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Fang Kexin's face changed, he looked at his father seriously, frowned and said, "Dad, are you betraying my grandfather? When you married my mother, didn't you say that you would always stand in line with my grandfather later? " "

who told you that?" Fang Yang looks uneasy. "

what my mother told me!" Fang Kexin sat down on the chair next to her and looked at her father. In her eyes, her father was full of energy and omnipotence. But now she looks at him, but suddenly he becomes green and old. She is inexplicably sad. Fang

Yang was angry in an instant, and reprimanded her heavily: "your mother is right about everything. You and your brother just listen to your mother, isn't your father in this family with no right to speak?" Fang

sighed happily: "of course not, Dad, I know you are not happy at all in this family. Mom is too strong, and you have only achieved the position of deputy mayor for so many years. Mom may have too high expectations for you. Your relationship has become colder and colder in the last few years. My brother and I are worried about you!"

"I shouldn't have..." When Fang Yang said that, he suddenly lost his voice.

How could he say that he didn't want to get married in front of his daughter?

Fang Kexin's face turned white and stood up angrily: "then you should marry Cheng Ying and recognize her wild seed!" "

Kexin!" Fang Yang's frightened expression froze. He wanted to stop his daughter, but Fang Kexin knocked the door.

Fang Yang sat down frustrated in his chair, reached out and propped up his forehead, with a depressed expression. Yes,

ah, if I didn't covet glory and fame, maybe I won't live such a hard life today. Cheng Ying is a good woman. She is strong and independent, and she also attaches great importance to love and righteousness. It should be worth cherishing. Unfortunately, it's too late to go back to the time when we knew each other and loved each other.

The noon sun is shining in a quiet garden. There are several tables and chairs on an elegant balcony. The lazy afternoon always gives people a relaxed and relaxed attitude. Under the sun umbrella, there are three handsome men sitting here. They have lunch together and discuss the countermeasures.

Today's dinner party was initiated by Ji Xiaohan. Sitting next to him was Ling mofeng, vice president, and opposite him was Luo Jinyu, the head of the Roche Group. Luo

Jin Yu was introduced by Ji Xiaohan and formally stood in Ling Mo Feng's team because the company had been suppressed once before. Therefore, in order to have a broader development in the future, the meeting of the three people was extremely friendly and cherished. "

Fang Yang has been spying on the position of mayor and has come to see me, but because of personal resentment, I really don't want him to continue to climb up." Luo Jinyu takes his coffee and sips it lightly. After business talks, he mentions his private affairs.

Ji Xiaohan said with a faint smile: "Fang Yang is of average ability. He is not able to sit in this position. Besides, his father-in-law is also a representative of the presidential party. I believe that if the vice president has a chance to control the candidates for this position, he will not be considered." Ling

Mo Feng, with his head in his head, said calmly: "those who are pro other will not be considered. Mr. Luo, please rest assured that as long as you don't want to let his superior, I will try my best to deal with them!"

"Thank you, Mr. vice president!" Luo Jinyu's revenge is for his own woman. It's hard for him to be so cold to block Fang Yang's future. His abandonment in those years caused Cheng Ying's mother and daughter to be sneered at, and made his beloved woman feel inferior and frightened since she was a child. It's just this personal resentment. Let alone hinder his career. Even if it takes half his life, Luo Jinyu will not hesitate.

The lunch atmosphere was very good. After that, Ling Mo Feng left because of his busy business, leaving Ji Xiaohan and Luo Jinyu to chat. Ling

the reason why Mo Feng left in a hurry is not to rush back to deal with official business, but because of a person. LAN

Yan Xi went to work on the first day, but he didn't know how she was getting used to it. Ling Mo Feng was really worried about her for some reason.

Lanyanxi, as a new comer, on the first day of work, of course, must compensate for all the unexpected events that may happen to all the new comers, such as being in a hurry, being unable to keep up with his own legs, being in a hurry, being in a mess.

Every day, foreign guests will come to do business. Lanyanxi always thought that the reception work at the front desk should be very leisurely, but when it was really done, he found that everything should be done with heart.

"Lan Yanxi, you go to conference room 5 to clean up, and there will be guests coming to the meeting!" Her immediate supervisor is a temperament beauty, she hurried to come over and gave orders to the blue Yan Xi who was just about to pick up a cup and drink water. LAN

Yan Xi quickly put down the water cup and rushed to conference room 5. But she couldn't find conference room 5 at once. She is really a road nut. Blue

Yan Xi bit his lips in frustration, so he had to face out and asked one of the staff who was passing by in a hurry. Only then did he find conference room 5. Just now, there was a guest in the room for leisure. The tea cups and water bottles left in the conference room need to be cleaned up quickly. Blue

Yan Xi's action was quick. She picked it up at once. When she turned around with the tray and hurried out, she suddenly hit someone.

The coffee and tea left in the cup splashed directly on each other's suits.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." LAN Yanxi's subconscious action is to apologize and then bend down to pick up the fallen cup.

"Mr. vice president!" When LAN Yanxi's hand touched the cup, a big hand picked up the cup step by step before her, and then there was a quick and frightened voice in LAN Yanxi's ear. She was her immediate supervisor, a woman named Zhou He. She almost turned white and rushed to help. "

LAN Yanxi, how do you walk? Look at you. You've soiled the vice president's suit. It's clumsy! " As soon as Zhou he came over, he immediately accused LAN Yanxi of being reckless. Then, he turned around and apologized to Ling Mo Feng nervously: "Mr. vice president, it's my poor discipline that makes the subordinates dirty your clothes rashly!" "

nothing!" Ling Mo Feng looks at LAN Yanxi and scolds him. His face is red and his head is low. He doesn't dare to look at him. He is inexplicably distressed. I really don't know if it's right or wrong to arrange her to work here. As long as I knew, I should let her stay at home, drink tea and surf the Internet.

"I'm sorry, Mr. vice president. I'll do my best next time!" LAN Yanxi is threatened by Zhou he's eyes. He quickly apologizes. "

since it's a new comer, it's understandable to be in a hurry. Don't scold her anymore. Just train well!" Of course, Ling Mo Feng can't be nice to LAN Yanxi in such a place, so his voice doesn't sound warm. It's frightening.

"Yes, the vice president's clothes are dirty. Do you want to..." "

it's OK, I'll deal with it myself!" Lingmo Feng said, and then he turned around to leave. Just at this time, his adjutant came to him in a hurry: "Sir, there are three minutes left for the meeting. Go this way!" Blue

when Yan Xi and Zhou he heard this three minutes, their expressions were all changed. Ling Mo Feng was not going to wear a soiled suit to the meeting, was he? It's a big deal. Zhou is a woman who pursues perfection. She is more meticulous in her career and is not allowed to make any mistakes. Now, because of this new person, she can't forgive the vice president's mistakes. "

LAN Yanxi, if something happens this time, the above blame comes down, you leave me immediately!" Without the presence of outsiders, Zhou he taught the servants a lesson, which was naturally rude and merciless.

"Yes!" LAN Yanxi said, but she thought, as long as she doesn't want to go, nobody can get rid of her. Although she is a little bit small with Ling Mo Feng behind her back, she was still very sorry to think that he was wearing a dirty suit to attend an important meeting because of her mistake. If Ling Mo Feng lost her face, she would be guilty Yes. "

I hope everything is safe!" LAN Yanxi prayed silently in his heart.