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She taught him to wait

Tang Xiao Nai fell asleep again in Tang You You's embrace. Ji Xiao Han also lost all sleep and sat down on a chair opposite of her.

Tang You You glanced at him, then said indifferently: "Go and get your daughter a bed blanket."

With his slightly messy short hair and beautiful facial features, he narrowed his long and narrow eyes slightly as the wind blew past.

Tang You You unintentionally glanced at his lazy and noble appearance, and his heartbeat became even faster.

At this moment, the sky had just begun to brighten. Everything seemed blurry, and even the gaze of the man in front of him seemed to contain an even stronger emotion.

"Why are you looking at me?" Tang You You subconsciously straightened the hair hanging by his ear, and asked in embarrassment.

Ji Xiao Han also felt that it was impolite for him to be staring at her, so he intentionally shifted his gaze to the grey line at the side.

Tang You You's gaze focused on the side of his beautiful face, and her thoughts became chaotic.

"In the future …" Can you not touch me again? " A woman's voice sounded out.

Ji Xiao Han was slightly startled. He turned his head, narrowed his eyes and locked onto her face, which was even paler than before.

"Are you tired of being touched by me?" Ji Xiao Han's voice carried a trace of disappointment.

He no longer hid his expression, because he had already treated this woman as one of his own.

In front of their own people, there was no need to conceal their happiness, anger, sadness or even sadness.

Tang You You bit her lips, as if she was making a decision. In the end, she raised her head, and looked straight at the man with a slightly sunken expression. Five years ago, you hurt me. "

Ji Xiao Han was astonished once again, "I don't understand what aspect of shadow you are referring to."

Tang You You stared at him in embarrassment: "Other than that aspect, what else could it be? That was my first time five years ago, didn't you see... Is there blood everywhere? "

In truth, he did not see it, but he had let Lu Qing see it.

Lu Qing told him that it was because of those bloodstains that caused him to treat Tang Xue Rou with such concern. Whatever she wanted, he would present it to her with both hands, without even furrowing his brows.

"Sorry …" I really did not realize that day. Perhaps, I really hurt you very deeply. " Ji Xiao Han's voice tightened. He knew that it was too late to apologize to her.

Tang You You knew that Ji Xiao Han's attitude towards her had been improving more and more recently, and she also realized that he didn't seem to be that hateful to her.

He had nothing to say to the children. He had done his duty as a father.

Although she no longer hated him that much, she could not easily hand over herself in less than a month.

Other people needed a few months to get to know each other for their blind date. Moreover, there was such a complicated relationship between her and Ji Xiao Han.

"What's the use of saying sorry now. The damage has already been done and I've accepted my fate. It can only be considered bad luck for me. But from now on, I hope that you can show me some respect. Is that okay?" Tang You You's tone of voice still contained a little sadness, but what was more, was that he hoped to make the conditions with this man and not let something like yesterday happen again.

"I was too impatient!" Ji Xiao Han bit his lips lightly. This action looked natural, but it was so charming at the same time. He lowered his head, looked at his own gray pajamas, and self-deprecatingly said to himself, "No one has ever taught me to be patient and wait before. I am a decisive person both at work and in life.

Tang You You opened her eyes in astonishment, and looked at him in disbelief. She did not expect that the words he said would actually have such grace and cultivation, it was completely different from what he had said before.

Actually, Ji Xiao Han had always been like this. It was only because of the matter of the child that he became flustered and exasperated.

"You don't have to wait. I won't stop you from dating other women." Tang You You said with feigned indifference.

The light in Ji Xiao Han's eyes dimmed as he looked at her silently.

Once again, Tang You You was flustered by his gaze, and once again, she reached out her hand to caress the long hair on her chest. Anyway, we are a couple who signed an agreement, and all of this is fake. You can go find a woman you like and fall in love with. "

"Tang You You, do you really think this way?" Ji Xiao Han opened his mouth, and his tone revealed a trace of anger.

Tang You You did not dare look into his eyes, she looked away at the waves in the distance: "Am I not supposed to think that way? "It's not like you don't understand our relationship, it's just a play …"

"I can't answer this question. You can ask the children at the breakfast table." Ji Xiao Han seemed to be annoyed by her words, he stood up and walked towards the balcony door.

Tang You You was stunned.

He actually told her to ask the children?

This was obviously a topic between adults, how could she have the nerve to ask a child?

Tang You You hugged his daughter and slept until around seven o'clock, she also slept for a while, and her spirits finally lifted.

After waking his daughter up, he helped her change her clothes and wash up. The little guy had a blank expression as he looked at her in a daze.

By the time she got down, the man was already sitting at the table with his son. The scene was surprisingly harmonious.

"Mummy, good morning!" Tang Xiao Rui greeted her with a smile.

Tang You You looked at his son's sinister smile, and was startled, how could this brat smile like that?

It really deserved a beating.

"Mummy, when can I board Dad's plane to go to the amusement park?" Tang Xiao Nai suddenly asked with a face full of anticipation.

Tang You You said in a low voice: "Saturday, it's still early, eat breakfast!"