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C1259 is to embarrass him

The man walked straight and tall in front of her. He didn't even reward her with a straight eye. He saw her as the air.

On the contrary, LAN Yanxi was not strong enough. Suddenly he saw him come out, and his eyes were stuck on his face, which could not be moved.

Until Ling Mo Feng really walked towards the bathroom, LAN Yanxi found that there were several of his attendants who also followed him, so he should clear the scene for him. People who need to clear the restroom have only seen Ling Mo Feng since LAN yanxida was born.

LAN Yanxi looked around with beautiful eyes. At last, she was still on her head and walked towards the bathroom. The men's room is facing the door. There are few people at this time. When LAN Yanxi passed by, the staff looked at her with friendly eyes, without any sense of ridicule. Blue

Yan Xi's embarrassed face was red, but he had to praise in his heart that Ling Mo Feng's ability to teach his subordinates was so good that he could be so approachable even to cover him.

LAN Yanxi stood in the middle of the two doorways. She was in a dilemma for a while. She never had such a difficult decision in her life.

Before, she only dared to peek at the door of men's restroom, but she never dared to step in.

"Don't you want to come in?" Just when LAN Yanxi was stunned, a man's voice with a low smile came from the men's bathroom. As soon as Yanxi turned around, he saw that the man opened the door with one hand, put one hand in his trousers pocket, and looked at him tenderly.

LAN Yanxi bit his lips and went to his door bravely. The man was still standing by the door. She walked in a little hurry. As soon as she entered, she directly touched him.

"Ouch!" LAN Yanxi's forehead, hit his hard chest, she pretended to exaggerate a cry of pain. Ling

Mo Feng quickly closed the door, looked down at her forehead and said in a warm voice: "is it hurt? Let me see! " Man's fingers are about to touch her forehead, but LAN Yanxi angrily pushes his big hand away, turns his back and says angrily, "vice president likes dating in the bathroom, which is really hard for ordinary people to accept." "

Yan Xi, are you angry?" Ling Mo Feng's face was dim, and his voice was full of apology and depression.

Blue Yan Ximeng looks back, clear eyes on the face of the man, of course, she is angry, so many years did not contact and did not come to her, causing her to live alone in his home, her stomach is water. "

sorry!" The man apologized to her in a low voice.

Blue words, beautiful eyes and tiny Leng, Ling Mo Feng's apology is very sincere, which makes her not much resentment disappear.

"Forget it, I won't care about it with you!" LAN Yanxi raised her small hand. She just said that she was angry. She was not angry at all, but her heart beat faster because she saw him.

"Let me see!" Ling Mo Feng saw that she was not angry, so he went on to touch her forehead and hit a small piece of red. He immediately wanted to rub it for her. But before he could knead it, he felt a touch of delicate body in his arms. Then, his healthy body was tightly wrapped by two small hands. Ling

Mo Feng's whole body was stiff. Unexpectedly, she was so enthusiastic. There was a flash of ecstasy in her heart. Then he stretched out his arm and held her tightly back. Two

people held him for a long time, Ling Mo Feng bowed his head, and felt that the girl also raised her eyes. In the next moment, she picked up her toes, and the pink, dry and sweet lips were pasted on his thin lips. Ling

Mo Feng was shocked again, his brain was completely lost, and after her lips were compensated, the man suddenly became crazy. Blue

Yan Xi stepped back and leaned against the wall. The man's strong body was also attached. Two warm palms gently and carefully held her pretty face, and thin lips rolled up. This madness seems unexpected, but it seems to be expected. Two

Personal breath is not very stable, Ling Mo Feng's dark eyes sink up, reluctant to look back and forth on her face, as if to deep her hazy beautiful eyes in the heart. Yan Xi also breathed uneasily, but she pushed the man away slightly and her face burned with shame. Oh, my God, did she take the initiative in the madness just now?

Ling Mo Feng saw that she put out her hand to cover her cheek, and couldn't help laughing out: "what's the matter? Shy? "

"No!" LAN Yanxi doesn't admit to being shy. "

you have been wronged these days, but there are still many days like this. If you don't want to live in my house, you should not move back to the blue house temporarily!" Ling Mo Feng cares about her in a low voice.

"No, I'm used to living in your house. I don't want to move!" LAN Yan hopes to turn his mouth. "

I'll go to see you when I'm free, but the situation is severe recently. I can't get too close to you. I don't want to involve you!" Ling Mo Feng reached out and straightened her long hair, which was a little messy. There was much frustration and boredom in her words.

"Will your family become your weakness, too?" LAN Yanxi couldn't help caring about him.

"No, the old president once swore in front of everyone. As long as my family didn't participate in politics, he would never threaten the safety of my family. Now he is going to lose power, and he will never violate his oath at this time. Moreover, my parents never involve in politics, and he can't find a handle to threaten them. But you are my biggest weakness!" Ling Mo Feng explained in a low voice. "

don't worry about me. I'm fine alone. You should be careful. I don't want you to have an accident!" LAN Yanxi is not in the mood to breathe with him. The time is short. She should treasure it. "

it hurts me that you are so sensible!" Lingmo Feng thought lanyanxi was born in a noble family. She was willful and charming, and didn't care about reason. Now, he found that this girl has a lot of character, which he appreciates and adores very much.

"Is it? Then you're in love with me! " LAN Yanxi stretched out his small hand, as if he had pulled his lapel. The movement and eyes almost made Ling Mo Feng lose control on the spot. He picked up her chin again, thin lips and greedy sucking. Then he said in a hoarse voice, "how can I hurt you? Well? " In fact, Yan Xi wants to make a joke with him, because this man's serious appearance always makes her feel evil. She always wants to tear off his rigorous coat and see if he has another unknown side. Did not

think of the way that the bottom of his eyes was full of the light of wild animals, which really scared her.

"Enough, enough, do you want to go out first? We've been in here too long! " LAN Yanxi is scared and plans to run away. Ling

Mo Feng bit his teeth. This woman is really cruel enough. She just aroused his interest, but now she poured a bucket of ice water herself. He was upset, but she was indifferent. "

go out first, I'll come out later!" Ling also knows that the time is almost over, so he can't put it on too long. "

Ling Mo Feng, say I love you Lanyanxi opened the door, but did not go out immediately. Instead, he turned around and asked for him with his eyebrows raised by the evil spirit.

Ling Mo Feng: "..." "

say no! If you don't say it, go! " LAN Yanxi also threatened.

It's really hard for a serious and dull man to say such sweet love words suddenly.

Ling Mo Feng is introverted. Let him give a speech for an hour. He is absolutely OK. But let him say this kind of love talk between men and women. He is really

LAN Yanxi waited for him for two seconds. Seeing that he was only staring at himself, but didn't say a word, she was a little depressed, and immediately stepped out of one foot.

"Lan Yanxi!" Ling Mo Feng saw that she was going to leave. Junlian was in a hurry and called her name. "

why?" Lanyanxi didn't turn back, but the corner of her mouth was already up. There was a kind of success. "

I love you!" The low magnetic male voice, with a touch of shyness, came from behind her.

LAN Yanxi finally couldn't help chuckling. Turning around, Mei Mou slightly Yang said, "I see. If you provoke me again, I'll let you say it ten times!"

Ling Mo Feng: "..."

LAN Yanxi finally walked away happily, feeling flying and smiling. The people standing next to me were still warm and kind. LAN Yanxi was ashamed and ran away quickly.