and then he disappeared.

Even if she lost the game, she still seemed to win something. It was a man's love and care for her, which could warm her heart more than anything else.

Xia Xinnian apologizes to Liu Chengtian again. She messed up the matter. She is very guilty.

Liu Chengtian believed her, and Xia Xinnian didn't have to smash the signboard at all, which must be someone's plot.

Xia Xinnian hates the person who stole her design, and she will find her.

Xia Xinnian drives towards Ji's headquarters in the company's car.

At the moment, Xia shuran is dancing in the room proudly. Suddenly, she hears her cell phone ring.

She went over to have a look, it is he Jiaxuan, her good mood suddenly stopped.

If it was the time when the two people had a good relationship, she would talk to him in the most tender voice and play coquettish. But at the moment, Xia shuran has treated him as a heartbreaker.

"What's the matter?" Xia shuran asked him in a cold voice.

"Xia shuran, have you moved your mind to Xia?" He Jiaxuan asked her directly.

"What do you mean, he Jiaxuan?" Xia shuran's face changed sharply, and he yelled at the mobile phone sharply: "you are also paying attention to her competition, right? He Jiaxuan, I didn't expect you to be so boring. You are a big man. You used to ask you to buy a dress with me. You pushed it three to four. Now you care about her fashion show competition? "

"Don't cross the subject. I just want to ask you if you did it." He Jiaxuan asked her with a cold face.

"Why do you suspect me? What did I do wrong? Do you want to think of me like this? " Xia shuran's mood collapsed again. Although she did it, she felt that her husband should not question her at the first time.

"I don't doubt you, I just know you so well." He Jiaxuan sneered: "I know what kind of person you are, so I don't think it's strange that you do such a thing."

"He Jiaxuan, in your eyes, I have always been a bad woman, right? It turns out that you think of me like this. Do you want to tell me now that you don't love me from the beginning? What you love is Xia Xinnian's white moonlight. You have known that I have a bad heart. You just look at my family background, you bastard. " Xia shuran roars with anger and full of resentment.