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Tang You You was so angry that her face turned red. Of course she had no face to say it, she was knocked out and sent to the hotel by her stepmother, and her innocence was even destroyed by a shameless bastard.

Tang Xue Rou's provocations made Lu Xuan Chen even more curious about what exactly happened to Tang You You five years ago.

"Hengcheng-ge, I'm begging you, don't ask anymore, let's eat properly." Tang You You still wanted to keep a blissful feeling in her friend's heart, so she was unwilling to say it.

"Hengcheng-ge, I'm very happy to see you again. I can't eat anymore for today's meal, so I'll be leaving first!"

Tang You You was extremely embarrassed and angry.

Unexpectedly, just as she stood up, a man in a suit walked over to her.

She knew that man. He was Ji Xiao Han's assistant, Lu Qing.

My Young Master would like to invite you to have a drink upstairs. Lu Qing politely smiled and asked.

Tang Xue Rou naturally recognized Lu Qing, upon hearing his words, Tang Xue Rou's beautiful face instantly turned pale white.

"Sorry, I'm not in the mood!" Tang You You replied with an ice-cold face, completely disrespecting the other party.

"Miss, to tell you the truth, my Young Master has set his eyes on you and has to invite you up." As if he knew that Tang You You was not going to agree, he could only tell her the truth, without changing a single word.

"You have your eyes on me? What did you see in me? " Tang You You was so angry that he started laughing. There must be something wrong with Ji Xiao Han's head, why would he coincidentally appear here again?

"If Miss is curious, you can go up and personally hear what my Young Master has to say." Lu Qing smiled with even more sincerity.

Tang Xue Rou had already anxiously stood up from her seat, ignoring the sorry state of her face that had been washed by the water, she walked over quickly with a smile: "So it's Assistant Lu, what a coincidence, is Quarterly upstairs? "I'll go say hello to him …"

"My apologies, Miss Tang. My Young Master does not wish to see you right now." Lu Qing's face darkened, and said with absolute certainty.

"Ah …" Tang Xue Rou had a look of disbelief on her face: "Assistant Lu, look more clearly, I am Tang Xue Rou. How could your Young Master not see me?"

When Tang You You heard that Tang Xue Rou was about to rush up to see Ji Xiao Han, her heart was moved, and immediately, she said to Lu Qing: "Didn't your Young Master set his eyes on me? "Then I'll follow you up to see what the situation is."

"Please!" Lu Qing immediately became happy.

When Tang Xue Rou heard that Tang You You was going to go up to see Ji Xiao Han, her entire body froze.

No, they definitely could not let Tang You You and Ji Xiao Han meet. If by any chance they recognized each other, wouldn't she be abandoned by Ji Xiao Han?

"Tang You You, stop!" Tang Xue Rou suddenly shouted, and then, she quickly walked in front of her: "Didn't you want your mother's thing? "Now come back with me to get it."

Tang You You was startled when she heard her.

"If you don't come home now to get it, I won't give it back to you for the rest of my life." Tang Xue Rou was truly afraid, which was why she said such ruthless words.

Tang You You bit her lips and said coldly: "Alright, I will go with you to get it. This time, you better not lie to me!"

"Of course I won't lie to you. Let's go!" As Tang Xue Rou said this, she actually reached out and grabbed Tang You You's arm, as if he was afraid that she would turn around and go upstairs to see Ji Xiao Han again.

Lu Qing did not think that Tang You You would actually not meet with the Young Master, and instead go to get something, and immediately became anxious.

"Miss, my Young Master is still waiting for you upstairs."

"Let him wait. He really takes himself seriously." Tang You You said angrily.

When Tang Xue Rou heard Tang You You's rude and impudent words, the corner of her mouth raised up proudly.

Tang You You, with your straightforward temper, you will miss out on a great opportunity sooner or later.

If Ji Xiao Han heard her words, he would probably never want to see her again in his life.

Lu Qing shrugged his shoulders helplessly. It looks like, in this world, only Tang You You dared to ignore his family's Young Master.

Lu Xuan Chen looked dumbstruck, looked at Lu Qing's figure, and then looked at the direction in which Tang Xue Rou had pulled Tang You You and quickly left.

Only then did he realise that Tang Xue Rou had left in a rush, and had not taken out his handbag yet. He picked it up and quickly chased after her.

Tang You You was grabbing onto Tang You You's hand, but she used her brute force and grabbed onto her hand painfully, causing her to angrily shake it off.

Tang Xue Rou looked at Tang You You's back with hatred and panic, gritting her teeth in hatred.

In order to make sure that Tang You You would not go back and see Ji Xiao Han again, she could only quickly follow her down the stairs.

Reaching the first floor's hall, suddenly, many of Tang Xue Rou's fans surrounded him, all of them excitedly wanting Tang Xue Rou's photo and signature.

Tang Xue Rou was startled by the sudden appearance of a group of fans. Only then did she remember that her hat and sunglasses were in her bag, and she forgot to take off her bag.

Seeing that so many people were patting her on their phone, she suddenly came to a realization and pulled Tang You You over to her side. She smiled at a group of her fans: "Everyone stop filming, even celebrities are people, I just wanted to have a meal with my sister today, please forgive me."

Tang Xue Rou's gentle tone, when heard by the fans' ears, made them feel like she was the incarnation of the Goddess of Perfection. Her every move was filled with the aura of a celebrity.

Tang You You never thought that Tang Xue Rou would act so well, even pulling her along to act with him.